Easy Allies Anime of the Month Club

  • @alexwhiteplays If you're interested in taking such a role, you're welcome to it. As the one who suggested said club, I'd be happy to act as a backup/alternate admin as well.

    Does anyone object to this?

  • I wouldn't mind if this thread became a generic Anime Recommendation thread where allies can request and receive recommendations or opinions on any Anime they're curious about or want to try new genres or shows. Not all of us have the time or discipline to complete a show/series, especially if its long. "CURSE YOU HEARTHSTONE AND BLIZZARD, YOU ARE THE BANE OF MY LIFE :P"

    I'm gonna ignore my dailys tonight and start watching Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.

  • @kniteowl You can use the list that we're taking the shows from as a recommendations list! There's no real pressure to try to keep up if your schedule doesn't allow for it.

    @RoyalCactopi Update on organization: I'm going to put down my own shows in the start of July, we'll do the next show every other Monday, and when my shows go up it'll be via a link to an editable Google sheet. The sheet will have a column for you to put your username, a column for the noodles, and a column for the broth, but you don't have to have both. I'll also be responsible for a screening process to make sure that nobody's trolling with pornographic or otherwise clearly objectionable material (think 16+ in terms of show selection). I'll probably start another thread for the club itself so that I can just edit the OP with whatever show is up instead of having it get lost in the middle, and the rest of the thread can be for discussion of the current show. After a month or two we can see how many people are engaging with it and see if anything about the structure needs changing. Does that sound good?

  • I've been watching Ajin: Demi-Human on Netflix and i'm having a blast.

  • y'all should watch Noragami~ It's good fun

  • @Yeoubie said in Easy Allies Anime of the Month Club:

    y'all should watch Noragami~ It's good fun

    I second this. Especially once you hit season 2.

  • The only animes I've seen are Pokémon, Speed Racer, and Initial D. I like those, but I don't think I'll be seeing any others. I've seen bits and pieces of the more traditional/Japanese animes, and they're just not my thing. The three I've seen are a lot easier on western eyes than most.

    The same goes for movies. I've seen and liked the Miyazaki films that got a lot of traction in the west, including Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo, but the wilder and/or more artistic ones? No, sorry.

  • @Oscillator if you're ever looking for more western friendly anime. Check out the Cowboy Bebop dub or the Baccano dub if you haven't already..

  • @Yeoubie said in Easy Allies Anime of the Month Club:

    @Oscillator if you're ever looking for more western friendly anime. Check out the Cowboy Bebop dub or the Baccano dub if you haven't already..

    I apologize for my narrow-mindedness, but it's worse than you think. Even Initial D and Howl's Moving Castle get a bit "heavy" for me at times. Just a quick glance at the two you mentioned, & I'm turned off.

    FWIW, I literally hate traditional JRPGs. The only one that I'm interested in playing is Final Fantasy VI, which has a tone that's easy to digest.

  • I've just watched the first episode of Netflix's Seven Deadly Sins and, well, wasn't that a right load of rubbish. But I am not a fan of anime to begin with tbh, but I am always willing to be drawn in to one. I liked Tokyo Godfathers.

    Does anyone know if there are sub/dub versions of the Corpse Party anime? I loved that PSP game.

  • Are we anywhere with this? Because I just started watching Assassination Classroom.... and I have things to say...

  • The thread will go up Monday at the latest and July 4th will mark the start of the first viewing session!

  • Currently watching through Sailor Moon Crystal at the moment which has been a blast from the past.

  • @Sazime Say them. I just watched the finale, and I to, have things to say.

  • @Oscillator Cowboy Bebop is one of the most "Western" oriented animes I've ever seen, to the point where It's not really popular in Japan because they don't "get" it (at least in the experiences I've had trying to explain the series to Japanese Anime fans in my family). The very first episode references specifically Robert Rodriguez' film Desperado, Mexico/mexican food, American Blues, Native American lore, Bruce Lee, and etc. Each episode or "session" is different in tone, some being Westerns, some being Hard Boiled detective Noir, some being suspense/horror, some being Gangster movies...

    So, I'd put aside your first impression and give that one a shot. It's one of the most popular and widely positively acclaimed Anime series in the west for a reason. If that's too "non-western" for you, all Anime is going to be, and it may just not be for you. :)

  • @michemagius I'm not to the finale yet, just through the first few episodes of season 1. :)

  • @TokyoSlim Honestly, Comboy Bebop is not for everyone and I wouldn't really call it a very "western" friendly anime. The overall style and structure is still very japanese.

    I personally believe that movies are always better as an introduction because they're not huge investments and don't need X amount of episodes to get going. So something like Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust with English dubs would be a better introduction. It has action, looks good, doesn't get bogged down in dialogue, solid english VA, doesn't have any of the typical anime stuff (like wierd facial expressions), has a straightforward story and is only about 1h30min long.

    I mean Big O (basically Batman TAS with a giant robot) was designed to appeal to western audiences and it was a hit in the west, but I wouldn't recommend that people new to anime should start with it.

  • @suplextrain I never said it was "for everyone" But I do stand by my recommendation that it's far more Western friendly than most other stuff, and it's a great place to intro into Westernized anime, and that's backed up by it's popularity in the West and the fact that for a whole bunch of people, it's exposure on Adult Swim got them into Anime in the first place. You mention that VHD is only 1h30min long, but an episode of Bebop is on average 24 minutes long and are largely self contained stories. There's an overarching narrative, but as I pointed out previously - each session has a distinctly different vibe, so you can pretty easily skip around or not watch one if it seems like it's not your thing.

  • @TokyoSlim Over the span of like 10 years I have tried to get numerous people online and offline into anime and stuff like Cowboy Bebop was seldom a good intro.
    Now I'm not saying it's a terrible introduction or that people can't have gotten into anime that way, but from my experience it isn't ideal. I also brought up a similar show with Big O to further cement this.

    Also to reiterate a show like Bebop requires more commitment than a 1h30min movie. Shows can be a slow burn, have a weak start, give the wrong impression early on and so on. A movie is paced differently and VHD : B is overall a pretty well paced movie that is also short, this makes it easier to swallow.
    Now Cowboy Bebop really has its ups and downs (and the beginning isn't particularly great), this is in addition to typical anime stuff I mentioned prior. Additionaly you telling people that they can just skip episodes is already a bad sign and just strengthens my argument, after all wasn't the entire goal to convince people to actually watch anime?

    Now I get you you really like Cowboy Bebop, but I think you're taking this a bit too personally. From my experience Cowboy Bebop simply isn't an ideal intro to anime.

  • @Sazime You're certainly in for a ride then.