Dragon Quest question

  • Hi Allies,

    I tend to really enjoy JRPGS (I consider Chrono Trigger to be the greatest game of all time), but I've never played a Dragon Quest game. I was thinking of picking up Dragon Quest V at a Book Off near my grandmother's house in Tokyo since DS games weren't region locked and I'll be able to play it on my 3DS (which is American). The goal of this endeavor is two fold:

    1. To play a Dragon Quest game, especially because I've been craving some of that JRPG goodness.

    2. The more important goal: to work on my Japanese, and really try to force myself to become more literate (fuck Kanji) as I translate the game for myself.

    Here's the deal: because of the whole translation goal, this game is going to be much slower going than it would otherwise be. It'll likely be a slog, but I'm getting tired of re-reading my flashcards all the time, and want a more "practical" way to practice my language skills. I know DQ is a hardcore/old school JRPG. Do you think the gameplay mechanics will be enough to keep me going through with it, or will I lose focus and interest quickly? If so, do you have any game suggestions for me to try out instead? Keep in mind I literally only have my 3DS and my macbook here, so my options are very limited.


  • DQ is a pretty slow series, so I think your interest will be tested severely.

    I found that newspapers and books are handy when practicing your japanese. Translating an entire japanese daily newspaper can be quite a task since all manner of subjects are discussed and the kanji can be quite tough.
    With books the material is naturally more interesting and you can basically choose your own difficulty since the younger the inteded audience the easier the language is, so it can range from no kanji to very advanced stuff.
    The benefit of the latter is also that you can experience material that is untranslated but still good. For example the later Guin Saga books are only avaliable in japanese while some manga and novels like Eat -Man, Liar Game, Strait Jacket are still to this day only avaliable in japanese.
    Also unlike games the pacing doesn't get as screwed.

    Personally I'd start with written stuff like newspapers, books, mangas, etc. and then move on to games later on when I become more experienced.
    I personally went with the Super Robot Wars games as my "game translation project" since they lend themselves better as practice games. For example on PS4 the Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers (asian version) could be a viable option if you think it could be interesting/cool since it not only has spoken and written japanese, but you can change over to english subs (the translation is a little rough here and there, but it could serve as a sort of solution so you can check if your own translation is on the right track).
    It's basically a SRPG with really flashy attacks, here's a preview video if you're interested.

  • @suplextrain Thanks for the suggestions! Newspapers are like, the final frontier for me. I've started and failed those a few times. Not only is the kanji extremely difficult, but the manner in which they're written tends to be extremely rigid and formal, which is a big change from the more conversational style Japanese that I'm used to/can actually understand and use. Was definitely considering some Manga because of the fact that it is largely that same kind of conversational Japanese, while also letting me learn new kanji and vocab that I don't hear as often when I talk with my co-workers. I'm just not sure which one to go with, since I only recently got over my utter distaste for all things related to manga/anime, and I still have trouble getting over that initial hump.

  • @naltmank said in Dragon Quest question:

    I'm just not sure which one to go with, since I only recently got over my utter distaste for all things related to manga/anime, and I still have trouble getting over that initial hump.

    If it's manga then I recommend stuff that is less "anime" so to speak like say Master Keaton, Monster, Vinland Saga, Liar Game or something along those lines. Basically a more grounded and realistic seinen (basically stuff aimed at adult males). If the seinen is using too advanced kanji and stuff then maybe step it down to some more grounded shounen. Of course there are always standard japanese novels, like murder mysteries or whatever.

  • @suplextrain Haven't heard of any of those, but I'll check them out, thanks for the help!

  • @suplextrain Update: they had a beautiful compendium of Monster, but it was both a little pricey and a little complicated. One of the other teachers at my school suggested I try Slam Dunk, so I grabbed a volume of that and a volume of One Piece (since my friend has been bugging me to try reading One Piece for a while now).

    I am also a weak soul, though, and they had a copy of DQ4 for really cheap, and a copy of Heroes of Mana for 108 yen. I couldn't resist. Those will be long term goals for me, though. Thanks for the help!