Dragon Quest Builders demo on PS4 and Vita

  • Hey Allies. A demo for Dragon Quest Builders is now available in all regions for PS4 and Vita.

    I'll be honest, this game was not on my radar in the slightest. While I enjoyed Minecraft "back in the day" I fell out of it pretty quickly since I have the creativity of a brick, and I've never played through a full mainline Dragon Quest game. But the demo was out and so I thought "you know, might as well try it."

    Aaaannnnnddd now I have the game pre-ordered, haha. I loved my time with the demo, and the only thing that stopped me from playing it more is that I'm going to wait until the full release so I don't lose my progress. It's the kind of game I can see being really relaxing to play, which is always a big plus for me these days. I love the art style, and compared to Minecraft I like the direction it gives you through the quest system. It's less "go build whatever man I don't care," and more "go build a house." For you creative souls you can still go wild and build a giant statue of your likeness, but the quests give me just enough direction to give me ideas to work with that I sprinkle my own twist into.

    So basically, go download that sucker even if you think you may not like it.

  • imo DQ Builders is basically what Minecraft should've been from the beginning. Minecraft was just a neat idea that was extremely poorly executed.

  • Played it on Vita and enjoyed my time with it. I already have a bunch of games to get through but I'm definitely tempted.

  • It's the Minecraft I always wanted.

  • Played for about 10 minutes.... Definetly not for me.

  • Maaaan, didn't see there was a demo, now I'll eat up some hours on that while watching Luke Cage. :)

  • @Galaxy40k Real, actual gratitude for this, wouldn't have seen it otherwise and am so so curious about the game.

  • I really want to get this. I loved the demo and it's just the palette cleanser I need after Dark Souls 3. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to afford it at full price so I'll have to wait for a bit! The music was lovely and it was really relaxing just playing the demo!

  • The only demo I need is found below. This has been my poptart for awhile (I believe that was the positive one, right?) and I can't wait to pick it up. I can't seem to find any info on if it's cross-buy or not - likely not, but a man can dream.

    I'm more excited for Dragon Quest Builders than I am Final Fantasy XV. I don't know what that says about me as a person, but it's probably not good.

    Youtube Video

  • I love the idea of Minecraft, but I am not creative enough for it. I never know what to build. I liked Dragon Quest Builders because I loved having the quests to guide me, and the blueprints.
    Not sure I'll buy it at full price, but it's now on my radar.
    This is why I love demos. All games should have them!

  • @Inustar Exactly my thoughts.

  • This is the game I am most looking forward to this year, I hope the game is not disappointing a lot of the games I have bought in recent memory that I was excited about have turned out to be disappointing .

  • Played the demo the other day and really loved it, stopped once it wanted me to move to the second area cos I know i'll have to start over. Have had to stop myself from ordering it a few times cars I'm already in the middle of a few games atm.

  • If anybody still isn't sold here is a short little video explaining why it fits my little niche

    Also, uhhh, nsfw warning I guess

    Youtube Video