Look who made a GamesRadar+ editorial on Gaming Podcasts!

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    Our Allies are moving up in the world :D

  • It's funny how people start to be like 'Hey! There are human beings doing podcasts and even making money with it!' In France, I saw bunch of articles from big medias realizing that since this summer. In France for exmple, we have more and more podcast setting Patreon of Paypal donations (for those who know: Patrick Beja, ZQSD, Studio 404, Apéro du Captain, RadioKawa ...).

    It's nice to see so much people willing to give money to allow those folks to develop this format :) It shows (part of) the public is ok with the fact that, Internet or not, quality has a price (even if EZA and many are working with donations)

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    Heeeey! :D seeing this warms my heart. They really deserve publicity and to grow more! Really cool! :D

  • Well, they have a good taste, amarite?

  • Keeping the 40K patreon dream alive!