How to easiest clean up broken glass?

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    Hello all,

    For reasons I can't go into too much I currently got a nosebleed, and broken glass on my floor. The question I got now is how do I easiest clean this up? I was thinking of just hoovering it up but I got told that thats no good idea at all. I don't have a brush as I recently moved into the house. Its pieces of mixed sizes and like "glass dust" on the floor within a radius by the wall. Any tips are welcome.

    PS. Yes I am serious.

  • Pick bigger pieces by hand. If it's only glass, with no liquid and such, you could just vacuum/hoover it. Otherwise a moist cleaning cloth/wipe could work.

  • If you don't have a brush, try to collate most of it up with a piece of cardboard or a book into a pile. Then put the large bits into the bin and as @Nillend suggested, pick up the smaller bits with a cloth.

    I'm guessing you were in a argument of some sort. Hope you're ok...

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    I have picked up the biggest pieces by hand and they are all in a plastic bag.

    It was a little water in the glass, but that just seems to have splashed out a little on the wall, so I THINK most is dry.

    I got a small towel, do I just run that under the tap then whipe? or more like push down on the area like spundge?

  • @Lotias Try to, like, "engulf' the pieces with the towel, then wash it off thoroughly. Repeat the process. For the glass dust you can use it like a sponge. Hope you're alright.

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    Haha realised it sounded kinda depresing. But yeah Im okey (except for my nose that pulses like nothing else). I have gone over the floor a few times with the towel now, I cant see anything but its like I can hear a scraping sound when I use the towel. Not sure if its from its in the towel itself or if its still tiny bits on the floor.

  • I pick up the big pieces by hand and use a brush + dustpan to sweep up the rest. This is on hardwood and linoleum floors, though. If the glass is on carpet, you'll have to use a vacuum.

    If you don't have a brush + dustpan, wipe up all the water you can then use a vacuum. Vacuuming up small amounts of glass shouldn't cause any problems.