Beyond Good & Evil 2

  • So the last few days Michel Ancel has released these two images, could this be building up to a Beyond Good & Evil 2 reveal? No clue, but ill cry bloody tears of joy if it is.

  • NX exclusive baybayyyyy!!

  • Nintendo won't do a PS4/XOne bis, and if the rumors are correct, they want to make something different. Which is absolutely clever since if they sell a new PS4, they are already late to the party.
    And they said (if I remember well) NX will have the biggest third-parties at launch. Which means exclusivity :D My hope goes that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a NX exclusive.

  • I'm trying to remain cautious and skeptical about this but Kyle pretty much convinced me it's going to happen on the podcast this week.

    Please be true...

  • If this is an NX exclusive, I really don't understand the point of it. Didn't nintendo learn anything from Bayonetta 2?

    People can say what they like but nintendo's core audience is clearly shrinking and this is a niche game that I doubt would sell an additional consoles as those people would probably pick up the NX anyway.

    Cool that it's happening though for those who want it.

  • @tokeeffe9 The point is video games.

  • @tokeeffe9
    You do know that if it wasn't for Nitendo Bayonetta 2 never would have been made,.

  • Yes I know that, not really the point I'm making.

    I'm just saying I'm surprised Nintendo are doing the same thing again with a niche game when the last time they did it with Bayonetta 2, it could hardly be considered a smart business move.

  • @tokeeffe9 The difference here would be that BG&E 2 could be a launch title for the NX (or close to launch), so it would send a pretty strong message. Bayonetta 2 arrived on Wii U when it was pretty much already dead in the water.

  • @Axel That's definitely a fair point and I'm happy it's getting made. I enjoyed the first one when I played the HD version.

    I'm just a bit surprised is all if it is an NX exclusive.

  • This better not be another teaser that ends up leading to nothing.

    And if this is a NX exclusive then it definitively adds a lot to my prospects of getting one, Nintendo has said that they've learned from the failure of the Wii U hopefully that means that they realize they can't neglect the core audience as much, and hopefully this is an indication of that.

    What it would really need for me is backwards compatibility, but in this days I'm pretty sure that is far fetched dream.

  • So how far along is WiLD? Because Ancel's pretty involved in both.

  • @Ringedwithtile Your guess is as good as mine with WiLD. It was announced at Gamescom 2014, and given a gameplay trailer at Paris Games Week 2015. That's everything we know about it. I imagine we'll see it again this year at PSX, but we'll see.

  • @Haru17
    My guess is one of two things

    1. Some time after the Paris Games Week event, talks might have started with Nintendo to pay for development/Exclusivity for a future Wii U/ NX game (depending on when said talks happened) The question then becomes was it Nintendo that picked BG&E, or did Ancel step in and volunteer it.

    Although if that is true it makes me wonder about the attitude Ubisoft has towards Ancel and his team. I mean you think someone who has been with the company since the beginning, help put them on the map, make a game engine used among a variety of games, not to mention everything he was worked on being critically acclaimed (except maybe Tonic Trouble) would have no issue getting funding for any project he wanted to do.

    1. Wild is having some kind of development issue, which is possible given everything that has been promised so far. Ancel either looking for something to pass the time, or being the kind of person who needs to work on something all the time (lest he build a deathray or something)

    Either way its impossible to know unless someone gets the info out of Ancel or Yves Guillemot.
    Also Ubisoft is trying to fight off being bought out by Gameloft, so its possible that they are open to the idea of doing exclusives, if it means more cash to avoid a buyout. As of September Vivendi (Gamelofts parent company) Has about a 22%-23% stake in Ubisoft.

    Also BG&E2 could possibly release at launch or within the first 6 months of the NX release, which would be a good time to release any new IP, or give a old IP a second chance at life

  • @tokeeffe9
    Sorry sent that reply before I was fully awake this morning, Although I did give a reason above as to why it could be exclusive

    It's official, BG&E2 is officially in pre production.

    Stumbled upon a rumor that a NX direct will happen on Oct 21st, again a rumor so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Pre-production would mean it's a couple years away at least. So that pretty much kills the hope of it being a NX launch title...

    Or does it? :D

  • @Axel
    I'm just glad to hear it's finally in production.

  • So it'll be out around the same time as Death Stranding.

    If this is an NX exclusive, it actually will be very similar to when Bayonetta 2 released if not later into the cycle.

  • They shouldn't even be announcing this game yet. Expect a long wait full of delays and that's if it doesn't get cancelled. But I hope for all the ppl wanting this, that none of those things happen.

    Wish game publishers and devs would stop announcing things to soon. Wait until your game looks like it's coming along really well before you throw it out there for consumers to get over hyped about.