LTTP: A Link to the Past, Does it hold up?

  • Great post, love the graphic!

    I played Link to the Past for the first time two years ago. My favorite thing (and also sometimes least favorite thing) was it's willingness to fluctuate pacing. Having to find the Book of Mudora or the Ether Medallion put halt to any forward progression, and forced you to explore the world. This can be frustrating in the moment, but overall adds the experience and makes it more enjoyable. I found side quests I would not have found otherwise, and felt very satisfied once I did find what I was looking for. Ocarina of Time does this a couple times also, but since then it has been absent in Zelda games (as far as I can recall). I think the Quake Medallion was too obscure, and led to a frustration that I don't look back on fondly.

    The bosses also are a change of pace. They usually offer a combat oriented challenge which differs from the puzzles found in the dungeons. Generally, current Zelda bosses are still puzzle based and offer the same experience as the rest of the dungeon, just escalated. I enjoyed having to try bosses several times, learn their patterns, and felt very satisfied when beating them (Mothula the moth spike boss and Moldorm the bouncy worm are unfair garbage)

    Link to the Past should get credit for having great dungeon designs, an over world bursting with interesting side quests and secrets, and being very engaging throughout. It definitely has flaws, but it is a great game regardless of when you are playing it.

  • So after playing the game some more it has definitely grown on me. Even the controls that felt stiff and outdated in the beginning now feel pretty alright.
    Absolutely holds up!

  • I'm a very old school gamer who still prefers 2d games, so I'm very biased. But I beat ALTTP every couple years, use to beat it yearly back in the day. Many games in my past don't hold up so I feel I can tell if its playable to new people. Still one of my favorite Zelda's but that's probably cause its so deep rooted into my childhood. Also same goes for FF6(3) though didn't full play through it as often.

  • @Pringlestache Ya I think it really is the more you play it and face other enemies that it feels like the combat improves.

    I felt the same way early on.

  • @tokeeffe9 great post. Have you played Link's Awakening? That and LTTP rotate for my number 1 Zelda game. Skip the color dungeon though. Its reward makes the game way too easy from that point on.

  • @matt I have not. I've played the following and roughly in this order.

    Phantom Hourglass
    Twilight Princess
    Ocarina of Time
    Skyward Sword
    Wind Waker (Only the first few hours though :( )
    A Link to the Past

    I think I'm most likely going to play Majora's Mask or A Link Between Worlds next. Whichever one is cheaper basically when I need a new game.

    But I might check out Links Awakening too!

  • @tokeeffe9 I highly recommend it and hope you do. I think it's fairly inexpensive on the eshop and is pretty short for a zelda game. Majora's Mask and A Link Between Worlds are in my queue as well. I'll probably go for Link Between Worlds first.

    Great threads btw. I really dug this one and your Super Metroid thread as well.

  • @matt Thanks. I felt the SNES binge deserved it. Chrono Trigger will be next but I imagine that'll be a while before I complete it

  • @GMan I played ALTTP briefly on SNES, and never got to really appreciate it fuilly. I played it again on a ROM a few years later and beat the game. I got it again on GBASP and beat it again.

    Still, Zelda still holds up today. It's such a beautiful game.

  • @matt YES! Link's Awakening is the best Zelda game in my opinion, maybe the best GameBoy game ever too!