BozWozBot update!

  • Hey allies!

    Just wanted to thank everyone for using my little BozWozBot for the Bosman v Wozniak tetris streams. Makes me very happy that it adds to the show! It is a great idea Kyle had on a previous stream and I just felt "Oh that would be awesome, I can do that!". It basically records everyones bets of Kyles highscore during the stream and he lets the closest bet pilot the Buran at the end!

    It's had a few hiccups as we learn what we can do and what Twitch frowns upon but we're getting there! Last week it got kicked after 38 bets and this week we got all the bets but it wasn't allowed to whisper back after a while, but the game still worked all the way.

    For next week I'll remove the "Thank you"-responses as Twitch only allows 100 whispers during 30 seconds so it won't tell you you have bet anymore. But that means you can ask for your bet with !bet at any time during the stream instead of it going completely silent :)

    Let me know if you have any feedback regarding how it works!

    In case you don't know, here's what you can do with it:

    • Place a bet in different ways! (Examples: !bet 200000, !bet 200k, !bet 200,000). Kyle controls when bets can be made and only your last bet is saved. Only lowercase !bet is accepted atm. I will fix that as I saw a few of you trying !Bet.
    • Check your bet! (Just type !bet). This stopped working when Twitch gagged the bot. Should work during all stream next week.

    I made it in my spare time, it's taken about 30 hours of work I think total and I'm doing it for free for the allies! Maybe Kyle could mention my game at some point, I dunno :P

    For anyone curious I made it using, javascript and

    That's it! Have a great week and next week we'll break 400k!

    /Benny @bennysce

  • @bennysce Thank you for your work Benny! Awesome job :smiley:

  • Awesome job Benny. I tried creating a crappy google form and doc combo with a formula but this approach you've taken is excellent!

  • @Mechanoid said in BozWozBot update!:

    @bennysce Thank you for your work Benny! Awesome job :smiley:

    Thank you!

    @tokeeffe9 Well, I cheated, my dayjob is web development. I hadn't done bots at all before though so that was fun!