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  • I know there's a good number of us, if you're comfortable with being out give us a little introduction! My name is Alex and I'm a gay-identifying agender person. One of the things that really drew me to EZA was the GT Battle of the Bands. Not only did it show that the people involved don't take themselves too seriously to have a bit of silly fun, but Ian's outfit and comments about gender really stuck with me as a non-binary person. It was the first time I had ever seen non-binary people (even fictional ones!) casually shown in a gaming-related setting and not as a joke. It gave me a really fuzzy feeling after I stopped watching various popular games entertainment media for their engagement with a bunch of different -isms, and I got hooked. It's probably not an exaggeration to say that Ian is the person that really got me to be an Ally.

    What have your experiences been like with the community and crew? Any recommendations for cool LGBTQ+ themed games or inclusive content creators? Let's chat! (Oh, and to be clear, this is mostly for Allies who are LGBTQ+, not people who are allies of LGBTQ+ people. We appreciate your support and how welcome you help us feel, though!)

  • oh, this is a good post! I'm Jai, and I'm bi & nonbinary of some description. I initially started watching GT for Elyse, who I'd seen on James's streams and really enjoyed. I started with TTA & then moved to watching all of ManUps, and I remember the episode where Ian & Elyse dressed up as each other making a real impact for me - they made jokes and comments based around gender identity that weren't hurtful or mocking, but rather seemed to be coming from a place of rare honesty and introspection about it. I appreciate & admire how outspoken Ian is (in a lot of things, but specifically) in not accepting the label of "man," and in constantly pushing conversations toward a place of inclusion of various genders & orientations.

    I am forever hoping for more queer content in games - some highlights off the top of my head would be Life is Strange - a beautiful game in its own right that also includes at least one queer character/relationship; Dragon Age Inquisition - which allows for some player-involved queer relationships, has some characters who wind up in queer relationships of their own if they don't date the player, and has a canonically trans character involved in the story; The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC - a welcome addition onto the game that added some depth & backstory. Also the Overwatch devs have confirmed that some characters are queer, but as far as I can tell haven't revealed which ones, which I love.

  • @aldaira Good to meet you! If you include player-involved queer relationships, you can also add on Fallout: New Vegas (Arcade Gannon is my husband, honestly) and Saints Row 4 (a female player character can romance/have implied intimacy with Kinsey). That said, I have some personal reservations with Life is Strange.

    Although you get to have a beautifully developed (if technically optional) relationship with Chloe, the only way for them to kiss is for you to sacrifice Chloe at the end of the game. Despite all the progress it shows towards inclusive storytelling, I feel that it ultimately succumbs to the "bury your lesbians" trope. That's not to say that it isn't good, I love that game and the story it tells. But that element did leave a sour taste in my mouth.

  • @alexwhiteplays oh, yay, I haven't played either of those. Mass Effect as well - while Garrus is my forever love, my paragon Shepard absolutely had a relationship with Liara in ME1. and yeah, I agree re: Life is Strange...

    I mentioned it as having at least one queer character mostly because the relationship between Chloe & Rachel is important and not optional. the endings to the game are unsatisfying in that it's clear the 'right' choice - the one that gives you any kind of closure at all rather than a perfunctory ride off with no actual explorations of the implications of your choice - is the one that sacrifices Chloe, and we have quite enough of that in media. I think the characters and relationships and journey of the game are worth it even given the disappointing ending, but it is worth bringing up, you're right.

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  • Even though I'm a straight man, I have no issues with LGBTQ+ community, in contrary, I actually dislike people who are against LGBTQ+ community. I feel like there is enough hate and other b-shit in the world without having to hate on people based on their sexuality (or on race or any other trait for that matter).

    What I've said to many of those who are strongly against LGBTQ+, is that "What do you lose because of them being who they are? It has literally no affect on your salary, bills or anything else, so why would you take away their happiness? Just because some old book says so? Times have changed since then, and people need to realize that, so just be kind and let them be. You don't have to be one of them, or treat them in any special way, just treat them as you would any other people, because that's what they are. And they too shall treat you just as well in return." or something among those lines, and ended up having few people realize that.

  • Couldn't agree more. I also feel the EZA community is really accepting in general. Very chilled out vibes!

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    I welcome this thread so much! As I know this is a sensitive subject at least I will be VERY strict on comments in here, I think this is great to raise awareness and so on, maybe ask questions or even open up a little yourself! If there are any homophobia/discrimination in here I will give people the banhammer faster than they can say "pride".

    Even though I am a straight man I support the whole LGBTQ+ agenda and think its something that needs to be talked about more in the society! Love this community so im sure this will be an awesome thread! :D '

    Love and Respect! <3

  • I didn't know this thread existed!

    @alexwhiteplays said in LGBTQ+ Allies!:

    (Oh, and to be clear, this is mostly for Allies who are LGBTQ+, not people who are allies of LGBTQ+ people. We appreciate your support and how welcome you help us feel, though!)

    I feel like it is worth pointing out that OP intended this to be a discussion thread for EZA fans who are LGBTQ+ and not as a place to speculate on the preferences of the 9 or to proclaim how cool you are with the LGBTQ+ community as a straight person, as well meaning as the comments are. I'm glad it maybe revived this thread but I think it should be kept in mind going forward. As much as the support is appreciated, I'm sure the intention behind the request is that the thread will just become non-LGBTQ+ folks echoing the same sentiments of support and not actual discussion about inclusive games or experiences of actual LGBTQ+ fans.

  • That said, my name is Brittany. I'm bi/pansexual and I have complicated feelings when it comes to the gender binary but for simplicity I'm cisgender. I think like most Man Ups was the show that really started drawing me in but I would mostly catch episodes from the sidelines while my partner watched. The Until Dawn pajama party was one of the first things I found myself drawn into and I ended up watching until the end. It wasn't until EZA formed that I jumped in full force though and TTE was what inevitably got me completely hooked.

    To keep the recommendations going, here are some other games with great inclusivity!

    Night in the Woods is fantastic! The main character, Mae, is cannonically pansexual. Her best friend, Gregg, and his boyfriend, Angus, are integral the the story and there is lots of glimpses into their relationship if you opt to hang out with them. While there are no romance options in the game, certain scenarios find Mae flirting with a girl at a dance party or explaining her orientation to some teens in a graveyard.

    Long Live The Queen, by Hanako Games, is a princess maker type game and there are a couple ways to romance women along with side characters who are revealed to be gay/lesbian depending on choices the player makes. Unfortunately the paths to woo ladies tend to be very difficult and one requires you to make your princess extremely cruel to unlock.

    Gone Home! Best to go in blind on this but there is a great story in there.

    Charity. If you haven't played Ian's game I won't say any more but it certainly fits into the category and is relatively quick to get through.

    A few others I know about and currently on my list to play are 2064 Read Only Memories, Ladykiller in a Bind, A Little Lily Princess (By Hanako), Black Closet (Also Hanako), Analogue A Hate Story, and Highway Blossoms.

  • What's up allies! I'm a little nervous to post here, but I thought I should join in! I'm Michelle, and I identify as a Bi-romantic Asexual, and I'm cisgender. I don't have a whole lot of recommendations but Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 4 are both very good. Also Mother 3, it's hard to come by legally, but if you ever get a chance to play I really enjoyed it.

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    Love and Respect ❤

  • I noticed my question as to what Ian's sexual orientation was deleted. Not sure why, as it was a genuine question.

    Despite @logic__error saying this is not somewhere to "speculate on the preferences of the 9", I think it is important, as it can be difficult for people to find others to identify with in the industry.

    Also, while the intention of this thread was for "LGBTQ+, not people who are allies of LGBTQ+ people", remember to give the community as a whole the respect it deserves. EZA is a very inclusive place and in my experience, you're only welcomed by others if you're welcoming yourself. I understand however that it's important for people in any kind of minority group to have somewhere safe to share and discuss commonalities with peers that not everyone else relates to.

  • @Alex840 Finding others to identify with is great, having representation is great, speculating about someone's gender or sexual orientation or trying to out them is not. If you're genuinely curious try asking Ian directly. If you are uncomfortable asking the person themselves then you already know why it is wrong to speculate behind their back. Ian has said numerous times they like girls and have been in relationships with women, if they wanted us know know anything beyond that they would have said as much.

    As to the follow up, @alexwhiteplays said in the OP, allies to the LGBTQ+ community are great and aren't forbidden from participating in discussion but I think they were trying to avoid it getting off topic or being a chorus of "I'm a straight ally but I support the LGBTQ+ community!" and since that was starting to happen I felt it needed to be reiterated. Reassurance from allies is wonderful but it is easy for a thread like this to get overwhelmed by notes of support instead of discussion about LGBTQ+ experiences, inclusive games, inclusive creators, and actual members of the community feeling like they can share a little more about themselves. Literally no one is being excluded from discussion, no one is telling you to go away, you're just being asked to stay on topic.

    You say you understand the need for having a safe space but right before that made a condescending statement implying that this thread is disrespecting the EZA community, ignoring the welcoming nature of the community, and being unwelcoming to non LGBTQ+ members of the community. Can you see how this entire paragraph is at odds with itself?

  • @logic__error Brittany I'm really sorry if I came off as condescending, that wasn't my intention. I hate the thought that I've derailed this thread in any way. I just meant that no one should feel they HAVE to resort to going somewhere specific. Reading back my last post, I guess it wasn't worded in the best way possible. These things are always difficult to communicate via text.

    Love & Respect (genuinely)

  • @Alex840 It is very easy for intention to get lost in text and we all interpret tone differently! Thank you for actually taking a step back on things and attempting to see where I was drawing issue from. Interactions like this are honestly why the EZA community IS the best around!

    Love & Respect!

  • Just found this thread. Very happy it exists. My name is Rick, I'm a 25 year old dude from LA and I'm gay. Was very pleasantly surprised with the number of LGBTQ folk in this community. I made a sizable group of friends that I chat with often from GT and EZA and turned out literally half of us were gay.

    As for related material to the subject, I found Kaine from the original Nier to be a wonderful LGBTQ+ character, Intersex while identifying as female, and how this information is doled out is very subtle and heartfelt, not defining her character, but being an important aspect of who she is and why she is in the position she is when you find her in the game. Anyway, stay classy y'all. Keep the conversation going!

  • @logic__error may i ask what cisgender means?

  • @FF7Cloud Cisgender is a term for someone who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth, basically the opposite of transgender :)

  • I just finished watching the latest Survivor episode and it is momentous. The headlines and the soundbytes have ruined what i feel is one of the best moment ever on tv. I implore everyone to watch it fully (10+ minute tribal council at the end of episode 7) any way you can by download or their website but do not watch clips on youtube. I feel it encapsulates a lot of issues involving dealing with such a sensitive topic and anyone would stand to learn a lot by watching it.