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  • @logic__error may i ask what cisgender means?

  • @FF7Cloud Cisgender is a term for someone who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth, basically the opposite of transgender :)

  • I just finished watching the latest Survivor episode and it is momentous. The headlines and the soundbytes have ruined what i feel is one of the best moment ever on tv. I implore everyone to watch it fully (10+ minute tribal council at the end of episode 7) any way you can by download or their website but do not watch clips on youtube. I feel it encapsulates a lot of issues involving dealing with such a sensitive topic and anyone would stand to learn a lot by watching it.

  • @rickemrobo Kaine is great! They handled that well. The media coverage on it though... I remember some real uncomfortable moments at the time but that's fairly par for the course I guess.

  • Nice thread! My name is Thea, I am from Norway, and I am personally also on the spectrum (representing the B (though pan is more accurate) and the T in the LGBTQ+). I heard Kaine was a good character, though I never played the original Nier. Honestly I wish there better representation in games without it being shoehorned in. I remember Erica from Catherine and how she was handled in game just left a bad taste in my mouth. Definitely going to look into Night in the Woods; seems like my type of game.

  • @pinecone I'm really not into Survivor at all (or reality-ish TV in general) but I caught murmurs of this episode on the net-wind and wound up watching it on CBS' website (for anyone curious, it's listed as S34 Ep6: What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile). Was definitely a powerful moment, and seeing people's reactions filled me with all the best fuzzy feelings.

    Would definitely recommend watching at least the last half or so of the episode (when the council thing starts) to anyone interested, even if you don't care about survivor. It's free on CBS' website as of typing this, but not sure how long it'll stay up there.

    Also, hi everyone! I've only recently (last 6 months) come out to myself and some others as a lesbian trans woman. Unfortunately, when it comes to video games, I have yet to be really interested in any that actually have good/any representation. The original Mass Effect trilogy being possibly the only exception that I've played so far (and it wasn't exactly great there, if we're being honest). I've heard Persona 4 makes a decent attempt though, and after getting utterly consumed by P5 that might be one that's on the horizon for me.

  • Love & Respect!

    I also represent the B and T of the spectrum and am happy to be part of such an inclusive and jolly community at this :)

  • @tamaster92 I'm glad people are still finding this thread! :D

    @GalacticSugarPunk I haven't gotten enough into the Shin Megami Tensei or Persona series to say but I do know they did a pretty awful job with a trans character on Catherine. Won't tell anyone to not play it but I think it is better to know going in to the game. I hope they did a better job in that department with Persona 4.

    Also, if you're looking for more specific details on the character in question from Catherine:

  • @logic__error Yeah, Catherine isn't the best in that department. But I can definitely say that Persona 4 is a lot better. If you're looking for perfect representation of characters that are solid in their identities you won't find it. But what P4 really shines with is showing the uncertainty and self loathing that comes along with exploring your sexuality as a teenager. As for trans representation, it's arguable whether that is the main issue at hand or if it's more commentary on sexism within the police force. Either way the characters are well developed and likeable. I think a lot of people can see themselves within the characters.

  • @michemagius That's good to hear! I watched my partner play some of P4 (and P3) but not enough to get a good feeling for the more complex story aspects.