Crazy Bargains!

  • @matt said in Crazy Bargains!:

    I'm in Japan right now. They have a second hand store and their video game section is loaded with cheap finds. Nintendo DS lites and original DS systems for $1-$5. I picked up an original Gameboy DMG-01 for about $1USD and it's in mint condition!


  • I grabbed The windwaker with the ocerina of time bonus disc, The legend of zelda promo, resi 0, 1, 2 , 3 , 4, code veronica X plus a gamecube, 2 pokemon collosium memory cards and a game cube for £80
    A WOO WHO!

  • Right now Deus Ex is $1.74 on Steam. Not bad for one of the best games ever made. I figure any old computer can probably run it. If you've never played this game, now is the time.

  • @Minamik
    Thanks for that info, I get all my retail stuff from Best Buy using that program, good to know I can just order online. My best Bargin recently came from Best Buy, I think I ended up getting the new R&C for around $10 or so, the game was already like what $40, then the gamer club discount and I had earned some rewards money back so when it was all said and none the game was around $10 or so.

    I use to get retail stuff at GameStop because I use to work there, had some kind of blind loyalty. Every store is different but the one I was going to had an overly pushy manager.

  • I got a copy of Valkyrie Profile on the original from Walmart over a decade ago for 14.99. Probably the best deal I've got in history - there was a time where it was around $200. I also got Suikoden 2 brand new for like $20-25.

  • Not really a bargain since I wasn't the one who bought it, but way back when my sister bought Intelligent Cube for PSone. Course, I know own it since she didnt own a PSone and would just use mine when she wanted to play. That game is insanely fun for how simplistic it is, and good god the music is beyond EPIC. Instant classic.