A show for Brad?

  • @Wackitacki I really like the idea of doing a limited series like Don's show. I think something like that is a great idea for him.

  • Thank you for all of your thoughts and I love hearing all of your opinions. Yah I understand that doing a weekly show can be extremely hard but I would love it if maybe he could do a weekly Overwatch stream like how Brandon does Read dead and Bosman does tetris. That would be awesome. Love and Respect!

  • @OneBagTravel said in A show for Brad?:

    Brad made a comment about doing retro games. I'd love to see a show which covers 16bit era games. Not just "let's play" but discussions as to why a game is good (or bad) and the mark a specific game left on the industry.

    Signed, huge SNES fan.

    I too, would like to see this happen, at least on a stream.

  • My dream is a short weekly stream (Maybe 45mins to 1 hour) brad and huber (and maybe ben)

    Getting hype about video games news and talking about what they played that week

    While enjoying a good old game, of low stakes online bingo

    JOLLY! :D

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  • Maybe not a show, but a themed/regular stream would be nice for sure. Shows are great, but the work to product ratio is just wayyyyyy worse than a stream.

  • @Killericon a regular stream would be fine with me :)

    Anything really :P

    I just want moar bradber <3

  • personally all of them should have a show of some sorts

  • Ben and Brad, Brad and Ben a show about eastern culture, food,anime,movies and of course Jrpgs

  • Brad has been clear at least on the NeoGAF thread that a new show is not what he wants for himself right now

  • I would love to see Brad doing playthrough of difficult games or create artificial challenges (like only melee, only stealth) and after that in 15 min show he discusses how can game get better or worse from increased difficulty. With mandatory stories of how Brad encountered problem and tried to solve it and then eventually solved it. Proposed name is "Impossible Brad" or "Impossible Ellis"