Favorite video game songs?

  • Hi Allies,

    When I work, I typically like to listen to video game and movie soundtracks. Beyond just liking the way they sound, they also rarely have lyrics, which I find tends to distract me from whatever it is I have to do. That said, there are some songs that, when they play, I will stop whatever it is that I'm doing so I can listen and fully appreciate the work that has been done. My question is: what are your favorite video game songs? Keep in mind, I don't mean videogame soundtracks, but rather single songs on those soundtracks that stick out to you. For example, I think Undertale has a pretty great soundtrack overall, but the one that hit me in the guts the first time I heard it was the song "Undertale."

    Granted, a lot of the reason I love it is because of the manner in which it was used in the game, but I think that's equally important. Now, whenever I hear it, it's associated with those emotions it brought out in me when I first heard it. It's also just incredible at tying together all of the songs that happened prior to it, and then adding layers and meaning to interactions in the game that had been brewing for several hours. It's great.

    Another favorite for a very similar reason is "I was Born for This," from Journey. One thing that I really like about this song is that it perfectly reflects the emotional climax and themes of the game, creating a perfect bridge from the incredible music/moments prior to it before segueing smoothly back into the first track on the album. I think pretty much the entire soundtrack hinges on the quality of this final song, which is why it stands out so much to me.

    I have tons more that I could list (e.g. Terra's theme, Frog's theme, and of course, Snake Eater), but I want to throw the question over to you guys. Help me avoid my work by filling my playlist with awesome tunes I can't help but listen to!


  • I know you said to avoid soundtracks, but I MUST include several songs from a single source because each individual entry is so good. Without further ado, here are all of the songs I enjoy from video games, in no particular order (Sorry for so many!):

    I have THREE different versions of the Cosmo Canyon theme, but this mix is hands down my favorite, and is in my top 10 songs of all time.

    There is just something about the drums that complement the rest of the score so well.

    I love the piano. I love Kingdom Hearts. This beautiful piece is both melancholy and hopeful. Every time I start a new game, I ALWAYS stop at the main menu to listen.

    The instruments are wonderfully done and this is a great listen when in an adventurous mood.

    This song, while not the only reason, is the primary driving force in exploring the world in Final Fantasy VII. Such a great orchestral movement.

    Every time I hear this theme, I want to grab a controller and fight the Covenant. And yes, the original is the best.

    And speaking of which, everytime I hear this, I want to grab a Lancer and do work against the Locust (and soon, the Swarm/DeeBees).

    As I said, I love the piano, and this song was the best thing from Final Fantasy X-2.

    Even though I love the original's theme, THIS is my favorite song to ever come from Halo.

    If couldn't tell, I find sad sounding music beautiful, so here is a GREAT piece encapsulating the last moments when you play as Roxas.

    My favorite moments in my favorite game happen when this song is playing. Assaulting Shinra HQ is one of my favorite moments in all of gaming. This is an excellent compliment, and every time I hear it, it takes me back.

    I don't know why this is called the way it is, but I love the vibe: A nice, laid back lounge-style jazz-themed song that puts me in a relaxed and happy mood.

    Notice a pattern? Yeah, I'm a fan of the series alright.

    I love the original with its humor, but this is FAR more beautiful.

  • Some Favorites o mine are mostly by Uematsue but ill include a few

    Julia -Final Fantasy 8
    One Winged Angel-Final fantasy 7
    Price of Freedom-Crisis Core
    Areith's Theme-Final fantasy 7
    Terra's Theme-Final Fantasy 6
    To Zanarkand-Final Fantasy 10
    Gerhman The First Hunter -Bloodborne
    Metal Gear Solid theme (the one with voice in it i forget the real name) the song gives me chills

  • At least once a week, I listen to the Machinarium and The Swapper soundtracks. My favourite song from machine is The Bottom/The Sea
    For swap, it's greenhouse/sleep ^ ^

  • We sure have a lot of music and anime threads, huh? (not that I'm blameless in this)

    Anyway, I'd offer up Gravity Rush's most Huber-titled song, "Resistance and Extermination." I seriously love this track. In fact, I think it's the only main combat theme I listened to throughout an entire game and didn't grow sick of. They did something right.

  • Same as always

  • @Haru17 yeah, haha, I'm certainly not helping matters either.
    Glad to see a ton of Uematsu love, although not at all surprise. Probably already well known, but here's the Final Fantasy orchestral album that they released a while back. Some awesome arrangements on here. Kind of surprised/frustrated by the omissions, but it's good stuff overall. I will say that the version of the FF6 Opera is just the worst, though. Completely overdone and doesn't translate well into Japanese IMO.

  • @Brannox I'm listening to the Celtic Moon remixes of FF4 right now and really digging them. Thanks for showing them to me! I really like their version of Into the Darkness, a song which always started to grate on in me in the game because of how much I heard it. If you like their stuff you'll probably like the opening theme to Crystal Chronicles (a game which I should add to the Underrated Soundtracks thread I started). Similar vibe, super catchy imo.

  • @naltmank Sure thing! Super happy to spread some music awareness! Thanks for sharing the Crystal Chronicles theme!

  • Some of my recent favorites.

  • I listen to music in my car, usually Diddy kong Racing songs , "pirate lagoon" is the most fun I have listen to while driving , try it :D

  • @Niko_tagle Haha I would, but I'm already such a dangerous driver! Are you trying to kill half of my neighborhood??

    @Light I was super disappointed with DA:I overall, but I do have to admit that some of those tracks are baller, and while I've yet to play Bloodborne, some of those songs are disgustingly good.

  • The Final Fantasy VII cosmo canyon track, is the best thing ever created.

  • Frogs Theme from Chrono Trigger makes me want to become a Paladin.

  • @MonsTruz Long-distance high five. :clap_tone1:

  • @Brannox
    When I was going for the Bloodborne platinum, I was running my head against one of the chalice dungeon boses. Had been at it for hours. Then I put on the Cosmo Canyon track, and I beat it straight away.

  • this is simply badass.

  • This one is not my favorite, but I've already posted Song of the Ancients enough times, currently listening to this in the office, and making a fool of myself in front of my colleagues.

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