Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1?

  • I haven't made up my mind about Titanfall yet but I'm definitely getting Battlefield 1.. I'm a real sucker for historical games and I've been looking forward to a WW1 game for a long time now (even though they've decided to overlook some of the historical accuracy). I'm looking forward to hearing more about the SP campaign.. hopefully it'll be better than 4

  • @Faaip I am with you on this... I am probably going to end up buying BF1 instead of TF2 just because of the game setting. I am excited to see what kind of single player campaign they are going to deliver..

  • This is a very biased answer, but I'd go Titanfall before Battlefield purely because I've never cared for how Battlefield games felt and Titanfall 1 felt so very, very good. I intend to get both (hyped on For Honor as well!), but I think I'm mostly interested in Battlefield 1 for the single player.

    Plus, robots. Robots from the sky. Robots that pick you up and put you in them. Robots.

  • Ever since I saw the gameplay of Battlefield 1, I am becoming more and more sceptical of the game. I never really liked the gameplay of BF3 and BF4 multiplayer. It just always felt a little too unrealistic and chaotic for my taste. The whole game looks like the same thing all over again but with older tanks and zeppelins.

    On the other hand, I spent quite a lot of time playing and enjoying Titanfall in the months following the launch because of the unique parkour and calling in the Titans.

    EA Access has really helped me with this. I plan to try out both as part of the EA Access trials on Xbox (I believe they are also available on the PC). You usually get 10 hours of gameplay (that was the case for Battlefront), which can help you decide whether to shell out the full price for the whole game. In the case of Battlefront, I vowed to not buy the full game until they release a map where you attack the Death Star. This is will probably be the case with BF1 and Titanfall where I will try it out and then figure out.

    So my recommendation is to not preorder yet, wait for the release and try it out with EA Access (if that is an option for you). Otherwise, I bet the EZA reviews will tell us exactly whether this is right for us or not ;)

  • Bad Company 2 Multiplayer was my last favorite Battelfield shooter. I'd rather get another game similar to that series of tight maps and constant action. Titanfall 2 will be more fun and more representative of the style of combat I'm after.

  • Both, nuff' said.

  • @runner609 I keep picturing a classic CoD style campaign where you play different stories as different factions.. I'm sure that won't be the case but I'm curious since it seems like we might see a lot of different locations

  • I'm not super into shooters, but...

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  • I have no interest in the past with WWI, but Titanfall excited me. In addition, I am with the rest of the allies, COD surprised me in a way I never expected

  • Personally I am going with Titanfall 2. I loved the first one and the fact that the 2nd is more of the same with more multiplayer depth and a single player means I'm all in. Battlefield 1 looks great but the fact that they're a week apart makes me have to pick one over the other.

  • Reading the comments here, it definitely seems like Titanfall 2 just offers new gameplay mechanics. It seems to have a touch of Overwatch now as well.

    I really love the polish that Respawn Entertainment has, they are honestly the best.

  • I'm honestly leaning toward Battlefield 1. The historical setting, particularly WW1, speaks more to me than sci-fi. But I might check Titanfall 2 later.

  • Consider how quick Titanfall died off, I think I'll stick with BF.

  • Can I choose neither? lol. I am just getting bored with FPS games. But to actually answer your question I'd pick Battlefield 1 all day over Titanfall 2.

  • Why not both?

  • BF1. Well, besides how it will turns out, I have a soulful spot about that war itself and hopefully it's represented well.

    Depends how TF2 turns out and if there are others I know who will want to play it on PC.

  • @ChucklesBrown I think the TF2 abbreviation has already been claimed by Team Fortress 2 lol.

  • @DarthAmmii ME is claimed by Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge so eh.

  • @ChucklesBrown I've never seen Mirror's Edge get shortened.

  • I'm still waiting for Bad Company 3, but if Battlefield 1 plays more like BC2, then I might hop on.

    Though to be honest I'm actually much more interested in the new CoD, especially after that demonstration during the Sony conference.