Your History with EZA

  • Hey everyone, since E3 went off amazing and EZA is continuing to grow I thought now would be a good time to just share my own little history with the Allies and GT, but also to hear everyone else's history and what brought us together as a community.

    So back when I was in maybe 4th or 5th grade I had 2 news feeds that fed my obsession with games as a kid: GameInformer magazine and Gametrailers. While I would collect issues of the former with my brothers, my oldest brother introduced me to Gametrailers and would let me borrow his laptop to binge watch trailers on the site for hours. Gametrailers continued to be the site I turned to for years to come for gameplay, reveal trailers, and as my most trusted site for reviews. However, around the late 2000's, I started to get turned off by the content they were producing now especially Invisible Walls and honestly anything having to do with Marcus Beer (REALLY not a fan). And so for probably 4 or so years I didn't even go back to GT, having moved onto other gaming outlets like IGN and RoosterTeeth, but eventually I became kinda jaded by the negativity I was finding in the gaming community and media, how everyone was just overly critical and seemed to be not really enjoying the games they covering.

    So on a whim I went back to Gametrailers in late 2014/early 2015 and found a very different GT. A GT that was much smaller with less than 10 guys, but was excited about the games they covered and seemed to have a general positivity and excitement for what they did that I hadn't seen anywhere else lately. Kyle and Jones and Blood with the rotating guest funny but insightful news coverage in GT Live, Ian and Elyse's hilarity in Mandatory Update, Huber's pure joy and excitement in Huber Hype, Ben being the ultimate creative DM and trying to rangle the likes of Hogger and his companions in TTA; all of these shows and personalities just filled me with excitement and joy about games that I hadn't felt in years. And then came the shutdown. I was devastated, I had finally comeback and found the perfect outlet with some of my favorite people on the internet (with me lurking for that year being to reserved to interact in the forums or their Twitch) and to see all of these talented people suddenly get laid off was heartbreaking. Like many others I begged for them to do something together and just keep making content and we'd do whatever we could to support them.

    Cut to my college Spring break, decided to go hang out with two of my buddies and I go and freak my friends out by almost shouting with joy with EZA's announcement video. I immediately went and donated on Patreon (only $5, you guys doing $200 though are amazing thank you so much) and since then I've tried to be much less reserved and be more involved on the Twitch streams and within the community, because as I think newcomers from E3 have come to realize, EZA creates some of the best content on the internet and has some of the best personalities and hard working creators around, something I'm so grateful for every time I see their content.

    So that's my story! I want this thread to share everyone's experiences because I'm interested in all of your guys' stories! So please comment and share what your guys experience with EZA/GT has been whether you're new or old!

    Love and Respect

  • I started watching GT around 2005 probably, just fell in love with their content, and I followed them for years and was very active on the forums, after they started changing a bunch of stuff with the website and the content just didn't seem as good anymore I really left the site alone for a big time, but I always checked their reviews.

    Then about a year ago I started watching a some of their shows I had never seen (Final Bosman, Huber Hype), and I once again fell in love with these band of goofballs, I was watching pretty much everything they made and following them however I could.

    Then in february me and a friend went on a cruise (70000 tons lml) and because of the ridiculous prices for wi-fi I spent 5 days without internet access, then the first news that hit me as I got off the boat was the closing of GT, it was a really sad moment for me knowing that I wouldn't see any of their content, their E3 coverage, their reviews, podcasts, Persona 5 being announced as their GOTY, it was a truly horrible moment, and for days I just hoped for a miracle, when I finally got home I spent a good time just watching some of their old shows.

    And then EZA finally came, I was a subscriber and a Patreon in minutes, and I'm just so happy I get to watch more content from this guys, because as much as I'm into gaming, the press and they way it is usually handled for games is not great IMO, and these guys just make it so entertaining and genuine, and it makes me so happy to see so many Allies from around the world that feel the same way I do.

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  • I'm not gonna lie I just mostly watched GT during E3 and I would watch Bossman but I wasn't a huge follower until after E3 2014. I did watch the GT reviews often though.