PSVR Hype???

  • @ib0show sounds great, looking forward to your hottake

    @TheHashtag0nist Yeah, definitely the odds are against it. I can't think of an unconventional peripheral that's managed to stand the test time. Hopefully there's enough people out there that can make some killer apps that are unique and genuinely fun experiences. Either way, I like to hold onto and collect gaming relics so this will have a place either on my desk or on my shelf.

    @MonsTruz I hear you. Sony's launch strategy for this thing is definitely questionable. I'm much more excited for this than I was for PS4, PS3, or XBOX360. But the only one feeding me hype has been myself haha! With how pre-orders sold out so quickly, I thought this thing would be hot. But after gauging other people's interest level, I'm thinking they may not even sell out of the short supply they have.

    @RockDoctor Lucky for me, I'm not as susceptible to motion sickness as others are. I didn't feel any discomfort from my demo. It definitely helps that most of the games are cockpit based. I don't know how they'll ever achieve onfoot action without getting terribly disoriented. My biggest fear is that they follow the 1st gen up too quickly. If they came out with the next iteration in the same time frame they pulled together PS4 Pro and Xbox S, I would be supremely bummed. Only time and sales will tell.

  • @matt Yeah, if they would let me, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I'm one of the people with a good education, a full time job, and zero responsibilities, so someone they hope will buy this thing. But when I can only get half the product, what's the point? Sure I could track a camera down, and perhaps a couple of move controllers, but just let me buy the damn bundle.

  • @MonsTruz Yeah, I was just telling my wife if I miss out on the launch bundle, chances are I won't pick it up until a lot later. I would like to eventually have the full experience but I'm not too eager to spend an extra $60 for the camera and $100 for two move controllers just to play the little Batman game. And I wouldn't pay $40 for PSVR Worlds.

    If that were the case there's a very good chances I would just try to pick it up second hand from someone with buyer's remorse. Which kinda sucks cause that'd be one less sale for Sony.

  • Yeah, it seems like most of us are in the, "well if I can walk in and find one, sure. " camp. I do wonder how many are going to be available to just pick up. Like I think Matt mentioned before, and im in the same boat, Im not going to camp out for this thing. It seems fun, but its also the fall gaming session, I'm not exactly hurting to find stuff to fill my free time with.

  • so amidst all of my hype I managed to have a moment of I naïve to believe that the launch bundle won't be available in the future like Sony has stated? Maybe not specifically the launch bundle, but they will have similar bundles in the future, right?

  • I don't have excitement for VR. It really can't be used effectively in most genres and I feel it's more of a gimmick than a step forward. It doesn't help that the added immersion of putting you inside the game comes at the cost of visual immersion and over $400.

  • @Kaminski Yep, that's a good point. It seems very limited for existing genres. It seems like people would love to play FPS in VR, but I assume that experience would be very difficult to execute successfully.

    I'm sure a lot early VR games will exploit the novelty a bit too much to be enjoyable. I hope some creative devs come along and create new IPs or new genres for the VR platform. I think there's a lot of potential.

    I hope to see devs use the tech in a more nuanced clever way. I liked the BattleZone demo because all it did was add immersive awareness to a normal tank game. And then I hope to see someone come along and make something I never knew I wanted.

    The reviews are starting to trickle in. Very lukewarm it seems. Looks like the launch lineup is turning out to be pretty weak. I wish people mentioned more about Driveclub VR. I'm looking forward to that and the Battlefront DLC the most.

  • I find Jim Sterling's video on PS VR to be quite interesting...

    Youtube Video

    Now I'm actually really interested on PS VR, whereas previously I was mildly intrigued by it.

  • @Kaminski
    Just curious Kaminski, have you gotten to try any of the VR headsets?

  • @matt
    Yeah from the reviews I saw I didnt see them mention more gamey games like Rigs or EVE, just the tank game. It does seem like right now the majority of the software lean towards more "experiences' then games, or putting the player in a room and letting them muck around like job sim or that VR Bar Room (which kinda seemed interesting to me). I'm still interested, I'd love it if I had some rich friend that had it so I can really give it a go before deciding to put down the money.
    I want VR to succeed, I think its a really cool new way to play games and experience things, but like so many others, it just seems like the tech is a little behind. In time this will be less of an issue, but I dont think anyone knows for sure if it'll be around long enough to see it reach its true potential, more so if these platforms don't succeed in turning a profit, time will tell.

  • @TheMarcV Yeah, the demo disc seems to have a lot of the headlining games, I'm surprised no one's commenting on each one. I suppose there may be an embargo.

    What I've learned so far is to keep my expectations in check for games like Arkham VR. I'm still going to get it because I've loved Batman growing up and I just can't pass up suiting up. One surprise game that stands out to me is Thumper VR. That seems to be getting some good reviews and it's only $20. It sounds like I could be picking that up.

    I'm glad the demo disc has so many games to try. It may be my second favorite launch demo disc next to the Dreamcast.

    alt text

  • @matt
    Oh man did the dreamcast blow my young little mind when it came out. That system really sold itself to me, once I saw the section of Sonic Adventure where your running towards the camera and the killer whale is chasing you, so amazing. Also, ready 2 rumble and power stone, game I miss the dreamcast.

  • here's a much more technical and in depth review of the PSVR, for those interested

  • @sblomkamp Thanks! That was a good read. Hey, I know you mentioned working on a VR game in the past. Are you developing anything for PSVR?

    @TheMarcV Yep, I was sold when I saw the screengrab of sonic and the whale in a Gamepro preview. And Power Stone is one of my all time favorite games. Top 3 for sure. I just wish they would make another one.

  • I'm intrigued by PSVR. I wouldn't say I'm overly excited or hyped, but it definitely interests me. I haven't tried any VR yet but have wanted to for a long time now. There just isn't a viable place nearby to do so since I live in a small town in Arkansas. Right now, there aren't any games that jump out at me that are a "must own" either. If there were games getting VR implementation that are big enough titles, such as things that are already out like Fallout 4, Battlefront, and Overwatch, to upcoming games like Skyrim HD, CoD IW / MW Remaster, Battlefield 1, etc. then I would be a lot more willing to jump in. I think I'll just sit back and observe for now. Hopefully the Gamestop near me will get a demo station sometime soon so I can test it out personally. I can't wait to see the consumer reaction to some titles though like Batman VR, Battlefront X-Wing VR, DriveClub VR, and RIGS.

  • Just tried PSVR it has slight issues but all in all a good product. Hopefully these issues can get solved.

  • @ib0show I agree. When I first tried it, I was underwhelmed. The fidelity was less than what I had hoped. But after I got into Battlezone for a few minutes and got engaged, it really was just an extension of a normal gaming experience and it felt natural.

    So do you think you're going to keep your preorder?

  • @matt Most likely, I can see that this thing has potential and want to see how it works with the Pro.

  • @TheMarcV I tried the occulus a while back... I just don't see much value in the idea of VR. The motion control aspect? Yeah, that has a direct effect on my interactions. The headset bit? No thanks. It's mostly a cosmetic thing like 3D tvs. The initial effect wears off fast.

  • So looks like we're gonna try to have the baby PSVR launch day for me!

    I may try to order it if it's available online somewhere.