PSVR Hype???

  • I'm intrigued by PSVR. I wouldn't say I'm overly excited or hyped, but it definitely interests me. I haven't tried any VR yet but have wanted to for a long time now. There just isn't a viable place nearby to do so since I live in a small town in Arkansas. Right now, there aren't any games that jump out at me that are a "must own" either. If there were games getting VR implementation that are big enough titles, such as things that are already out like Fallout 4, Battlefront, and Overwatch, to upcoming games like Skyrim HD, CoD IW / MW Remaster, Battlefield 1, etc. then I would be a lot more willing to jump in. I think I'll just sit back and observe for now. Hopefully the Gamestop near me will get a demo station sometime soon so I can test it out personally. I can't wait to see the consumer reaction to some titles though like Batman VR, Battlefront X-Wing VR, DriveClub VR, and RIGS.

  • Just tried PSVR it has slight issues but all in all a good product. Hopefully these issues can get solved.

  • @ib0show I agree. When I first tried it, I was underwhelmed. The fidelity was less than what I had hoped. But after I got into Battlezone for a few minutes and got engaged, it really was just an extension of a normal gaming experience and it felt natural.

    So do you think you're going to keep your preorder?

  • @matt Most likely, I can see that this thing has potential and want to see how it works with the Pro.

  • @TheMarcV I tried the occulus a while back... I just don't see much value in the idea of VR. The motion control aspect? Yeah, that has a direct effect on my interactions. The headset bit? No thanks. It's mostly a cosmetic thing like 3D tvs. The initial effect wears off fast.

  • So looks like we're gonna try to have the baby PSVR launch day for me!

    I may try to order it if it's available online somewhere.

  • @matt CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  • @naltmank Thanks!!

  • Just bought PSVR and it's great. Played DriveClub and a demo so far. Also did anyone remove the plastic film that's over the lens on the PSVR unit.

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    Get my PSVR tomorrow... I just can't wait! :D

  • Hope everyone's enjoying their launch day! Looks like the demand has been low enough, I managed to get a launch bundle on Amazon. Should receive it this saturday. Excited that we should be settled in at home by then and I'm off for the next two weeks on daddy duty.

    Sounds like the people that were interested in it are happy with their purchases. Can't wait to play Job Simulator and Driveclub and suit up as Batman. Oh and Rez sounds great too. I've had it for Dreamcast but never played it through its entirety. Hope they get some killer apps soon. It'd be cool if someone could pull off something along the lines of Wii Sports Boxing

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    Mine actually arrived today after all :O Turns out that my gf gets motion sick from it though.. will give it another try with her later, but thats kinda a bummer

  • @Lotias What was the game that made her sick

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    @ib0show she played Drive Club and after like 15 min she said she felt sick. Then spent the evening on the sofa :(

  • @Lotias download Allumette. It's a free 3D video, she'll love it! (It's listed under games on PSN by the way)

  • Amazon kindly delivered my PSVR yesterday. I hadn't tried it, or any of the other VR options before hand I just knew I wanted to give it a go and I have to say, I'm hooked! Sorry for the long post, but had to talk about my experiences :smiley:

    I tried Ocean Decent on PSVR Worlds first, mainly because I knew it was just a stationary experience but also because it was something that felt familiar having seen it in so many videos. Immediate thoughts were about the quality of the display, I wasn't too sure to start out with, but I think that's a lot to do with it being your first experience, you look at all the details because you have all those thoughts about "Have I set this up right", "Am I positioned right" "What is this even meant to look like", and yes it's not the sharpest image in the world, but I'll tell you, when those first fish swim up to you in the cage, and that sea turtle hangs just outside looking at you, all that goes away and in the PSVR, with your headphones on, you're just there. Watching the video clips on youtube just don't do it justice, it's something you simply have to try to appreciate.

    After that first tentative step I threw myself fully into it with EVE: Valkyrie and yes, a couple of moments made the stomach go, but the feeling of being in a ship is amazing, when you enter the launch tube for the first time and the lights come up in the ship it just feels solid around you and the sense of scale is something again you can't appreciate until you play it. I sunk an hour or so into that and even though I generally don't go for multiplayer games, I loved it. Just make sure you look into those turns, it's something you don't have to do when you're playing on a TV but it really helps to combat any motion sickness in VR.

    Finally, I had to fire up Batman and yes, people may call it a tech demo, but what a tech demo. I won't spoil anything but after the menu screen, where I spent longer than you'd think! the first scene was something I didn't expect as I hadn't watched any video playthroughs and for something so simple, it was again amazing to see....or be a part of!

    So, should you buy it, if you can afford it yes. I don't feel that VR is just another add-on which will end up gathering dust, the experiences are just too vivid for that and if this is the start of the VR revolution, I can't wait to see where it goes! And now I've sat in the cockpit of a space ship, how can I go back to just looking at it on a screen.

    Oh, and if anyone fancies teaming up for some EVE: Valkyrie, or anything else, I can't promise I'll be that good, but it would be cool to hang out with some fellow EZAs in VR. My PSN should be in my signature.

    Now so long real world, I'm going back into the virtual one!

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    @Alex840 I will give that a try! some other people have said that some other VR game where they stack cubes or w/e have been a good experience and kept them from feeling too bad!

  • @Lotias I think you're talking about Tumble VR. Download the Demo 'disc' from PSN and that'll give you a decent idea of what you're into.

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    I'm going to wait to get PSVR until I get the PS4 Pro so I can enjoy it with increased graphical fidelity.
    By then there will also be some more substantial experiences out like REVII and Infinite Warfare.

    Super excited, but not going to rush it.

  • @petetropolis

    My PSVR experience echoes yours. When I first put it on I had trouble getting it to feel "right". It felt like I was always just a minor adjustment away from making the screen completely crisp. Eventually I had to settle for what I could manage and load up a game. That game happened to be Driveclub VR. The SECOND after I had navigated the menus and was placed into the world, my issues with the screen were gone. For those who don't know, when you start Driveclub VR, you're not behind the wheels of a Ferrari, or watching cars drive around at 100+ MPH. You're just standing at the side of a race track. That alone blew my mind. I WAS standing at the side of that racetrack. For the first time in my life I had a presence in a digital world.

    Arkham VR is probably my favorite title so far. It definitely helped that I didn't know much about it before going in. There's some real surprises in there.

    Playstation Worlds hasn't been reviewing well but I feel it's possibly the best demonstration of VR for non-gamers. I let my mum "play" The Deep and she nearly fell out of her chair and yelled "Don't let me fall in!" with genuine fear when the shark attacked her. If Sony had packed this in with the headset then it could of had the potential to be the "Wii Sports" of PSVR.

    The only time I felt any kind of sickness was when I played RIGS. there's a specific mech class that focuses on verticallity and has you jumping/hovering around the arenas constantly. I couldn't even complete that mech's training mode without feeling dizzy, and feeling extremely hot. Every other game (and even the rest of RIGS) has been fine though.

    Overall I feel like Sony has nailed it. Having the cheapest headset while still having the tech be "good enough" was a real narrow sweet spot to hit but they've done it. I'm sure you could line up PSVR with Occulus and Vive and see all the ways it falls short, but 99% of people aren't going to be in that position. Most people are going to go to a friend's house, see that they have PSVR set up, try it out and be amazed by it. My only concern is that even though it is the cheapest headset, it's still a lot of money to spend. I made comparisons to the Wii earlier, the difference between that and PSVR is that that only cost $250 and included EVERYTHING you needed to play it. That's a much easier sell to a casual/non-gamer than "$399, but you'll also need to buy a PS4 if you don't have one, a camera, 2 Move controllers and some games"