What are you reading right now?

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    If any of you haven't read The Milkweed Trilogy, starting with Bitter Seeds, please check it out. It's an alternate history of WW2 with magic and mutants, but taken very seriously. It's easily my favorite book series of the last decade.

  • @UltimateBrent said in What are you reading right now?:

    If any of you haven't read The Milkweed Trilogy, starting with Bitter Seeds, please check it out. It's an alternate history of WW2 with magic and mutants, but taken very seriously. It's easily my favorite book series of the last decade.

    WW2? Done. On my to read list.
    There was a series with dragons about the Napoleonic wars which I had high hopes for and just couldn't get past the first few chapters.

  • @UltimateBrent By the way, speaking about WW2, did you read Connie Willis' Blackout / All Clear? I don't dabble into that much WW2 stuff, but those two stuck with me because of the time-travel plot (people from 2060 go to different eras in the past to observe critical moments that helped shape the timeline, and inadvertently get caught in some situations where anything they do might change the future. The plot focuses on WW2).
    I recommend them wholeheartedly, very cool reads.

  • Recently breezed through a nonfiction book called "Inevitable - 12 Inevitable Tech Forces That Will Shape Our Future". It was a fun read about the future, in which the author Kevin Kelly (founding executive editor of Wired magazine) described how he thinks the world will change in the next century. He even mentioned games and gamification as a process of creating "experience factories" for our minds so that we have something to do and enjoy beyond just physical possessions.

    It's a fairly quick read but in case you want to watch a vid, here is a quick speech by the author, which sums it all up:

    Youtube Video

    Anybody else also interested in futurism?

  • Currently reading The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. Van Vogt

    Last two books I read were
    Eden by Stanislaw Lem and The Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester

    I recommend all three.

  • I just finished reading Dance of the Dragons for the second time. I hope that the next book will get released someday... Well, while waiting, I think I'll look something more uplifting, as those books are bit... Dark to say the least.

  • Trials of Apollo (by Rick Riordan)! It's a little weird, but I read the first book of the first series in the PJO unierse when I was in 5th grade, and now I'm reading the first book of the final series as I'm heading in to my second year of college. It's one of few things that I can honestly say I've enjoyed all my life. The book itself is really good, Riordan is as always poignant and funny.

  • I am rereading all the Dresden Files books.
    Currently on book 9.
    alt text

  • PDF volumes of Only Sense Online. Its generic "protagonist in MMO world" trash but I really like the emphasis of a main character as a support/crafter role in contrast to the many others pigeonholing them to the role of hero.

  • Right now I'm reading The Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski (second book in the Witcher series). Really enjoying it, I love the world of the Witcher so reading these is giving me a deeper appreciation for those games.

    I also read a bunch of different comics and manga, some of my favorites right now are...
    Manga: Space Brothers, Boku no Hero Acadamia & Shokugeki no Soma,
    Comics: Ms Marvel, Saga, Grayson and even though it finished a few weeks back I really liked Batman and Robin Eternal as well.

    I read a heap more but those were the ones that popped into my head right now.

  • I am currently reading Berserk. It will never end and I will die feeling unfulfilled.

  • In the middle of rereading Catch-22. That and Weaveworld by Clive Barker are probably my most reread books (not counting LotR of course.)

  • All comics
    100 bullets: noir crime epic. 50 issues and it has yet to truly wow me
    Valiant universe: Valiant in a indie publisher like image (think small dc/marvel) that publishes quality comics in all genres. Right now i'm going through X-O Manowar, Unity and Imperium
    Fantastic Four and Shield by Jonathan Hickman: going through every thing he wrote in marvel which all leads up to Secret Wars the latest great marvel event.
    Animal Man/Swamp Thing new 52: Both titles are great and lead to a big crossover with each other. Clearly no Alan Moore but any Swamp Thing is better than most comics

  • @pinecone
    All great comic choices. Swamp Thing and Animal Man were the last 2 new 52 comics I kept up with. Great crossovers.
    Valiant is making a great comeback and has some great comics for people who might want an alternative to Marvel and DC.

  • @Inustar What would you say are some of your all time favorites. I've read over 650 trades of all sizes and i'm always looking for the next great thing.
    Off the cuff though here's some of my best of all time: Locke & Key (#1), Planet Hulk, Shazam new 52, Bone, Translucid, Scott Snyder's Batman run (can't wait for All Star Batman), Young Avengers (Heinberg), Harbinger, Afterlife With Archie

  • Last book I finished was With the Old Breed by Eugene Sledge.. the HBO series The Pacific was partly based on this book and I can't recommend it enough if you like WWII history or just like a great war/adventure-type book.

    I've been reading some of my backlog of Cinefex magazines lately but I have Flow My Tears the Policeman Said (Philip K. Dick) and Grunt (Mary Roach) on standby

  • Just now am getting around to reading The Road, and then I'm going to start the Dark Tower series.

    I'm also getting back to some comics, still need to read most of the DC Rebirth stuff that's come out, and I want to keep up with the new Civil War on the Marvel end of things.

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    This it might be in comic book form but its good!

  • @Jamicov The Dark Tower is amazing. Some people did not like The Gunslinger and felt it becomes better from The Drawing of The Three onwards. I personally liked the first one as well a lot so I'm very happy to see more people giving it a go. Have fun with it!

  • The whole Fate of the Jedi storyline. No longer Star Wars canon but oh wellll.