Need Allies to fight against the invading rat horde (Warhammer:End Times - Vermintide)

  • Greetings Allies,

    I was wondering if I was the only one planning on picking up Warhammer:End Times - Vermintide tomorrow for the PS4. In what I would consider a rare case and you are planning on picking this up as well, lets join forces to fight back this horde.


  • Not surprised no ones mentioned anything about this game but wanted to give it a little bump, if only to maybe get some more eyes on this game.

  • I'm waiting for news on how the console port job is. While admittedly I'm not a big Warhammer fantasy person, I'm a big 40k fan glances at username which still makes me interested enough in Fantasy universe haha

  • @Galaxy40k
    oh nice, yeah I'm a little concerned the game might be buggy and stuff but im taking the leap. I also really dig the 40K universe, do you play the talbetop game or anything? I mostly just love the lore of the different space marines and such, I got a couple different codexs from a used books store and have watched people play 40K on youtube but never really played myself.
    Also, isnt there a 40K game coming out thats kinda like this game, Deathwing was it? There's a lot of different 40K games being made but i think that one is kinda left 4 dead like End Times is.
    Anyways, if you do pull the trigger send me a friend request.

  • Man, this game was not easy to track down. I pre ordered at best buy and they didnt get my copy, none of the other best buys around me had it either, had to bite the bullet and get it from Gamestop without my discount. If I knew Best Buy was gonna drop the ball i could have went with Amazon Prime : /

  • @TheMarcV I was never able to get really into the tabletops since.....listen I love 40k, but man is it expensive to play irl haha. I've played a couple times though, but mostly stick to reading the books, playing the games, etc. And yup, the new game coming out this year is Space Hulk: Deathwing. It's rather similar to Vermintide actually (i.e. similar to L4D), which is another reason I'm hesitant on pulling the trigger (don't want to tire of coop horde games).

    Here's the most recent trailer to get you hyped:

    Youtube Video

  • Does it have splitscreen?

  • @Galaxy40k
    I feel ya, I love the tabletop minis, but getting just a little squad of like 5 space marines is like $40-$50. I'm pretty interested in that deathwing game, but my dream game is that they make another Space Marine game. I fell head over heels for that one, they did just a great job making you feel like a super badass in that game, really want another with just everything on a larger scale then the first.

  • @DMCMaster
    Sadly its only online multiplayer, wish it had split screen but that's more and more of a rarity these days it seems.

  • Finally got to put in a few games with some randoms. It was a little hard finding games at first, doing the general quick match didnt yeild any results, when I customized it to look for a certain map I found games really fast. The game itself is really fun so far, been playing as the dwarf with his starting axe and shield, a good combo as I like using the shield to better defend myself when im getting mobbed. I played the first map twice and its pretty cool, it ends with one of those fight off the horde till your elevator is ready. I earned a couple different weapons for completing the map but I dont really get those systems just let.
    Anyone else get to give this a whirl or had any questions about this game?

  • I'm interested in it, but my friends have 0 interest in it.

    I'll probably be getting it next week

  • @suplextrain
    Sorry to hear your friends aren't willing to try it out. If you do get it and need someone to play with hit up my PSN:MMA_fan85