Help me figure out Fire Emblem

  • Hey Allies, so I've been interested for a while in diving into Fire Emblem, and particularly the last releases which have gained in popularity, however when looking through the latest entries I can see that they are divided, and my understanding is that they are separate storylines, and to finish the story you need an add on, which frankly sounds pretty terrible to me.

    Can I get your perspectives on this, is it better to play through both (or all three) versions, or is just one ok? would I be missing out on a lot by only going through one? which one would you particularly recommend?

    Any input on this is appreciated, it just seems confusing to me what they did with this last iteration, and a bit of a money grabbing scheme :frowning2:

  • I'll try to clear this up for you!

    Fire Emblem Fates is composed of three full games, Birthright, Conquest and Revelations. You can buy either Birthright or Conquest individually at full price, then purchase the other - and Revelations - as a DLC at half price.

    Each of these games offers a complete story and can stand on its own. But they all take place in the same world and feature the same characters, the difference being that you will pick a different side of the conflict. Allies in one game will be enemies in the other, and vice-versa. Revelations is meant to be played last, as it offers a third option, side with neither (I haven't played it yet so can't give more details).

    So yes, you can play either Birthright or Conquest, be satisfied with it and leave it there. If you liked it and want more, you can get the other one as DLC. And if you really can't get enough, you can get Revelations too. It's my understanding that you will learn "the truth" by playing all three, but you could also just play one and check out the rest on internet.

    The first 6 chapters (out of 27-28) are the same in each game, and you choose who to side with at the end of chapter 6. You do not have to replay those 6 chapters when you play the other games. And all the following chapters are unique to each game, although some maps are reused, but in a totally different context so it will not be the same battle at all.

    Basically, they made 3 full games in a very cost-saving, asset-sharing, efficient way. You can be happy with just one, or get all 3. Whether you consider that scummy or clever is up to you!

    If you're totally new to the series, I would recommend Birthright, as it's considered the easiest one, Conquest being the toughest.

    Or you could also ignore all this and get Fire Emblem Awakening, the previous game in the series, which is great too :D

    Hope this helps! Other Allies, feel free to correct me if I said anything wrong.

  • @Axel That was pretty much a perfect summary!

    Anyhow, I would personally recommend Awakening as a starting point. Self-contained story, and Fates added a bunch of new features that may overwhelm at first. Awakening is a perfect point of accessibility. It's a wonderful series, and it makes me envious of your first steps into these games.

  • Ok I guess the multiple Fates games doesn't sound as scummy as I thought at first, but I'll consider what you are saying here, and see if I get Awakening sometime soon.

  • @bard91 And maybe someday we'll see GameCube virtual console so you can play Path of Radiance (difficult, but by far my favorite one).

  • Hi! So awesome that you want to get into Fire Emblem! I really really want to say that I think you should start with Awakening! It really is the one to go with!

    Have fun!

  • @bard91 Yup, my recommendation was based on the 3 Fates games only, but I agree with the others, if you just want any Fire Emblem game to dive into the series, Awakening is the best choice!