Gamecube Virtual Console?

  • @DMCMaster Where did you see that rumour? I need to see it with my own eyes to beliiiiieve.

  • @Axel
    It popped up on yahoo before I checked my emails, it was from site called the cheat sheet. Although I went to the main site during my lunch and the article has disappeared.
    Although looking at the full site it looks like I might have fallen for clickbait (judging from everything else they have posted)

  • I really want there to be some kind of way to play Gamecube games in the future since it's becoming a pain to keep the old box hooked up to my TV when newer consoles are fighting for the spot.

    I know Dolphin is great but my PC can't run it at the right speed. I also know that in theory my Wii U could be hacked to allow me to play 'cube games but it all looks to complicated for me. :-\

  • @luckywallace I know the struggle! And yeah, I'm not comfortable hacking my systems. It'd also be nice for Nintendo to profit off of these wonderful games.

  • Being able to get The Gamecube Fire Emblem game would be my top choice for a Gamecube VC game I want. Like you mentioned in the OP, used copies of it are super rare. The GC and Wii Fire Emblems are the only ones released outside of Japan that I haven't played, and I hear they are really good.

    I would also really love to see Star Wars Rogue Leader on there too. That game is such a GC gem, and more people should get to play it.

  • @Hero-of-Lime I love Rogue Leader! Cool thing about the third Rogue Squadron entry: they had the entire campaign of Rogue Leader included as splitscreen co-op. Played a lot of that with my brother growing up. And yes, I believe those two FE's are the series' best, in terms of story and gameplay both. Plus TV graphics. I own them, but it's hard to recommend them since they are scarce. As such, they often go unappreciated. I really hope you'll get to play them!

  • Speaking of the gamecube and Wii fire emblem games, check local thrift stores, pawn shops and goodwills. As you never know what you'll stumble across. That's how I found my copy's of both FE's at $3 each, also found every PS2 SMT game that got a U.S release for $2 a piece completely unopened.

  • @DMCMaster What??? That's so good! I used to be able to see a deal like that back when, but I feel that everyone looks up Amazon pricing on their phone now. Every pawn/thrift I've seen here has overpriced gaming stuff. But I guess there's hope!

    Oh, and garage sales can be good for that as well.

  • @Billy
    I try to avoid garage sales, outside of a CFW PS3 I picked up that can play PSP games, almost everything I've stumbled across has been in bad condition.

  • It's going to happen. The only question is when.

  • The timing is right for it to happen with the NX. It's getting harder and harder to source classic GameCube games in retro market so the sooner the better for me!

  • Just an update to this old thread: Eurogamer claims that, based on several sources, GameCube games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch via Virtual Console. The three titles they mention as already completed and running are Melee, Luigi's Mansion, and Sunshine, with Animal Crossing next. Also, they claim that plans are in place to allow upgrades to Switch versions of your previously purchased VC games, rather than paying the full price. If true, this will make me a very happy man.

  • @Billy i have all four of those on gamecube discs was hopeing for the fire emblem game

  • @FF7Cloud
    If I had to guess that will come later.
    Great to hear Melee is one of the first ones coming, along with N.E.R.D building the emulator

  • It'll be interesting to see how Melee turns out. If there's any lag inherent or if they choose to use PAL over NTSC (I gotta have my Marth/Falco spikes).

  • Cool to see multiple people confirming the rumours.

    Now I just have to hope that we get VC releases of Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II and Episode III C.A.R.D Revolution with online support!
    TBH I would be happy with just having the offline and splitscreen modes.

    Also wanna see Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg because it is an underrated game that needs more love.

  • @Billy @Hero-of-Lime

    I'm with you on those. It'd be nice to have Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike, especially since the Wii Trilogy was never released. I had the fortune of interviewing Julian Eggebrecht about the trilogy, which was finished but due to financial restraints with multiple companies it never got released and is sitting inside Disney's vault. Hopefully we'll get to see them again!

    And Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance would be amazing, especially since a physical copy of the game costs a bundle these days.

  • @Churchy Wait, there's a Rogue Squadron Trilogy compilation in existence? That would be so sweet. I'm glad I have access to them still, but it'd be wonderful (albeit unlikely) to see such a thing on the Switch.

  • @Billy Technically yes. It was finished but never released. It was intended for Wii and would've included all three games and some extra game modes like motion control lightsaber battles. I did a behind the scenes article for Rogue Leader for GamesTM magazine in the UK and Julian Eggebrecht said that because of the financial crash of around 2008, and the studio's own financial problems alongside this, it meant that the publishers (namely LucasArts) backed out of the project and that they couldn't keep the studio going either. And because Disney owns everything Star Wars related, they now have it, whatever form it currently exists in!

    Funnily enough IGN also uncovered a trailer for the game as well.
    link text