PSA: Twitch subscription now free with Amazon Prime.

  • For those of you who weren't aware, you now get a free Twitch subscription to any channel if you have Amazon Prime and link the accounts.

    So if you haven't already, go help the Allies out by going to: to be a subcriiiiber nooooow!

  • FYI, this also works with Amazon prime student (which is free for 6 months with a .edu email address.) Just link your Twitch account.

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    yeah I enabled this the other day! Its a free subscription (or well you have to pay for amazon) but you can use on Twitch and support the allies without spending any money :) I will enable mine tonight if I can make the streams

  • :musical_note: I'll be a subscriber noooooow!!!! :musical_note:

  • That's great news. I don't really use twitch, but I'll subscribe to EZA for sure. I do watch their past streams on youtube sometimes.

    Do they get the same benefit from me subscribing regardless if I'm watching the live streams?

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    @matt They still get the subscription money, so yeah every subscription is good! :D

  • Finally subscribed thanks to this rad offer.

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    I hope that people that may change to this subscription put the money into Patreon instead :D

  • I'm not familiar with Twitch (only watch EZA streams) so I'm actually wondering: what are the benefits of Twitch subscriptions? Do you get anything special or is it just another way to support streamers?

    And in EZA's case, do people pay both for Twitch and Patreon, or one of the two? What's best for the Allies?

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    @Axel You sponsor EZA with money both via Twitch and Patreon. However with sub to Twitch you unlock some exclusive emotes to use in the twitch chatt. So it goes both way.

    Also what Jones said in cup of jones is that Patreon are "their money" and twitch, youtube etc are "extra". They benefit from both, so it comes down to you really what you want to do. $10 on Patreon, $5 on each or just $5 on each. But then dont really expect anyone to spend money, so just spreading the word of EZA is enough :D

  • @Lotias Thanks! I never watch the streams live because of time difference, so chat emotes wouldn't do much for me. Guess I'll just give more to Patreon if I want to increase my pledge :)

  • @Axel I only donate via Patreon (and now via my free Twitch donation)

    Patron take 5%, whereas Twitch take 50%.