Separate Gaming discussion from... everything else?

  • I was wonder if it's possible to separate gaming and everything else.

    I'm just looking at the General Discussion page, and the first 30 threads are so are half gaming. I think it's important for a game website to have this as it's focused on game news.

  • Yes I second this!

  • I think it is reasonable to expect a handful of new sections in the coming weeks. The more topics that are created, the easier it is to see the need for new sections. Keep in mind that there's only one person managing the forums at this time.

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    This is coming, along with other forums changes, just made sense to do them all at once when we were sure, as opposed to piecemeal. Splitting a forum is kind of a pain in the ass, and we want to make sure we're not splitting 3 ways or something.

  • Well, you could just make a new one and then nonchalantly enforce the rule by moving the odd thread to the right place.

    The community should be able to figure out what to do when making new topics.

  • They should have:

    Gaming news discussion
    General Gaming
    Trophies/ Achievement support
    General Discussion

    Then it would be compartmentalized properly

  • @SIX2SE7EN said in Separate Gaming discussion from... everything else?:

    They should have:

    Gaming news discussion
    General Gaming
    Trophies/ Achievement support
    General Discussion

    Then it would be compartmentalized properly

    Trophies? meehh this isn't the site for it. Playstation has like 2-3 of those sites already with tons of people making youtube videos just for those sites.

    Separating gaming into two, I'm not sure it's necessary. News doesn't come too often. It'll also create hassle for moderators to move threads around because users can't figure out which forum to use. It's not as clear cut as gaming vs non-gaming.

  • Banned

    • General Gaming
    • General Discussion
    • Random
    • Site News & Feedback


    alt text

  • @Art Under this division, what's the distinction between Random and General Discussion?

    Something that has been a great tool on a forum I've moderated for about five years now was the implementation of sub-forums. So, for example, there could be a sub-forum for each of the EZA shows under the forum discussion Shows, and then one thread per episode instead of having incredibly long threads or soft resetting threads with each new episode.

    Another question that I find myself wondering is the distinction between Blogs and General Discussion. Are blogs intended for longer-form content? I wasn't around until much later, but it's my understanding that in the heyday of GT-era there would be a space devoted to user-submitted reviews. Is that something that we want to start using Blogs for? This calls back in some ways to a broader design decision about how to set up a forum space. Either you act reactively, setting up general themes for different forum spaces and then creating new forums as the need arises, or you act proactively, setting up a wider variety of forums and increasing the organization off the bat with the expectation that the forums will all be used. To me, the pro of the reactive method is that the site can change as the userbase needs change, which is intuitively a good thing. The pro of the proactive method, though, is that setting up a space for specific kinds of content might encourage users to feel comfortable placing that content on the forums when they otherwise may be discouraged by the lack of a marked option for where to post. Being too reactive makes it hard for users to adjust to an ever-changing forum platform, whereas being too proactive leads to entire forum spaces feeling empty or underpopulated. It might be worth getting together an idea of various forum spaces that could exist and then taking a poll of users to see what out of those spaces would see substantial enough use to justify their creation. If @UltimateBrent likes the idea, I can spearhead that effort.

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    @alexwhiteplays In the olden days sub-forums are largely useful to control thread counts inside forums. If you split too early, everywhere is a ghost town. With notifications and the Inbox etc. in this software, that's probably just not a danger anymore, cause you'll see new threads wherever they are. We'll be making our changes soon.

    Re: blogs. Yes, you can post user reviews of stuff in there (as I did). It's really just supposed to be longer form content. Anything you would write a blog about.

  • @UltimateBrent I look forward to the changes. I do wish there was an ability to mark a thread as "Always read" - I use the "unread' tab to surf forums, and the ability to mark threads as something that disinterest you would be useful.

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    @Stormcrownn There is an ignore topic feature in the dev version of NodeBB, but i don't know how long that'll take to get to release. A month?

  • @UltimateBrent just wondering if at some point we might get factions like we had back in the day on GT.

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    @KingofDMC said in Separate Gaming discussion from... everything else?:

    @UltimateBrent just wondering if at some point we might get factions like we had back in the day on GT.

    Anything could happen, but it's not on anyone's to-do list.

  • i was about to make the same post. I would like to see this happen. Upvote

  • I think this needs to happen. Be like NeoGAF in that regard, One main gaming forum and another General forum

  • I also don't think we need anything like Playstation Forum, XBox Forum, Ninty, etc. That becomes a little too fractured IMO, since we are still pretty small time at the moment.

  • I'd like to see some Wii U/Xbox One/PS4 pages, but yeah maybe introduce that later if the forum picks up pace. Just having a place for gaming talk separate from general would be good for now probably.

  • I second pretty much everything already mentioned in this thread except limiting gaming related topics just to current gen consoles; being fractured and having a lot of different topics to talk about is a good thing, you just need some simple moderating & management over it so the things dont get too out of hand.

    I reckon the main deal here is that Brent is still on the planning phase about sharing responsiblties to them trustworthy moderators that take over specific parts of these forums...and of course planning the whole layout about all em possible subthreads and main threads.

    alt text

    ...Brent is THE big boss of these forums, right? Sorry, I literally just got in here YET I am already trying to give my input about how these forums should be like...Without even knowing who is actually behind all this magic becoming reality...Geez!

    ANYWHO keep up the good work Brent and rest of you peeps! :baby_chick:

  • Actually Brent said he isn't. He is more troubleshooting than anything. apparently Brandon is in the process of getting mods.