Movie Recommendations.

  • I'd love for allies to watch Noroi: The Curse

    It might seem a little dry and uneventful at first as it's filmed in a documentary style but it's horror in its truest sense as you start to figure out just what's happening and how horrific it is

    I'd also like to recommend I Saw The Devil

    It's incredibly violent and brutal but justifies it with an engaging story

    oh and for a bit of fun after those two super heavy films, I'd say go watch Grabbers a horror comedy where the only way to survive is to drink

  • Just a couple of videos for the films i mentioned. - Tokyo Godfathers review - Shinjuku Incident trailer

  • I definitely recommend Roman Polanski's Apartment Trilogy!
    They're basically three unrelated horror movies that all take place in and around apartment buildings.
    They're all about psychological horror, and it's cool to see how Roman Polanski improves over time.

    Rosemary's baby is probably my favourite of the three!

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  • Ah man I don't know if I've seen anything recently I'd really recommend... Green Room is totally good though! Saw that last year. I'm feeling like the first half of 2016 has been pretty weak. Though I've seen over 10 films, I'm not sure if any are top 10 material.

    I've actually been writing a movie blog about my favorite movies for a while, maybe I'll post it in the blog section when the first part is finished. The only thing is it would be a very long series.

    EDIT: weirdly enough Anton Yelchin, the star of Green Room, was killed this morning when he was pinned by his own car, which was in neutral on an incline. That's rough...

  • Some of my favourite films are:

    American History X (about racism, redemption, its a powerful film, emotional)

    Drunken Master (amazing martial arts film jackie chan at his best)

    Apocalypto (aztec epic! lots of tension film makes it super realistic/believable huber also recommended it on his syndrome)

    District 9 (not your typically alien film nice twist)

    300 (this is sparta!!! tonnes of action, bloody, absolute madness)

    Shutter Island (a mystery psychological thriller)

    Limitless (no limits with drugs ;) )

  • I'm anime trash so I'm inclined to say anything Ghibli, but Kiki's Delivery Service. I've loved that movie for like 80% of my life and it's still super good. I'd also say Spotlight, I watched it recently and was completely enthralled.

  • I've been a bit out of the loop with recent movies. The last two that I saw in cinema were Spotlight and Room, both highly recommended. Don't watch the trailer for Room as it kind of ruins the movie, fortunately I missed it.

    I've a bunch of movies I'd recommend but I'm going to pick Upstream Colour. It's from the guy who did Primer and once again he writes, directs, acts and composes the movie! It's insane how good he is. The cinematography is gorgeous. the soundtrack is one of my favourites and it's one of those movies where you really need to pay attention.

    It's not as confusing as Primer, and after the opening act, the movie has a much more standard structure. I know it's not for everyone but I'd love it.

    Youtube Video

  • Green Room has become especially important in light of Anton Yelchin's death today :cry:

    Conjuring 2 was just great. I hope Huber brings it up in a Syndrome episode or Frame Trap. That was a movie where I just felt tense the whole movie, even if it was a fair amount of jump scares.

    Now You See Me 2 was fun, but could wait for the DVD/digital release

  • My fiance and I just saw The Conjuring 2 and we were SUPER happy with it. It is just as good as the first (we are huge fans of the first), and it just took the same things we loved about the first movie and capitalized on them. It has an interesting story and the characters that it introduces are easy to get attached to. Definitely characters that you actually root for. Good vibes all around.

  • To go back a little bit, and a little weird, Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore is one of my favorites. Found it while exploring different horror films in High School.

    It's kind bizarre, a little graphic (violence/nudity) and is probably my favorite role played by Rupert Everett.

  • @Octane The first Matrix is the only one I own on disc.

  • It follows is the most tense film I have seen in ages. Not much gore and guts but it's a really good idea and one of the freshest horror films ive seen for a log time

  • So now I have a big list of movies I'm going to have to check out.

    I'll add a few more recommendations, more so on the comedy light-hearted side since a lot of horror movies are getting recommended (which is awesome, big horror fan here).

    So Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Monty Python's Life of Brian are great if you haven't seen them (Life of Brian I watch every Christmas since it could be considered a Christmas movie, technically.) Also Robin Hood Men in Tights is good for a laugh.
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a fun take on Noir style movies and a movie I enjoy every time I watch it.
    Cabin in The Woods, horror comedy with references to a lot of great horror movies and horror movie tropes.

    Also I'll throw out a rec for Martyrs (the french movie not the remake) which I don't know if I like this movie or not, but I saw it a long time ago and still remember it really well so it had an impact. Also very much not a comedy, pretty heavy on the horror and gore.

    Thanks for all the recommendations Allies!

  • @EmptyMorgue said in Movie Recommendations.:

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a fun take on Noir style movies and a movie I enjoy every time I watch it.
    Cabin in The Woods, horror comedy with references to a lot of great horror movies and horror movie tropes.

    Both great movies! I recently rewatched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang in preparation for The Nice Guys. Loved it as well, highly recommended! More people need to see those films.

  • Three movies that immediately come to mind:
    Whiplash, JK Simmons at his best since Spider-Man. Consequently, you'll also become afraid of JK Simmons. I think it's a very good film, especially if you're into Jazz Music and Jazz Band and stuff.
    Good Will Hunting, only saw this one for the first time a couple years ago, and I got emotional with it, I found it to be pretty powerful, great performances from Matt Damon and Robin Williams, their scenes were fairly interesting.
    Dead Poets Society, another great Robin Williams one, I sorta found it to be in the same vein as Good Will Hunting in terms of tone/vibe, but it's still unique and compelling, don't think it gets enough credit.

    Those are what I think of when I try to think of my favorite films, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I remember very much enjoying Paper Towns last year, The Hurt Locker is a really good, intense war movie.

    See also, Marvel Studios.

  • Horror / Sci-Fi mish mash of favorites

    Shock Waves
    The Quite Earth
    the Haunting (1963)
    the Andromeda Strain

    Movies that I consider the best ever made
    Seven Samurai
    Hidden Fortress
    High and Low
    Mr. Smith goes to Washington
    You Can't Take It With You
    It's a Wonderful life
    Lawrence of Arabia
    the Birds
    Apocalypse Now

    Movie that will mess with your head
    El Topo

    Movies I like but almost feel like I shouldn't like
    American Psycho
    Inside Man
    King of New York
    World War Z

  • Gattaca: Set in the near-enough future that it doesn't feel like sci-fi (even though it is), this one's definitely worth a watch. Discusses stuff like eugenics and self-determination.
    The Hunt for Red October: Absolutely my favorite movie of all time, could watch it a thousand times no problem. Cold War submarine espionage/intrigue/action movie.

    Lately I've been getting really into AI movies, though none of them have quite done it right as far as I'm concerned. But Her, Ex Machina, and (believe it or not) Age of Ultron all hit on important themes. It's always annoying when the writers go (potentially spoilery trope complaint ahead)

    "oh, and then how about the AI becomes the antagonist! That would be such a great and unexpected twist!" Drives me absolutely crazy.

  • I haven't got any specific recommendations (at the moment) but I will recommend people listen to the Sin Cast, the Cinema Sins Podcast. Every week I add about five movies to my too watch list from listening to it.

    The main thing they are doing at the moment is picking the best movie of every year from when the oldest host of the podcast was born. So I am building a good list of films mid-70s onwards to eventually watch someday.

  • As fellow anime trash I'd like to recommend to everyone Grave of the Fireflies (Ghibli) if you're looking for a good punch to the stomach. It's not for everyone certainly and hardly flawless, but if you let yourself become absorbed into the story, it's pretty amazing. On the opposite tonal spectrum is Macross Plus: The Movie. Beautifully animated, easy to follow (mostly), great action set pieces, and amazing music.

    Live action, I'd have to echo the recommendation on Blade Runner. Again, its not for everyone, but if you can sustain your focus while watching it, it's mesmerizing. Fingers crossed for the sequel.

  • @thenerdtheword said in Movie Recommendations.:

    The main thing they are doing at the moment is picking the best movie of every year from when the oldest host of the podcast was born. So I am building a good list of films mid-70s onwards to eventually watch someday.

    That's interesting! Do you have the list? I'd like to see it, for curiosity's sake.