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  • It's finally October and to get ourselves in the right spirit, let's play a game. I promise I'll avoid making any references to the Saw franchise.

    Context: A budding new development team has reached out to you via email, asking you to meet at their headquarters. They send you out a plane ticket which oddly, takes you to Bavaria and their studio, well... it's basically just a creepy castle. Upon meeting the team, they let you know that your position in the company would be "mad scientist". The team is extremely good at taking mechanics, concepts, and characters from games and placing them into games that currently exist. Your job? To make a beast that the world will enjoy. Let's just hope it doesn't turn against you.

    Rules: Select a game that will be your basis of your work. Each post before you will also have mentioned a game and you are free to pilfer whatever you want from the aforementioned games - as long as that part of the game has not already been stolen to make another creature. This means the first few monsters may be a bit simple in design but as the game progresses, more complex beasts should start appearing.

    Example: I start off with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. User noscope4tw takes the mayor mechanic of this game and inserts it into Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. User ilikeramenwithnosauce takes the bug hunting aspect of New Leaf, along with Quiet from Metal Gear Solid and places those parts into Final Fantasy VII. If ilikeramenwithnosauce wanted the mayor aspects of New Leaf, they're out of luck as that part has already been taken. You can take as many parts from as many games as you want to make your creature. All I ask is a little explanation on why this decision was made.

    I'll kick things off with a list of "corpses" to help out those just starting. Happy part collecting!

    Persona 4: Golden
    Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker

    alt text

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    Love this idea! will see what I can come up with at a later stage :D

  • Okay, I guess I'll give this a try, I'll take the growing bigger/smaller aspect from knack and the social day to day parts from Persona 4 and put them in Rockstar's Table Tennis.
    Did I do that right? hahaha

  • @TheMarcV Yes, yes you did. I also believe you made Table Tennis a much better game. I wonder if someone is going to steal the ball handling mechanics from it though... hm.

  • Ok! Let's give it a shot. I'll take the battle system from Ni No Kuni, and the map making system of Persona Q, and put them in to Okami.

    Okami is a great game but to me it doesn't make sense that the Goddess of the sun doesn't have any special powers to unleash in battles. Additionally, you're discovering parts of ancient Japan, so I think it would be really fun to make your own map where you could put in points of interest or reminders.

  • @michemagius I hate to be a real stickler with the rules (especially with only two responses) but you can only take parts from games mentioned. (Persona 4: Golden, Knack, Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker,Destiny, Journey, and Table Tennis). You can't just go around making corpses!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Ah I see! I'll try again. Let's take the No jumping rule from Captain toad, the no talking rule from Journey, and put it all in to Knack.

    No real reason, I just think it would be funny to see the cast of Knack speak only in chirps.

  • @michemagius You don't necessarily have to use Knack, just for clarification. You could bring a new game to the table and that's your base, while you would steal parts from the aforementioned games. But for the sake of comedy, I say we let this Knack abomination live on.

    alt text