Clown Sightings

  • I'm fairly certain this is just happening in the United States (for now), but has anyone had the creepy clowns invade their towns? I was looking into various reports of it last week, being thankful it hasn't happened here and... we're getting hit hard with clowns late at night now.

    I wanna hear some wild conspiracy theories on why this is happening - besides the "it's because clowns are running for president," joke.

  • Saw one by the elementary school behind my house. No weapons, just hanging out. Personally, I think the Clown Guild is assembling to take revenge for years of bad press.

  • Of course this is a real thing.

  • I remember my wife showing me an article about people reporting this in South Carolina. Has it been happening elsewhere? That's an easy and maybe sorta harmless way to disturb the heck out of a community, so I imagine troll-ish people are gonna jump on the bandwagon

  • @Billy Yeah, I live down in El Paso, Texas and we've had multiple clowns start popping up over the past few days. None of them have been armed which is good I guess. I've seen other reports about some of them brandishing bats around the country.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh wow... That's mildly terrifying.

  • I read it happens in the UK as well.
    If I ever see such a clown in my town I will be like
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  • It's just a prank, bro.

    Although, depending on how severe the rhetoric gets near the end of this month, I would be wary of clowns walking around schools and churches imposingly.

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    Im thinking... perhaps its an early PR trick for the new IT remake that are in the works? ...or its just creepy

  • I was boarding up the windows at my mom's place for the hurricane and she told me it's been happening here in Florida. Said they have gunshot noises recorded to scare people with. Maybe just rumors, but whatever. Even if it's just a prank, people should be more careful or some clowns are gonna get themselves shot.

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    @Billy Hmm this hurricane sounds dangerous! take care out there! Maybe the clowns will disappear with the wind?

    Also do you guys think this hurricane will effect the allies?

  • @Lotias Thanks! I've pretty much got everything prepped and ready, so we should be good. I'm not working with the ambulance company currently, so I won't be out in it. But if you mean the Allies proper, they are on the opposite side of the U.S. so they won't be affected at all.

    And I am completely fine with the clowns being blown out to sea, haha!

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    @Billy Good! I hope everything goes well for everyone over there!

    And yes clowns are scary xD

  • Maybe it's the end of days? Massive hurricanes, clowns... I refuse to die before Persona 5 is released though.