Dear Bosman - Live with YouTube Gaming

  • David Jaffe is usually negatively reactive and has strong opinions. Nothing new about that. But i can understand being pissed about the negative attitude towards your game on a show that gets watched by a lot of people. That's the first bonus bit from kyle in sooooo long. feels good :)

  • @CGamor7 Jaffe just went for round 2 on the PSILOVEYOU panel.

    Do some damage control Bosman!

  • @TheHashtag0nist If that was just live right now, please someone link a video afterwards.

  • - rewind the stream he starts talking around 1.42

  • @myfatdad Stream rolled over :(

  • Confirmed - I would rather have a screwdriver jammed into my ears than listen to Jaffe speak.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Not a big fan either, but he has taken the stage now and specifically mentioning Bosman. It's a very one sided story now and people won't understand it was all over a 2 second joke.

    My PR heart is bleeding

  • The crowd turned on Kyle. :(

  • @Sentinel-Beach meh, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on that crowd reaction.

    It does seem like Jaffe was genuinely hurt though. I have followed the guy for years and he is a bit of a brazen character but for the most part I've seen him stand true to his statements and if he gets called out on something he at least has the insight to admit where he's been wrong and apologize when necessary

    I think he's a little overly sensitive about Kyle's joke but that's maybe because his last few games haven't really done as well as he probably would have liked so maybe he's just sensitive to any criticism of his career and his success or failures therein. He was the same way when reviews came out for calling all cars. IIRC he praised eurogamer for their fair review but criticized other places for not detailing exact reasons for rating it poorly etc. In any case I'm sure tensions are high, stress is high and this was just an exposed nerve.

    I dunno. This whole thing is just a big nothing imo.

    The really interesting thing it brings up for me though is this whole concept of how critics and their subjects and whether they should play nice or not care at all. Like can a critic of plays and a actor be friends? Should they be nice to each other? or does the critic have to maintain complete and utter separation from those that he is critiquing to be able to give open and honest critiques? Because if so then the critic should never interact with the actor, to remain pure. That's a hard thing to do when the actor can just twitter bomb you or whatever you young kids call it these days. And how far does that extend, what if you're not critiquing a play for a particular actor at the moment, can you be friendly with them, should you avoid talking to them? where does the line between unbiased and biased start to form?

    In any case, you can't look to a comedy sketch for fair and balanced critiques, and you can't ask someone who's identity and self worth are wrapped up in an object to not be hurt when you make fun of said object. C'est la vie.

  • @Mango interestingly enough I just read an article on Kotaku about the winner of the fan creation award from the Game Awards. It was written by Stephen Totilo and in the comments he discussed how he was friends with Keighley, and how he actually avoided contact with most game devs and others in the scene because of having to do articles on them and them possibly getting pissed off. He only did that article because he was already talking to Keighley and knew it would be more efficient to ask himself about the missing award.

    It's interesting to think about. Of course in an ideal world everyone would at least be nice to each other, even if being critical, but we're human beings and have emotions and those get hurt.

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  • @Sentinel-Beach They're Greg and Colin fanboys, they're gonna go with whatever they tell them to. Tbh I was let down by those two here, they should have acted more professional. Thank goodness Shu was there to put them in their place.

  • Shu loves Kyle! Whooo!!!

  • Oh, I only now watched that part when you guys mentioned it. Shu loves Kyle, so good! :)

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  • Finally watched it too.

    Damn Jaffe comes off as a bitter, bitter man. It's not even like Bosman trashed the game or said it was going to be bad, he just mocked the edgy/vulgar tone which he doesn't appreciate.

    If you're a game creator and a guy like Bosman takes a dig at your game, you roll with it, you reply something funny. Have some self-derision!

    Personally, there was an indie game I worked on that was "reviewed" on Zero Punctuation, as you can imagine he didn't say anything pleasant, but hell, I was just stoked he was even mentioning it, and he had valid points anyway.

    Thumbs up to Shu though, awesome of him to stand up for him.

    I'm very curious to see if Kyle will follow up on this in the next episode.

  • I kind of don't feel like watching because I'm not down with that negativity, but at the same time I'm curious about what Shu said (dude is a legend). Worthwhile or eh?

  • @naltmank He just said he loves Kyle Bosman, thinks he's very funny, and that he used to be a stand up comedian so his background in comedy might rub some comedic types the wrong way

  • @terminallybill What a class act