Dear Bosman - Live with YouTube Gaming

  • No offence to Jaffee as an artist or designer, but I'd go as far to say that Twisted Metal Black or even TM3 wasn't even nearly as great as the first two and God of War was an outstanding game but idk if he's made anything very good after that.

    Twisted Metal PS3 was good but it had a lifeless art direction, and modes that didn't necessarily compliment the style of gameplay the game creates. I really don't think he's had a very good game since 2005.

    I bring this up because I'm unsure where he gets the entitlement. Everybody including artists are allowed opinions but he seems like the type to have a block list in the thousands because he doesn't wanna hear anybody disagree with him.

    Not to mention Kyle's motto is LOVE & RESPECT.

  • It's funny that Kyle has a weekly stream where he takes low budget games that are solidly in underwhelming territory and actively searches for redeeming qualities by playing through them. Real poisonous guy for games creators.
    Jaffe should understand that he creates entertainment - there will be people who like what you make and people who don't. Kyle's a games journalist - his job is to be a credible figure that voices his opinions on video games and developments in the industry that creates them to the public. A lot of his thoughts and opinions are put through a comedic process, that many find endearing. The only way to effectively silence critics is to make a good game. Don't hurl personal insults at people doing their job - make the game good. That's all.

  • Finally found the video I was thinking about. Just Played: Drawn to Death. Kyle knows Jaffe better then Jaffe knows himself. Kind of creepy predictions but a lot of Context.^^
    Youtube Video

  • @Ikataishou Great find! It's crazy indeed how Bosman predicted Jaffe's exact reaction. And this is actually the first time I see gameplay of Drawn to Death, and it does look like an ugly, ugly game :/

  • I bet Kyle would be totally down for Rakugaki Showtime instead

  • @Ikataishou thanks for the video link. Brandon brings up some really good points in that video

  • During Kinda Funny Live, Shu commented that he is a huge fan of Kyle Bosman, and that he is a comedian. And sometimes, comedians can rub creators the wrong way.

    Personally, I think Shuhei Yoshida put a pin in the whole situation with his response in the same video.

    I'm at work now, so if anyone can grab the timestamp for Shuhei commenting on Bosman (it's later in the video)

  • @Stormcrownn

    Edit after watching myself: He doesn't say much, just that he loves Kyle, thinks he's really funny, and reminds everyone that Kyle is a comedian.
    I personally think Jaffe needed to calm down (obviously its over now). All Kyle has really said is that he doesn't like the art style and the look of it, and that it looks like its trying to be super edgy. I agree with both of those comments. I think the game visually looks terrible, not appealing to me at all, but that's not to say people can't like it. Playing the game won't change my feeling about the art direction. I assume Jaffe's tweets were about the Dear Bosman segment, which was even less significant than the GT video about it that @Ikataishou posted here. Jaffe can clearly say whatever he wants such as Kyle being a jerk, just like Kyle made jokes about it Drawn To Death, but Jaffe just came off really whiny.

  • As much as we all love Kyle, it's important to note that all Jaffe saw of him was his segment which was overall a little snarky. Of course, we have the full CONTEXT and know Kyle actually LOVES video games, but if that segment is your only frame of reference I can totally see how people think "Oh another one of them hot takes from somebody who has no idea what it takes to make games".

  • @TheHashtag0nist Still no excuse for a thinskinned outburst like that, dopping F-Bombs left and right.

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Not saying he reacted very professionally, but it seemed like Kyle was the straw that broke the camel's back.

  • But how much context do you need? Its 10 seconds from a 4 minute video.

  • @TheHashtag0nist Then I don't think Jaffe should be in the industry. If you make a product, whether it be art, a video, food, a banana peeler, you have to realize people are going to criticize you. It's part of the job. The developer reaction of thinking the audience is wrong and you're always right not only gives off arrogance, but it will lead to a worse product. I personally don't mind Final Fantasy XIII but I feel it's a perfect example of a developer saying what is good for the consumer while ignoring public opinion. Sure, Kyle put on his usual troll persona but there's also real critique in there. If Jaffe was wise, he'd at least look at why people either haven't heard of his game or don't care about it. If Jaffe was professional, he would have kept working to improve his product. Instead he overreacts and creates unnecessary internet drama for an opinion that spanned less than a minute.

    If I could put on my conspiracy theory cap for a minute, here's why I honestly feel Jaffe is so upset - he realizes he made a bad game. He's helped create some iconic titles in the past and working on a new IP is difficult, especially considering it takes years of your life. The realization that you potentially wasted that time, energy, and resources is devastating to anyone. He's so far in at this point though that admitting defeat would be too much, so it has just become a sore subject for him. How you accept failure is an important part of character and I really believe Jaffe has shown his true colors here.

  • Well, another theory would be that Jaffe isn´t that of a, sorry for the language, Puss-A, and this is all just to get attention, any kind of attention. Jaffe and Drawn togeth to Death was featured during day 2 of PSX and playable (?) but as far as I remember we didn´t see anything of it during the keynote, not even in some montage (because it`s ugly). And yeah pretty much since 2 years we heard nothing so Mr. J. might be happy with any piece of coverage, those 2 seconds from Dear Bosman that might stir up some shitstorm. What makes me angry is that calling Kyle out in front of an audience that probably not even know who this is, is equally as bad as hateful and cynical press. Also the difference with Kyles segment is that he kind of is still Kyle. He doesn’t invent a mentally challenged persona (Pewdiepie, Boogie sth.´s Francis….) as a shield for any form of critic.
    That said, it shows how smart Kyle is to not bring up Jaffes comments and to give him any more attention. Aaannd this is probably what I am going to do. Forget about Jaffe and his stupid, ugly game.
    Also: I think the name drawn to death stands for sth. like when you make some passable doodle and want to improve it with maybe some colour and then it turns to manure….

  • So what I don't understand is that if Jaffe believes that Bosman hasn't played the game, why does he take the criticisms to heart? He's so up in arms over someone else's opinion, when he could have calmly questioned Kyle's criticisms, and had a less polarizing response. Just getting F-bomb happy doesn't say anything. Taking criticisms personally or disregarding someone so harshly is how you get to the same place as Phil Fish.

  • Jaffe is entitled to be hurt, and hes known for always having outbursts. I just wish the bases for this wasn't the 2 seconds that his game got mentioned for. Kyle even mentioned in the conversation with Jones that Jaffe is a sensitive guy. I agree with @Ikataishou that the part that sucks the most is him calling out Kyle in front of a bunch of Kinda of Funny crew and fans when it completely lacks any sort of context. I actually never thought about it in the sense that maybe he is doing it for attention of his game. That completely possible. Does Colin and Greg even know who Kyle is? They live in such a bubble I wouldn't be surprised if their only exposure was the live with youtube gaming.

    Also Kyle has not even been on Twitter i think... ( Someone mentioned hes on blackout) so im not sure how much he aware of those tweets unless someone has mentioned it to him.

    I wonder if Jaffe has seen the video discussion between Kyle and Jones. He should probably watch it.

    But yeah that game really doesn't look as good as it should. Especially when its going to have to compete with Overwatch, Lawbreakers and who knows what else. Its not a bad idea for a game but Its going to be a quick play, try and never touch again game in my opinion. I wonder what Greg and Colin think of that game? Cant see them really playing it. I could be wrong though.

    It would be interesting to see if Kyle commented on it in the future... Could make for an interesting video on his channel.