Dear Bosman - Live with YouTube Gaming

  • @Sentinel-Beach They're Greg and Colin fanboys, they're gonna go with whatever they tell them to. Tbh I was let down by those two here, they should have acted more professional. Thank goodness Shu was there to put them in their place.

  • Shu loves Kyle! Whooo!!!

  • Oh, I only now watched that part when you guys mentioned it. Shu loves Kyle, so good! :)

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  • Finally watched it too.

    Damn Jaffe comes off as a bitter, bitter man. It's not even like Bosman trashed the game or said it was going to be bad, he just mocked the edgy/vulgar tone which he doesn't appreciate.

    If you're a game creator and a guy like Bosman takes a dig at your game, you roll with it, you reply something funny. Have some self-derision!

    Personally, there was an indie game I worked on that was "reviewed" on Zero Punctuation, as you can imagine he didn't say anything pleasant, but hell, I was just stoked he was even mentioning it, and he had valid points anyway.

    Thumbs up to Shu though, awesome of him to stand up for him.

    I'm very curious to see if Kyle will follow up on this in the next episode.

  • I kind of don't feel like watching because I'm not down with that negativity, but at the same time I'm curious about what Shu said (dude is a legend). Worthwhile or eh?

  • @naltmank He just said he loves Kyle Bosman, thinks he's very funny, and that he used to be a stand up comedian so his background in comedy might rub some comedic types the wrong way

  • @terminallybill What a class act

  • @naltmank absolutely. That episode of Final Bosman he's in was one of my favorites too

  • Heheh those guys seemed pretty shocked when Shu called them out for bashing Kyle. They didn't know what to say

  • Lol, Jaffe is still salty about it. Wow.

  • Not everyone has serenaded Shuhei Yoshida. Of course he loves Kyle.

    Youtube Video – [07:34..]

    He also thinks that the Bloodborne musical is hilarious. I think he even asked them if they'd do a musical for the new God of War, haha.

  • @TheHashtag0nist What happened? lol

  • @Sora said in Dear Bosman - Live with YouTube Gaming:

    @Sentinel-Beach They're Greg and Colin fanboys, they're gonna go with whatever they tell them to. Tbh I was let down by those two here, they should have acted more professional. Thank goodness Shu was there to put them in their place.

    That's how they were at IGN too, I've had encounters with Miller when he was still there. Him and colin flipflopped so much on which fanboy side they were on for 360 and PS3, it was rather sickening.

    I don't get their style of "Humor" either, the way they opened the show was just cringeworthy.

    But yeah, if Jaffe is actually serious he's a bigger fool than I thought. Not to mention he's stuck in a timewarp, his explanation for why his game needed to go retail over F2P is ridiculous, not to mention smells like a weak game.

    Kyle was right on the money, literally.

  • No offence to Jaffee as an artist or designer, but I'd go as far to say that Twisted Metal Black or even TM3 wasn't even nearly as great as the first two and God of War was an outstanding game but idk if he's made anything very good after that.

    Twisted Metal PS3 was good but it had a lifeless art direction, and modes that didn't necessarily compliment the style of gameplay the game creates. I really don't think he's had a very good game since 2005.

    I bring this up because I'm unsure where he gets the entitlement. Everybody including artists are allowed opinions but he seems like the type to have a block list in the thousands because he doesn't wanna hear anybody disagree with him.

    Not to mention Kyle's motto is LOVE & RESPECT.

  • It's funny that Kyle has a weekly stream where he takes low budget games that are solidly in underwhelming territory and actively searches for redeeming qualities by playing through them. Real poisonous guy for games creators.
    Jaffe should understand that he creates entertainment - there will be people who like what you make and people who don't. Kyle's a games journalist - his job is to be a credible figure that voices his opinions on video games and developments in the industry that creates them to the public. A lot of his thoughts and opinions are put through a comedic process, that many find endearing. The only way to effectively silence critics is to make a good game. Don't hurl personal insults at people doing their job - make the game good. That's all.

  • Finally found the video I was thinking about. Just Played: Drawn to Death. Kyle knows Jaffe better then Jaffe knows himself. Kind of creepy predictions but a lot of Context.^^
    Youtube Video

  • @Ikataishou Great find! It's crazy indeed how Bosman predicted Jaffe's exact reaction. And this is actually the first time I see gameplay of Drawn to Death, and it does look like an ugly, ugly game :/

  • I bet Kyle would be totally down for Rakugaki Showtime instead

  • @Ikataishou thanks for the video link. Brandon brings up some really good points in that video