Games with EZA Guilds

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    Hey all, I am starting up SWTOR again and I was thinking about getting an EZA Guild going. However this made me think, what other EZA guilds are out there in games? I know there is one in Warcraft, Forza, and A Realm Reborn. If you information about EZA guilds in games, let me know and I will compile a list here.

  • You saw the latest trailer, didn't you? What server will you play SWTOR on? I'm tempted to join you there.

  • Im pretty sure the EZA guild in XIV is dead save for when the actual Allies themselves play. I've tried to get in a few times with zero response, which sucks because it took me nearly a month just to make my damn character on Gikgamesh thanks to those damn character restrictions.

    I have a guild on Adamantoise that EZA friends are free to join. I play daily, and there are a few other regulars on. Called the Tetra Masters.

  • Is there a Destiny PS4 guild?

  • @CharlieTheGov yes, look them up on Bungie's website. There's also a LFG Destiny PS4 EZA group.

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    Will we start a Titanfall 2 clan once that launch? I am willing to start it up if noone else is taking the step for it.

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