One Way Trip - Inspired by the ramblings of a delirious Kyle Bosman

  • Hi friends,

    Kyle mentioned an idea for a short story during today's Bosman v Wozniak, that I thought actually sounded kind of cool, so I tried writing it. It didn't turn out super well, but I still had a ton of fun writing it. As a refresher, here was the premise: a man is tasked with a one way trip off Earth, but not for anything cool. Just for like, fixing people's youtube or something. But then the wife has to leave, too. I think that was it. I'm pretty delirious right now, and just finished writing it, but here it is! It's very different from my usual style, in that I usually do more character focused stuff and have never really tried any major world-building type stuff. I actually really don't like my writing in this piece at all - way too much exposition and then the ending goes way off the rails. That said, I actually kind of like the world I set up and would be interested in writing other stories in this universe. Anyway, check it out if you want!

  • Just went back and fixed some typos/formatting errors that occurred during the copy/paste to google docs. Should be a bit cleaner looking now.