Tales From Japan - Official Discussion Thread - (Formerly "Tales from the East")

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    In this new mini-series, Ben talks about different aspects of his time in Japan that left a big impression on him. Using photos and video taken during his trip, Ben gives the viewer an intimate look at his experience in the land of the rising sun.

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    Thought this was an awesome watch! Sure the editing were a bit rough as it is bens first fully own editing show. But it really made me want to visit super potato and I can't wait for the next episode!

  • I'm happy this new series has an official discussion thread, thanks @SweetJohnnyCage !

    I can not wait for the next few episodes, I would like to see more footage similar to the visit to J-World, that way you really have an idea how it looks and feels.

    I want to learn as much as possible about pop culture, but also just general culture in Japan, it is my personal ambition to visit this unique country in my lifetime as well, I hope Ben gives us a lot of different insights!

    Here is to a great new series, Love and Respect :heart: !!

  • There hasn't really been any more talk about the Japan trip anywhere (I guess? I haven't watched all of Ben's streams, for instance). Maybe it didn't totally pay off in a way the Allies had planned, but I'm still happy Ben got to go there, and I'm sure that this whole endeavour tought a thing or two to the whole group concerning future trips etc.

  • He mentioned that he's just been flogged with reviews and that's why we haven't gotten any new episodes.

    Ben is working on the next one for sure.

  • I tweeted him last weekend about it, and he said he was aiming for this week. It may not have happened due to biznass or whatever, but he knows we're looking for it. :)

  • Any updates on the progress of the other episodes?

    I'm willing to wait any amount of time for some Ben Moore either way. :)


  • @Stormcrownn On the Final Fantasy stream with Brad, Ben mentioned he was close to finishing up the next one and it should be out later in the week.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Awesome! Thanks!

    Going to be worth however long it takes Ben to feel comfortable releasing it.

  • Kitties! ^_^

  • I relate so much to this episode, I experienced exactly the same kind of thing when I was in Tokyo.

    Me and my friend also often got lost, and many, many times people walked up to us and offered their help. But not only that, they indeed went out of their way to help. For example, once we were looking for a metro station, and the person decided to walk us there, rather than just roughly tell in which direction to go. It took about 5 minutes, and he was originally going in the opposite direction! When we started to realize he was going to walk us all the way there, we tried to stop him, saying he didn't have to, just point at the direction, etc. But he wouldn't hear it, he made it a point to help us all the way.

    Another time, another metro story, we were looking for a specific exit out of the station we were in. We asked the first guy who walked past us, but he didn't know and he apologized profusely. We thought nothing of it and just kept going, planning to ask the next person. A minute later, we hear someone calling out to us, we turn around and see the guy from before, running towards us, brandishing his phone. He had looked it up and came back to find us and show us!

    And honestly, even though we were very thankful, we actually felt embarrassed too. Me and my friend are French, and we know how tourists are treated in Paris, especially those who don't speak French or English, which goes for quite a few Japanese people. And we were ashamed to be French at that point, knowing that if these people ever went there on holiday and expected the same kind of help and attention, they were in for a shock. There's actually something called Paris Syndrome that Japanese tourists experience, causing them to have panic attacks and freak out because - in part - of the difference in treatment they get in Paris.

    So I'm totally with Ben when he says we should all try to be a little bit kinder, a little bit more helpful, a little bit better to strangers in our everyday lives. It can make a big difference.

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    I had heard before how friendly the people in Japan are, but this kinda confirmed it! my brother went to Tokyo with work and said it almost were a surreal experience. He also went to south korea and even though you expect it to be similar he said it was very different and the koreans didn't like him haha.

  • Ya the people in Japan are insanely nice. I was there for over 2 weeks at the end of last year and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly.