Who's who in the industry?

  • Often in EZA shows I hear name drops of people I don't know. Perhaps I'm out of touch with the current gaming industry, and I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the directors/etc., but I feel knowing these key names are important. I was hoping we could put together a who's who in the gaming industry today; a simple source containing a name, company they work/worked for, and what great thing they do/did.
    For example, when someone says "GAME_Y will be great because HUMAN is on it", I'd be able to see HUMAN did GAME_X. Kinda like directors with movies, which I am also not great with.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • This is so broad as to be pointless. Just do what every responsible learner does and wikipedia the name of a game, studio, or individual you don't know. Without fail, there are release dates, staff lists, and former works displayed plainly for you to see.

    Pro tip: There're two "Miyazaki"s.

  • Glad you brought up the Miyazakis, because I would love to get those straight. What are their first names?

    I guess I did make it broad but I wasn't looking for a gigantic database. I'm well aware of how to google someone. I was hoping it would be more a list of a handful of people who are the big names of video games now. Names that are going to be tossed around a lot. Maybe the industry is too big for this.

    I guess I'm curious to know who is really making the game good? I know it takes a lot of people to create something, but is someone doing more than the others? Is it the director or the producer or the designer or some ideas guy? Perhaps I can narrow this to Sony/MS/Nintendo. For instance, a lot of people seem to give Miyamoto credit for what Nintendo does; but does Reggie actually control this more, or is it some other position? Thanks for the insight.

  • All you need to know is that Jason vanderberghe is making For Honor

  • @fishy1624 I would start by thinking of all the biggest games you know off the top of your head and just googling the studio/director. Maybe if you get the ball rolling folks will begin to add to it.

    To adress a few specifics you brought up... Reggie is basically in charge of American marketing for Nintendo. So you can can pretty much completely ignore him if you're looking for who's responsible for actual Nintendo game development.

    Also, sometimes it can be VERY hard to tell who's really responsible for a product unless you were part of the development team yourself. Many times directors really do deserve a lot of the credit for the quality of a game, but sometimes not. And many game projects have multiple directors, and many lead artists controlling large but specific elements of a game. Many 'superstars' in the game development world are quite humble people who prefer to stay out of the spotlight, so most end-users will never have any idea who they are. I know a handful of people who travel from studio to studio lending their talent in a very specific area because they're so good at what they do. Studio 'brands' themselves tend to break down when you see them from the inside. The 'Naughty Dog' that made Uncharted is not the same 'Naughty Dog' that made Uncharted 4. However, certain key employees like Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley were involved in both of those titles so there's SOME through-line there. In fact, there's some names for ya. Those two are the reason why current Naughty Dog games are what they are.

    Metal Gear is probably the clearest and easiest example of a game series HEAVILY controlled by a single designer/director - Hideo Kojima.