Allies Working Out - Or how to get out of the sofa.

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    Hello Allies.

    We are all here because we love video games in one shape or another. It is so easy to just sit down, pop your feet up and play games for hours on end. However, now and then its good to get some real exercise into life. Watching the last Cup of Jones about outdoors I got inspired to create this thread. I want to create a thread where we can come together for motivation to start - or continue exercising in different shapes and forms. Share your workouts, diets, supplements or just ask for tips and tricks if you want to start but don't know where.

    I used to do quite a lot of sports growing up, then later in life just going for runs and the gym. However, for the past 8 months or so I have slacked off whilst finishing off my degree and enjoying the summer. I feel now however that it is time for me to start again to get in shape for next summer, but someone to share it all with would make it easier and more fun!

    So Allies, share your work outs! what goals do you have? are you a fanatic or just wanting to stay in shape? Why not get your running done so you can survive the zombie apocalypse better?

    We need some motivation!

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    Love & Respect <3

  • @Lotias Haha, I never thought I'd see a workout thread here, but I'm not complaining! I was a D1 athlete, so a big thing keeping me motivated is pure vanity. Everyone else in my family has been an athlete - I've seen the way their bodies fall apart after retiring, so I'm determined not to let the same thing happen to me. It's pretty tough, since I have permanent injuries in my back, knee, and both my shoulders, but physical therapy has done wonders in making the pain both less frequent and more manageable. I recently moved, and I was super bummed that my town doesn't have a gym, but I've forced myself to realize that I don't need to be big anymore. Just healthy. I'm currently trying to run my first 10k in November, and if possible I'd like to go for a half marathon in March. It might not seem like a lot, but I used to not be able to run a mile straight so I'm pretty happy (explosive muscle sport where endurance wasn't necessary. Don't judge me!). I also do bodyweight workouts on top of running 3-5 times a week, core 5-6 times a week, and Yoga at least once a week. Working out is how I stay sane, and has become my healthy way to destress now that I don't have access to any home consoles. The proudest I've ever been of myself was when I came back after a shitty day of work a few weeks back and had to fight the urge to just get drunk by myself. I went on an awesome run instead, and it made me feel so good about myself that I just try to remember that feeling every time I get down. That's sort of become my motivator I guess, and since then I've cut back almost entirely on my drinking, which is another thing I'm super proud of.

    I'd love to hear what other allies do to get moving!

  • Used to be in competitive Martial Arts, but after knee surgery and becoming a dad I got pretty Lazy.

    Now i'' back to working out 3 times a week and skip leg day every damn day!

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    @TheHashtag0nist That dreadful leg day!

    I did jujitsu for a few years, but stopped after my feet started to cause issues (they still do now and then). Which one were you into?

  • @Lotias I've done Aikido, Judo, Kickboxing but spend most of my life in ITF Taekwon-do

  • @Lotias Respect for making this thread, but I think I'll stick to the sofa. Dem video games are just too damn good, plus I'm probably least motivated person around, holding everything until last possible moment. :neutral_face:

  • I used to do Taekwondo for a good while, and I love swimming, but sadly because of work now, I rearely had the time and location convenience of a pool, so I rarely swim anymore. And sadly this is showing in my physic :(

    I mostly just try to eat better know, and to do at least a few minutes of exercise at night, because if there's a thing I despise it is for sure going to a gym.

  • Good thread! Personally I'm a dancer and I hit a point where I knew that I couldn't get any better at dance at my current level of fitness because it put a very real limitation on how much power I could put into my movements, how far I could extend my leg or contort my spine, how comfortable I could be putting weight on my hands, and things like that. I went to the gym for the first time recently for my first round of weight training and I've been doing pretty physically intense dance (including cardio, aerobics, and flexibility training) every day. I've been pairing that with diet changes (less carbs, more protein) and I'm already starting to see results! My two goals by the end of the year is to be able to do a full splits and to be able to hold a handstand for at least 10 seconds.

  • Very happy to see this thread here, it might be just to push I need to get back into it!

    A couple years ago I had the perfect setup: had an exercise bike at home, strategically positioned in front of the TV, which allowed to work out while playing games, best of both worlds! Of course since you're moving at the same time some games were more suitable than others.

    I found that playing FIFA was the best, because the gameplay is second-nature to me and I didn't have to think that much about what I was doing. Even better, I was getting physically exhausted at the same pace as my own players were on the pitch, so I literally could feel their pain by the end of a match. Talk about immersion, better than VR! :D

    But anyway, now I don't have room for this bike anymore, so I've cut down on my workouts a lot, apart from a bit of weight-lifting.

    Are there any "fun" cardio exercises you would recommend, considering that I really have trouble getting into running (it bores me to death)?

  • My main source of exercise is mountain biking.. I'm not super serious about it but I go out a few times a week and really enjoy it.

  • Used to go walk my dog, but as he got older he didn't want to walk as much, used to walk him for a hour-hour and a half, but the last few months before I had to put him down we'd maybe do a single lap around the neighborhood before I'd have to pick him up and carry him home.

  • @alexwhiteplays I used to be a diver which requires a lot of similar muscles/movements as dancing! It sucks how much flexibility I've lost since I "retired" a few months back, but I've been stretching every day and doing yoga to try and get it back up. Handstands are pretty easy once you figure out the balance part of it. Splits are pretty much out of the question for me now, lol. Good luck!

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    @Axel with cardio I will tell you what my dad used to say "Your heart knows no difference between running or playing basketball – it only knows perceived stress. Choose an activity you enjoy, and you won’t even realize you’re exercising." So it doesnt mean you have to stand on a treadmill or sit on a bike, the main thing is to build up the sweat and heartrate! so do something fun. Also mix it up a bit, don't just keep to one thing :D

  • I'm just getting out of over training injuries and into working out again! I went a bit overboard with training earlier this year. Doing ~1h cardio in the morning (6-7 days a week) and working out in the gym in the evening for 45-90mins in the evening (4-5 days a week). This resulted in knee, wrist and ankle pain spanning for about half a year!
    And maaan does it feel good to be back!

    New years day 2015 I weighed 103.5kg (228.2lbs) and right before my injuries (february I think) I weighed 76kgs (167.5lbs). 6 months of rest and a little working out and I'm at 77.7kgs now, pretty happy with that!

  • Oh neat! I don't work out. I've made small attempts before, but I just have no motivation. Whether that has to do with working out or I'm suffering from depression and nothing at all motivates me....I don't know.
    Also I get one to four hours of sleep at night. I'm always paranoid that if I exercise, I'll suffer from a heart issue.
    Maybe one day! But probably not.

  • I occasionally stream a Beachbody (p90x, insanity and the like) workout on my TV. I use to go at it pretty regularly, but then i started the job im at now, which is pretty physical. I guess paranoia that a workout soreness would impede work production kinda stopped a big chunk of my motivation.

  • @parasitepaladin Motivation is a big factor when it comes to getting into working out. If you make plans to go to the gym with a friend, you're more likely to go since you don't want to let your friend down. It also makes going to the gym more enjoyable!

    I too have had problems with depression and let me tell you, working out helps. It really does. You might've heard it a thousand times before, but it does. It helps taking your mind off things and it makes you feel something else, even if it's just for a sliver of time then it's worth it. Pouring the negative emotions into the weights and feel in control. Making progress in the gym feels great. Feeling sore after a hard workout feels great. It will probably help you sleep better too!

    Also, don't worry about getting some heart issues from working out with a lack of sleep. You'll be alright! You don't have to get a pulse of 180bpm, that stuff is optional :wink:

    If you need any advice on gym/eating right etc. Don't hesitate to ask! We're all here to help and inspire each other!

  • @parasitepaladin echoing @Fridge-man, working out has done wonders for my mental health. Everyone is different, but it could be worth giving it a shot! I listen to podcasts while I work out to keep my mind off some of the more monotonous stuff, especially on some of my runs - yet another way EZA has been a huge help for me! :D

  • It's a little overlooked but Wii Fit and Wii Fit U are great for people just getting back in to exercising such as myself.

  • @michemagius I actually did use Wii Fit for a while, and it was pretty decent for working out, it got me entertained enough to wake up a little early and put in a quick workout on the mornings