Stop the Hate.

  • I don't get involved with other people's matters or business, but I just encountered something that fundamentally bothers me. This may be a bit on the nose, so some of you may know what I'm talking about but if you don't: I am witnessing someone from this community feel ostracized and upset for being disliked. As to what those reasons are, I don't know, but it doesn't matter.

    This is the EASY ALLIES community. A group and community based on positivity. I find it incredibly frustrating how I've seen this a couple of times here and there since EZA's inception 7 months ago. So if you have a problem with someone, don't be that person. Be a good person who reaches out and is supportive.

    If you want to leave well wishes to your fellow community members, please do so here. Be the best person you can be. Stop the hate and encourage kindness.

    Kindness begets kindness.

  • Unfortunately, the angry minority often has a way of drowning out positive voices. One of my favorite aspects of EZA is its core of "love and respect", and I'm happy to chime in that I think you're all delightful humans.

    If the person in question (you know who you are) sees this, let it be known that I value you as a member of this community and it wouldn't be the same without you.

  • While true, you can't really expect everyone to get along. It's a lovely idea, but just impossible to force that.

    Being on the internet you have to accept people might dislike you, I'm sure enough people see a post from me and say something rude all the time Shrug nature of the beast.

    Long as nobody is actively fighting sometimes that's the best you can hope for, distance yourself from those that cause trouble and move on.

    Unless this is on twitch chat (As I miss a lot of livestreams) I've never seen any active "Hate" so this is also news to me, there's been heated discussions and one-sided debates on discord but never outright hate that I know of, Twitch chat is a wild west of sorts as not all of those people are actually involved with a lot of us EZA followers, even less plausible to expect them all to assimilate. Which again is just best to ignore such people.

    But I understand your intent regardless, cheers.

  • Man who sees good vibes and thinks "that's enough of that".

    Not me.

    Some people need to get naked, put some sheets in the dryer, take em out, roll around in em, and realize that hanging with people can be just as comfy as that was.

  • I think I know who you're referring to, I feel bad for that situation. When this kind of thing occurs, my solution is to always find the positive and jolly vibes that come from a situation/conflict. Despite the sliver of hate in the community, there are wayyyy more jolly vibes and Love & Respect in this community than in any other Internet community that I've been in. Ever. So I'd suggest to focus on the positive perspectives instead of dwelling on the few people who don't know any better.

  • Yeah, loud minority, no doubt about it.
    But it does feel weird that, a group like Eza, who is all about positivity, can't even escape it.

  • To be fair, as a person I much more appreciate honesty than positivity. Therefore I won't adapt my opinion into something that is not just for the sake of it. I welcome arguments, as long as they are constructive (and luckily most of them are), but I have witnessed first-hand that even in a positive community, you simply won't see eye to eye with some people on some topics, usually leading to a passive-aggressive dialogue. At this point my advice is to just stop and finish the conversation, as nothing better can come out of it. I could just say that the other party is an idiot, but this is one of the last environments without toxicity, and I hope it stays that way.

    If you want to be toxic, go on reddit :P

  • I usually try to keep online disagreements on the place (Forum, website, comment section) they happen and to not bringing it over to other places... except for Shmibble °w°

  • Man, this bums me out. I haven't really seen any of this, but I do hope we can just overpower whomever it is with just pure positivity.

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    It is a real shame that some people just have to be mean and disrespectful! I haven't seen this situation, but it feels like sometimes its better to leave it at "lets agree to disagree" and I hope that the rest can spread a positive vibe that outshines the evilness.

  • I think the "real community is either on the forums or on Patreon.

    Twitch chat and Twitter have a lot of randos that just like to be negative and shitty.

  • The positive nature of EZA crew is why I wanted to join this community, only to meet mostly positive, jolly people as well. But of course there are those negative people everywhere, who just won't get along, or someone just has a bad day or something. There will always be people who can't just be nice to everyone. But that is just something that can't be helped.
    Best way to deal with this is to try our best to stay as positive as possible, and deal with those, who have problems. And if you don't yourself have time/patience to deal with that, ignorance is a bliss.

  • These are all excellent posts, but allow me to clarify:

    The issue I'm referring to is not a disagreement. It was a feeling of dislike about someone being themselves. I agree that 100% agreement is impossible, but there can be a civility to having differing views. But again, the issue is not on a topic but a person.

    I also don't know where this incident originated, but I read the effects on Twitter. So I felt compelled to create this thread because I agree with the sentiment above that TRUE members of this community spend their time interacting with one another with positivity and, of course, Love and Respect. Meaning I feel those of us here on the forum and interact with each other on Twitter are the ones who know what's what. Patron is sweet too. Love Patreon.

    With that being said, it doesn't hurt to make a thread or post to reinforce good vibes and look out for one another. Easy Allies means something, and being one means even more.

    Also, I too like honesty. If anyone, anywhere has an issue with me, please speak up! I welcome critiques and challenges and if you've got a problem with me, I will be more than willing to listen to what you have to say. I take this kind of thing very seriously because I know what it feels like to be left out or disliked throughout the course of my upbringing. It's a driving reason why I'm here: This community is wonderful and as I ended my OP: Kindness begets kindness.

    Thanks for being awesome, and don't hesitate to being a friend! It speaks volumes!

    Love and Respect!

  • Speaking about people you know (ish) in the third person kind of bugs me. This is not a condemnation, but — if it was me — I would rather be asked if I wanted to have a thread talking about me in vague terms.

  • @Haru17 True, and I support your point, but I did so for two reasons: 1. For privacy reasons (which, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is the gist of your post) and 2. I felt so compelled to point out that, as a community, everyone, myself included, could do with a friendly reminder to be nice. It never hurts to say, "You're awesome! Thanks for being you!" from time to time.

    Also, tangentially speaking, the definition of knowing someone is loose here: I do not know the person this thread was inspired by in terms of having a dialogue with them, but I know OF them.

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  • this is really the offending tweet? i fail to see where that guy stated he 'hates' anyone, as is being implied by the recipient and on here. seems like a slightly harsh and unsolicited - but well-meaning and very complimentary - reality check (from someone whose first language appears to not be english if his linked insta and tumblr are anything to go by.) you tend to get those a lot when you self-identify as an artist, it will only get worse as time goes on and people try to convince you to get a 'real job' or a more 'social' hobby etc. there's nothing you can do but grow a thicker skin and live how you want, but broadening your horizons is never a bad suggestion when it comes to growing as an artist.

  • @fade

    I don't know if this instance is the offending tweet but the subsequent responses, unlinked to the tweet provided, highlight a deeper and more concerning issue, which is one of the points of this thread: Awareness of negativity, or the perception that its not a single moment, but a buildup of such negativity.

    I understand your point and I commend you for doing your due diligence! However, the point still stands: Being mindful of what you say or do carries weight, which on its own is determined by the recipient of said words and/or actions, but when it is apparent there is many other similar stances, can lead to a point where it may seem or in fact be hurtful.

    On it's own this tweet, in a vacuum, seems to have well-intentions and is harmless. But again: I do not know the circumstances in which this was taken, nor the amount of, nor toxicity of, any and all recent comments. Therefore, when someone says they've had many people say they "hate" them for being themselves, I take them at their word. I've been there and as such, am passionate about being, and spreading (to use the tag) Love and Respect, because I know the profound it can have on others and it has on me. I've just noticed a couple of people over the last few months be in an issue where they feel that they are not wanted when that is NOT the case.

    Once again, thanks for doing background and providing potential evidence. I did not want to be so direct due to the reasoning I gave in an above post, but if people feel they MUST have at least SOME context, I appreciate you providing it.

    Love and Respect!

  • Ah, I see how this could get out of hand fast since it's more in the open on twitter or twitch chat like I figured rather than something more confined like these forums or Discord.

    Shame, I hope that's also not the person in question as I know of Kaylee to be quite the outstanding person among us!

  • 'Kay, now that we're just openly talking about people for some reason, could we please delete this thread now? Quest cleared, problem solved.