The thoughts of a BatViking (aka my blog)

  • I've been procrastinating for far too long, so now it's time to finally get this done. Preferably before more people show up, gotta strike while the iron is hot and make my stamp on things here, right? :p

    It's time to switch from Norwegian to English, so this place is as good as any to set up a English language blog.

    Updates will probably be relatively irregular, but I'll try to at least get something out there at least once a day. It'll mainly cover my thoughts on things like games, future and present, what I'm playing etc. As well as comics, TV shows and movies. Possibly books as well, but, let's get started.

    After falling off the DC Comics train a few months ago, it's now time to get caught up on Rebirth. I've heard mostly nice things about it, so I'll have to confirm that myself. Thankfully there's not a ton of titles out yet, so getting all of them won't be much of a hassle. As for games, I picked up Kingdom Hearts 2.5 again in anticipation of 2.8. Another one I started playing is Mortal Kombat X, though not competetively online, mostly daily sessions of screwing around, getting used to the NRS fighting system so Injustice 2 won't be completely alien to me once it does come out.

    As for everything else, I'm alternating between Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Voltron on netflix. So far, both have been pretty entertaining in their own way. As always, Gundam is.. yeah. Ruthless, while Voltron is far more lighthearted and family friendly. Once I've finished those, I'll give Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress aka definitely not Attack on Titan a look again, since it's a ongoing series I like to let a lot of episodes come out first, then just sit down and binge watch it.

    So that's pretty much what I have in mind right now, it's about time I get this pasted in and posted.

  • Finally got around to reading about 8 weeks of comic books, it felt like the quality just kept on rising and rising. Especially once I got to Rebirth #1, really got that can't wait to read more feeling from the new soft-reboot comics. Tons of feels from the Wally West one too, which left me sitting here for several minutes with goosebumps all over. Finally, DC Comics seems to be going down a path I can follow, and I can only hope they've learnt their lessons regarding chasing casual readers who fall off after reading one issue.

    Now to wait a day or two for a new batch of comics, only to then be stuck for a full week of withdrawal symptoms.

  • So after a few weeks of a great time being had by comic book and fighting game fans, and just fans in general, it all comes to an end with Marvel having a great panel at Comic Con. And the massive disappointment of them still abiding by the incredibly flawed argument of keeping trailers hostage, because people who go to Comic Con deserves that exclusive footage.

    Not only did Warner Bros put up ALL their trailers after they were shown live, so there really are no excuses to do this sort of thing. It's not like paying even guarantees you access to this, as the queues are massive. So then you're left with a choice, spent 12 hours in line, or experience everything else Comic Con has to offer. WB took a step in the right direction, and next year I hope they livestream it. Down with this notion that people like me, who can't ever afford to go all the way over there, aren't real, true fans. Do I deserve not to watch it because I won't spend thousands of dollars to travel from europe to the US? Welp..

    Not to mention, people who go to Comic Con probably would love to be able to come home, and see the panels they've missed. But these're just my thoughts, what would I know, I'm not a real fan according to Marvel and WB.