Legal ways to play Final Fantasy on mac?

  • Hi friends,

    I was wondering if any of you happen to know legal ways I could play FF7-FF10 on mac. As far as I can tell, they're only playable through Steam if you have a PC. I know I could probably emulate them, but I'd like to play them as legit as I can, if possible. I pretty much missed this entire era of gaming, and these are the main games I wish I'd played from that time (especially FF9, since that hits all the right buttons for me). Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!


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    Install Windows on your Mac. Blasphemy, right?

  • @naltmank Seems the Steam ports aren't perfect, so you'd honestly probably be better off getting a used PS2 and copies of those games. It's not as expensive as you'd think as long as you're not picky about buying used.

    Macs aren't really for games.

  • A friend of mine used to run some games in his Mac with a Windows virtual machine, from what I can remember in worked well for the most part.

    Also if you own the game emulation is perfectly legal, or at least that's my understanding.

  • Thanks for the tips, guys! @Mbun since I live in Japan but have less than stellar literacy, I'm not sure how much mileage I'd get out of used copies of the system/games here. I can always keep that as a goal to strive for, though! I'm working hard at learning my kanji every day!

    I'll look into installing windows on my mac. Fully aware that macs aren't for gaming (at all), but you got to get by with what you got, right? My only other system here is my 3DS, which definitely can't play these games. Thanks again for all the help, though!

  • @naltmank Maybe a way more obtuse and expensive way to go about it, but PS Vita TV is like $40 brand new, and you can download the classic versions of 7-9 and the HD remake of 10/10-2. Ah, but the base model doesn't come with a controller, whoops. Just listing options!

  • @Billy Wait what's PS Vita TV?

    EDIT: Just looked it up. That's pretty cool, but at that point with the cost of a controller it might just be worth it to invest in a Vita. Maybe cyber Monday will have a good deal on one this year!

  • Actually, the more I think about it the more I think that the vita would be a good investment for me. I'd get access to a bunch of pS1 era games (I've played almost none), as well as the two big PS2 games that I want to play (FFX and Persona 4). Dammit, @Billy! What did you do to me??

  • @naltmank Haha, sorry! I love mine, and I just knew that you can play a good amount of classic games. I hope you can find a good deal!

  • @Billy haha thanks. It's crazy how back when I was home, I never thought twice about getting anything off the virtual console or PSN store, since I figured I could always get it eventually. Now that I'm cut off from home consoles, I realize how beautiful it is that you can get incredible games on handheld devices. Can you imagine if someone told 8 year old you that all of your favorite games could be taken on the go? The beauty of that didn't hit me until today. If NX is truly a handheld/home console hybrid, I'm picking it up day one - it's the best way for people like me, who are constantly moving around, to play awesome AAA games. Why spend money on a TV, and then all the extra money on moving it around, when you can just keep all you need in your backpack? Then, when I finally can settle down, just pop that into a nice high def TV and keep going! God, the future is amazing.