The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • @Brannox Though I may not praise FF X as much as you, I still deeply appreciate the game. The reason I didn't put it higher is because unlike higher placed games on my list, I don't see myself playing FF X again for a looooooong time. I really like the game (even the laugh and lake scene), but going through it again would be more of a drag, than an enjoyment. Still, a fantastic game no doubt :thumbsup:

  • Whew, had 5 of my votes make it in so far; Transistor, Persona 3, Hotline Miami, Undertale, and Silent Hill 2. Genuinely surprised to see Undertale make the list as it's extremely niche (but still one of the best RPGs, period) and also shocked that Silent Hill 2 ranked so... low. I know a lot of us appreciate a good storyline and I'd consider Silent Hill 2 to be the epitome of that craft. How everything ties into the protagonist's psyche is such an art. I honestly wasn't expecting Persona 3 to even rank because it's always overshadowed by P4, but it's good to see it make an appearance.

  • @Nillend I think I enjoy it so much also comes down to how simple it is, but very deep in its character development and battle system. That's super cool not placing it high, as I pointed out, I know I'm in an extreme minority for going to bat for the game, but I do understand the feeling of drag. That hits me right around the Calm Lands. I'm just excited it made the list and I'm stoked to see what's next!!

  • 79.Mass Effect 3
    Love the ME series, I have played through each game several times, but for some reason I forgot to add Mass Effect 1, which is my favorite, to my list, oh well. Shepard/Garrus/Tali team forever.

    78.Silent Hill 2
    Best Silent Hill imo.

    77.Final Fantasy X
    Good FF game but annyoing romance (and westernize to amke it even more shmalzy, she never says I Love You in the original, funny thing is that the german subs on PS2 were based on the japanese script, and man is the english localization incorrect), also rather weak cast imo, I don't really like anyone except Rikku maybe. Might be fault of the english VAs, sadly SE decided against having JP VA in the remaster, which would have been a reason for repurchase for me tbh, but just for graphics, nah.

  • @Musou-Tensei I agree about your ME team. I could also switch out Tali for Wrex, but that is dependent on my mood at the time.

  • Undertale
    Never played it and know very little. What I did see however reminded me of Earthbound for some reason, a game I really don't like. I might play this one day, but it's certainly not high on the priority list.

    Zone of the Enders II
    I love both ZoE games and I have the anime as well. I actually bought my PS2 for the original. Didn't make my top 30 though.

    Dark Souls III
    Love it, probably my favourite Souls game. Another that doesn't rank high enough for my list though.

    Mass Effect 3
    I was really hyped for the original Mass Effect. It seemed to have everything I wanted as I'm a huge Sci-fi fan and really enjoyed KotOR. While the original ME is definitely my favourite, the series as a whole didn't hook me like I wanted and thought it would. I lost interest in the story with ME2 and I didn't like the changes either. ME3 was ok, but it was just one of those games I coasted through to see how it all turned out, I remember so little from it now.

    Silent Hill 2
    My first entry! This game did so much right for me and will forever stay with me. I'm a little shocked to see it so low though to be honest, and not because of how highly I personally rate it.

    Final Fantasy X
    As a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy, this game let me down a little. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game, but it just didn't do that much for me when compared to the previous three. Plot seemed to take a step back in this game and it became more about "the journey" and character bonding, that's something I don't really appreciate. Fun Fact: I prefer X-2 to X.

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    Mass Effect 3
    I played through all the games - the 2 first a couple of times. I liked this game though, but it felt.. less personal than the second game. You collected people from the galaxy and went to help earth in the final hour, yet the last battle never reached the hype they aimed for. However, some of the DLC in this game are some of the best DLCs I have ever played. But as I just wanted 1 game per franchise I went with the second game instead on my list.

    Final Fantasy X
    I liked this game. I spent hours and hours, got stuck a couple of times and started over. Yet I never managed to actually finish it. I liked the characters, the world and I really liked the battle system, but it still not as good as the previous parts! Kinda the last good FF. Now Im hoping XV can redeem the series in my eyes.

  • @Lotias Where'd you get stuck? I would be more than happy to provide advice if you ever decide to play again in the future.

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    @Brannox Haha it was at different points. First it was at one of the sin spawns, restarted and next time I managed to kill him. Second time around it was the boss on the airship. Then the time where I almost completely gave up were when you meet seymoar in the icey mountain place. Last time I played it I think it were in one of the last temples where I met a boss and got my arse handed to me! it were like 5 years ago though, so dont fully remember :D

  • @Lotias OK! Yeah, if you don't have the proper strats and training, each of those are incredibly difficult. That's cool though. At least it can't be said you didn't give it a shot!

  • alt text
    76. Half-Life (1998) - 74 Points - 5 Votes - Highest Vote: #10 Brandon_Reister

    Developer: Valve
    Publisher: Sierra / Valve
    Genre: First person Shooter
    Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, OS X, Linux

    Black Mesa Research Facility is an ultra-secret laboratory under government contract, conducting top-secret and extremely volatile experiments. The scientist Gordon Freeman a Black Mesa employee. This morning, as usual, he pits his way to the research facility for a run-of-the-mill experiment. However, when the experiment initiates, Gordon realizes that it might not be as ordinary as he thought. Odd things begin to happen as he makes his way to one of the Black Mesa test chambers. Even weirder things happen when he starts to move the test sample towards the antimass-spectrometer. At that moment everything goes horribly wrong. Aliens from the planet Xen have suddenly invaded the facility, injuring or killing many of the employees. The Marines have come to the facility to kill off the aliens and the surviving witnesses of the accident. Gordon understands what that means: he will have to fight his way through aliens and Marines to get to the top of the Black Mesa complex and much beyond.

    The story of Half-Life is told entirely in-game: everything is seen through the eyes of the protagonist. Most story elements unfold via scripted sequences, triggered by the player reaching a certain area. If other characters have information to reveal, they address the player directly. The Black Mesa complex in the game is not made up of distinct levels, but is mostly a continuous world, where it is possible to backtrack through large parts of the game.

    Other Votes: benoit489 (19.), jipostus (18.), Ringedwithtile (19.), Exist 2 Inspire (15.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • A bonus drop! I have not played Half-Life, and I've given it consideration, but because I do not play on PC, I have no significant thoughts on it beyond it looks like something for me. Maybe if a certain studio would get its act together and license out the property for various reasons, then I would give it much more consideration.

  • 76.Half-Life
    The thing is I played Half Life 2 1st and in comparison HL1 is simply inferior, not bad, but not amazing either.

  • Only one of mine in the first quarter. Not surprised, as I'm super picky and tend towards the all-time greats. ^_^

  • Let me get this right, Zone Of The Enders beat out Metal Gear Solid 2. I figured most people only bought Zone Of The Enders to play the demo of MGS2, I know I did.

    I remember beating ZOTE but never revisited it but I kept playing that MGS2 demo disc.

    MGS2 is not a game I'll forget for a long time, one of the most intense and difficult games for me personally (on the hardest difficulty) especially the fight against the metal gears. Also going through those virtual missions was an endurance test, must have gone through every emotion during these.

    I love the final boss fight, I still load up my most recent save file and replay it, once I worked out how every enemy attack could be dodged, countered or impeded I came to appreciate it a lot more.

  • @robert7lee Actually it was ZOE2 :P

  • @bard91 my eyes! These glasses do nothing!

    Teaches me not to read properly....oops

  • @Oscillator Yeah, only one I've gotten so far is DQ8.

  • interesting to see dark souls 3 on the list it didnt make my list i love the series and the game however there are 3 better games in the series just hoping they appear (im sure they will)

    ffx is a good pick while not my favorite in the series but a top notch rpg a little constrictive in the exploration but its was their first ps2 rpg loving the diversity in the games so far

  • A GOTY list with four Souls games is a GOTY list made in 2016...