The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • A bonus drop! I have not played Half-Life, and I've given it consideration, but because I do not play on PC, I have no significant thoughts on it beyond it looks like something for me. Maybe if a certain studio would get its act together and license out the property for various reasons, then I would give it much more consideration.

  • 76.Half-Life
    The thing is I played Half Life 2 1st and in comparison HL1 is simply inferior, not bad, but not amazing either.

  • Only one of mine in the first quarter. Not surprised, as I'm super picky and tend towards the all-time greats. ^_^

  • Let me get this right, Zone Of The Enders beat out Metal Gear Solid 2. I figured most people only bought Zone Of The Enders to play the demo of MGS2, I know I did.

    I remember beating ZOTE but never revisited it but I kept playing that MGS2 demo disc.

    MGS2 is not a game I'll forget for a long time, one of the most intense and difficult games for me personally (on the hardest difficulty) especially the fight against the metal gears. Also going through those virtual missions was an endurance test, must have gone through every emotion during these.

    I love the final boss fight, I still load up my most recent save file and replay it, once I worked out how every enemy attack could be dodged, countered or impeded I came to appreciate it a lot more.

  • @robert7lee Actually it was ZOE2 :P

  • @bard91 my eyes! These glasses do nothing!

    Teaches me not to read properly....oops

  • @Oscillator Yeah, only one I've gotten so far is DQ8.

  • interesting to see dark souls 3 on the list it didnt make my list i love the series and the game however there are 3 better games in the series just hoping they appear (im sure they will)

    ffx is a good pick while not my favorite in the series but a top notch rpg a little constrictive in the exploration but its was their first ps2 rpg loving the diversity in the games so far

  • A GOTY list with four Souls games is a GOTY list made in 2016...

  • Honestly if you had the same countdown in ten years time and no other Souls game came out, It'd only mean one less Souls game on the list I imagine and it'd be between Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3.

  • @Musou-Tensei I agree. While there's no question how important HL1 was to the fps genre, I think HL2 is and will probably continue to be the "timeless masterpiece" for some time

  • @tokeeffe9 dark souls 3 perfected the gameplay however dark souls 1 will always get the edge with the world the world in that game is something that will never be matched

  • @tokeeffe9 said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    Honestly if you had the same countdown in ten years time and no other Souls game came out, It'd only mean one less Souls game on the list I imagine and it'd be between Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3.

    He says, in 2016.

    It's like if I said the only way to make RPGs was open world with dialogue trees and moral choices.


  • @Haru17 To be fair, Dark Souls is 5 years old, and Demon's Souls is 7 1/2. To me, their overwhelming popularity demonstrates the quality and longevity of an incredibly well-crafted formula. I've played through every game multiple times, got all the platinums, and am still hungry for more. Yes, I agree the series should take time off, lest it become stagnant. But it still deserves every spot it occupies on this list.

    Post Script: I only put one entry from the franchise on my list, but I am still happy to see it show up (likely) more than once.

  • @Billy There were open world games before 2000, but they've only become a fad by now (technically by about 2015). The chatter about Souls reached shout-level by around 2014, to my recollection.

    The perception of every game evolves over time, as Souls' already has. It would be significantly shortsighted to say that Souls' first evolution — from "this is hard" to "this is challenging" — will be its last.

  • @Haru17 Yeah, you're right that its popularity has catapulted to a fever pitch this year and last. OG Dark Souls was still sort of a niche game at launch, picking up its fans over time. It's very "cool" to like Dark Souls now, and mayhap that'll change in time. But I still think their quality has left indelible marks on many of its players that won't soon be forgotten.

  • FFX is the lazy gamers RPG, and I love it for that. There's nothing rushing you, no ATB bar so you can take as long as you want and consider every possible action. Until you use a limit break.

    There's also Blitzball!

    What's not to like?

  • So far this is pretty damn good list! I thought some of the games revealed would be higher on the list (e.g. Half-Life, Silent Hill 2) so I'm interested to see how the rest plays out. I'm wondering where the rest of my picks will come, Star Fox 64 Silent Hill 2 are the first ones to make the list!

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    @robert7lee That god damn Blitzball! or "How Lotias lost his will to live trying to win the cup". Its almost like its impossible to win the cup, I mean like if you manage to score in the last game, the NPC becomes like "Super mega goku epic blitz mode" and you couldnt win

  • @Haru17 its not like saying that at all. I'm saying good games get remembered. It's why we'll see both MGS1 & MGS3 much higher up the list.

    You can bookmark that quote for later too :)