The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • Of COURSE Overwatch is here! I think this is the highest numbered voted game to appear so far with 7 votes. Just goes to show the polish and popularity the game has. After the retrospective, Human Revolution looks like an interesting game, but I've had my fill.

    @Lotias Actually its not as difficult if you know the system: Get the Jecht Shot on the boat, and when the game comes, play keep away as much as possible and get the ball to Tidus. You'll only get one, MAYBE two shots per half, so you need to make them count. Once I figured that out, I've won it on the first try the last few times I've played the game. You are right though: Luca Goers at that point ARE "Super mega goku epic blitz mode." And they SUCK!!

  • 75. Overwatch
    Wastes great characters on a MP only game, which is something I have no interest in.

    74. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    One of the very few games where I prefer the german dub, Jensen's english voice just doesn't sits well with me. Also one of the very few multiplat games where I find that the Wii U version is superior, thanks to the gamepad which makes the hacking more fun.

  • @Musou-Tensei I agree the german dub for Human Revolution is really good, i'm so used to the english by now though that i haven't played Mankind Divided in german yet!

  • Fellow allies, I have a hard time keeping up with the new releases of @Exist-2-Inspire for the TOP 100, but here is my take on the ones I have just read:

    85 - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: I'm expecting te see most of the mainline Zelda games on this list, I nominated some as well, but I didn't vote for this one, because I personally like some other entries more.

    84 - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3: I'm happy it got on the list, I expected P3 to be a little higher, it really deserves a lot of recognition, it is my first game of the Persona series I have ever played and really love it.

    BUT I nominated some other Shin Megami Tensei games who I feel need some more recognition, so I didn't vote for P3. But thank you to @SabotageTheTruth, @bard91 and @FF7Cloud !!!

    For anyone who doubts its legitimacy on this list, P3 simply takes every element that makes Shin Megami a revolutionary series, and improves upon its charm. It's not just about its astounding RPG environment, but that special care in the relationship between NPC 's, main and secondary characters as well!

    83 - Hotline Miami: Awesome game, I love both the original and its sequel, I just had so many other games I wanted to nominate, but good job fellow allies for getting it on the list this high!

    82 - Undertale: I'm still playing it and really enjoy its fun style and take on the genre, it is just to early for me to consider it for a nomination on a top 30 list, and I think its impact on gaming and the RPG genre is a little overestimated, but I respect the allies who nominated it!

    81 - Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner: This is the first entry on the list which I haven't nominated but feel bad for not voting on it.

    I loved ZOE II so much back in the day, I even started collecting the anime of ZOE. I bought the game on release in 2003, I was so hyped because I could play a mecha action title produced by one of the greatest geniuses in the games industry, Hideo Kojima, sprinkled with beautiful anime style cutscenes, AND IT DELIVERED! Everything the first game was not, and far more. Not only did the developers correct, expand and improve upon every aspect, they made one of the most utterly perfect synergies of gameplay, direction and storytelling that I've ever witnessed.

    I'm ashamed I didn't vote for it myself, so thanks @Lotias, @DanteThePyro, @Joetown and @jsackel for nominating it, love and respect :heart:

    80 - Dark Souls III: I haven't played it yet myself, but the universal recognition it has gotten from fans and critics alike makes me wonder why it isn't even higher on this list!

    79 - Mass Effect 3: One of the better RPG's made not in Japan, but I think ME 2 deserves more recognition than the third one, certainly because you also need to buy DLC to get the ending the series deserved, which is NOT okay in my book!

    78 - Silent Hill 2: Silent Hill 2 is one of the scariest games on PS2, the atmospheric gloom is incredible and it has a great soundtrack!

    It deserves some nominations, good job @Sheria, @Churchy and @SabotageTheTruth, but I never expected it to be this high up!!

    77 - Final Fantasy X: FFX, where do I start, one of the Final Fantasies I have spent the most time with and absolutely enjoyed. I wanted to vote for it so bad, but I just love the PSX-era Final Fantasies even more, so it didn't make my list in the end.

    Still, this game is the reason most of us actually went out and bought a brand-new PS2! The strength of the story, it really is underappreciated I feel, the battle system and the combination of clever dialogue and some impressive visuals at the time it got released, makes it A MUST PLAY, certainly with the remaster edition, and I feel it got a nice place on this TOP 100 list, so thank you @Brannox, @Nillend, @SabotageTheTruth and @jipostus !!!

    76 - Half-Life: The only thing I can say about one of the most important games created and released in gaming EVER, is that I am surprised it only got to place 76 on this list!

    75 - Overwatch: I haven't played it yet, but I feel for a multiplayer-only game released not too long ago, its importance and relevance on a TOP 100-list can only be considered after a certain time has passed since its release, but I respect the voters, they must have had a blast with Overwatch.

    74 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The last one I need to comment on, but certainly not the least one!

    This game revitalized the Deus Ex franchise on its own, which is impressive considering a lot of its fans didn't like the second entry. I have nominated another game of the series, so I decided not to vote for this one, but that doesn't mean I think anything less of Human Revolution.

    Thank you @Exist-2-Inspire, @NCartwright15 , @DanteThePyro, @jipostus and @MCRMJ !

    Love & Respect :purple_heart:

  • Please make sure to listen to this as you read and respond to this list.

  • I keep wondering if/where my number 1 is going to place. With every post, I'm relieved to see it not rank so low.. but what if it didn't make it? What if the greatest game ever created gets no respect? That's a world with a very bleak future.

  • I didn't vote for Overwatch just because that one still feels a bit too soon for me but I reckon it'll make it next time we do a vote.

  • @BlazingBahamut First off, WOW what a post. Second, YES on your points for FFX! and finally Love & Respect to you also!!

    @TokyoSlim Yes. Just Yes. I wonder make it mandated listening material. Hmmmm....

    @SabotageTheTruth As long as my number 1 makes it, I'm fine. Top 10 is where I want it, Top 25 is where I hope it is, Top 50 is where I expect it. And now that I've said that, it'll be in the next batch.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Honestly, I'm almost certain that not even 10 games from my list will make it to this one. Even my number one. Hopefully there will be place for it between all Zeldas and Marios and other Nintendo games that are bound to occupy the top, but I doubt it.

  • @Nillend Oh I know for a fact HALF of mine WON'T. But it's cool: What makes this so great is I get to see every one else's. I know what games I like, but it's a LOT better to know what games are held in high regard by others.

  • @Nillend If a Zelda game doesn't take top spot (probably Ocarina), I'd assume Chrono Trigger will probably be there. Unless all of us are excellent trolls and ranked Knack at number one.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh crap, I didn't think of that :frowning: I'm now legitimately worried.

  • Don't worry. It wasn't me. I've never even played Knack (The Game of the Generation)

  • Hmm. I didn't vote for a single Mario or Zelda. They just haven't played any role in my gaming life, even if they're great games, like they are.

  • The Real question is... where is The Witcher III?

  • @Sentinel-Beach I voted for two Marios, but they were not super high, Zelda hasn't had much effect on me either (I usually think they are a bit overated tbh)

  • CoD4 Modern Warfare - The first CoD I've ever played and put so much time into.

    Kingdom Hearts II - I'm happy this made the list. It's a game I claim to be one of my all-time favorites and I think it's the first game I beat as a kid.

    Dragon Quest VIII - I have fond memories of watching my sister play this.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 - I wish my 6th-Grade self wasn't too intimidated by these games. I ended up watching full walkthroughs of both of them instead.

    Persona 3 - I love this game. Even though it's #84, I'm just super glad it's on here.

    Undertale - I felt like such a poser for liking this game's characters and music because I never played it.

    Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - YYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!

    Dark Souls III - I will play this eventually.

    Overwatch - I haven't played this game in 2 months. I was hoping to get back into it when Ana was released but still have not found the time. Maybe I'll jump back in when Sombra gets added.

  • alt text
    73. Halo 2 (2004) - 78 Points - 5 Votes - Highest Vote: #9 DanteThePyro, Pyro

    Developer: Bungie
    Publisher: Microsoft
    Genre: first person shooter
    Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, XBOX

    In the sequel to Halo, Spartan-117, better known as the Master Chief, has returned to Earth, where he is promptly needed: despite all precautions taken, the Covenant have discovered the location of humanity's homeworld and are launching their attack. For some reason, however, their fleet is much smaller than expected. To solve this mystery, the Chief must return to the stars, learning more about the mysterious Halo rings and their constructors. Meanwhile, the Covenant Elite who commanded the fleet at the Halo construct is blamed for the destruction of the ring and branded a heretic. The High Prophets grant him another chance, however: he is made the Arbiter, a special operative for the Prophets, ordered to carry out impossible missions. He will be dealing with dissent and rebellion among the Covenant - a conflict where he might find himself to be on the wrong side.

    The player controls both the Chief and the Arbiter in Halo 2, a first-person-shooter in the same style as the first game. Its main gameplay characteristics are the same: only two weapons can be carried at a time (leading to a tactical choice as to which are to be taken), instead of a standard health points system there is the recharging energy shield (leading to an emphasis on finding cover during firefights), AI-controlled teammates will fight along the protagonist, and there are lots of sections involving vehicles.

    Other Votes: NCartwright15 (14.), Haru17 (19.), MiserablePerson (26.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    72. Katamari Damacy (2004) - 79 Points - 4 Votes - Highest Vote: #6 Inustar

    Developer: Namco
    Publisher: Namco
    Genre: Puzzle, Action
    Platform(s): PlayStation 2

    The King of All Cosmos accidentally destroyed the stars and—having recovered—wants the prince to rebuild them. Unfortunately the prince stands a little less than half a foot tall, so recreating the stars will require some effort. Enter the Katamari, a sphere the prince can push around our world to “roll up” items increasing the Katamari’s size until it’s suitable for the King. Taking place in stylized versions of Japanese houses, cities, and environs, the prince pushes the Katamari around collecting items which adhere to it. At first, the prince can only pick up smaller items, but as the Katamari grows, the more it can collect. Push pins and paper clips cling to the Katamari increasing its size so it can roll over obstacles and pick up bigger items. Over many levels, the Katamari can eventually pick up people, cars, and other bigger items.

    *Players steer the Katamari from a third-person perspective using the analog sticks on the PS2. A tutorial stage takes the player through the controls and sets up the story as well as introducing a side story about a Japanese girl who can feel the cosmos. Wanting to challenge the prince, the King sets requirements on the Katamari’s size and sets time limits on the level. Bonus missions restore constellations and have their own restrictions. *

    Other Votes: jsackel (23.), Karu (9.), Tokyo Slim (7.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • 73. Halo 2
    Great FPS with some repetitive level designs.

    72. Katamari Damacy
    I love Katamari but this one was never released in europe, I got it now on PSN but havn't gotten around to play it yet.

  • Between the two newest entries, I can only speak on Halo 2. I understand the appeal of this particular Halo, introducing another protagonist, being more cinematic, and of course, the birth of Xbox Live. I think the only thing that really holds this back is the abrupt ending, but its not so terrible. It's remaster in the Master Chief Collection was my introduction to the game, although I played every main Halo, including Reach and 4, before it. With Halo 2 here, I expect to Halo 3 somewhere well down the line.