The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

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    @Brannox Yeah! I mean 4 were alright and a good bit of fun, but it started to loose much of its "halo-ness". I am so glad that I only watched a playthrough of Halo 5s campaign. The story never reaches Bungies potential.

    Yeah The Flood are beyond terrible! sometimes I have played halo 3 campaign up to that point, then just restart or jump over it just to avoid it haha

  • Halo 3 was great and I remember being obsessed with it. I played it a ton with my cousin. I would always go to his house to play the campaign with him; after that, we hopped into online multiplayer and played it split-screen.

  • @Oscillator I hear you about the locations. I really like the parallelism in Halo 2 (legit probably one of the best opening cutscenes), but if you miss a few lines then you won't understand the significance of High Charity or it getting infected with the flood. Playing 3 helped with that, I think (not for nothing, they're the same story really).

  • @Haru17 said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    @Oscillator I hear you about the locations. I really like the parallelism in Halo 2 (legit probably one of the best opening cutscenes), but if you miss a few lines then you won't understand the significance of High Charity or it getting infected with the flood. Playing 3 helped with that, I think (not for nothing, they're the same story really).

    3 Is a far better story than 2. Not quite as straightforward as 1, but it's still pretty easy to tell what's going on. And the cinematics/setpieces are excellent.

    Gameplay's better than 2 as well. Less mechanical, more free, better balanced. But it's slow, and the addition of equipment was unnecessary. Paved the way for armor abilities in Reach...ugh.

    FPSes are best when they're stripped down and fast...though COD may take that too far. You have to have SOME depth...

  • Checked my list again, and now I'm feeling more confident than before: I say 15 games of mine will make the list. Even if I still have just one there now. This is a console-heavy place, after all.

  • 69. Mario Kart 64
    Great fun racer, I even want to say it's still my favorite Mario Kart.

    68. Halo 3
    Great Halo game.

  • Sorry team, I have another monster post talking about games 82-68. I simply can't keep up. As always, if you want me to expand on anything that I've said here, feel free to reply or to DM me.

    82. Undertale - Ooo, Undertale, I feel some ways about you. I love how this game has touched so many people, but I just can't get my head around the magnitude of the fan base's love for this game. I like Undertale fine - it's super charming and funny - but I think it has some major flaws. kind of sums up how I feel rather well. I respect those who love Undertale; it just didn't quite work for me. As always just message me if you want to talk more about it.

    81. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - I completely missed this game. I've never played non-Metal Gear Kojima game so this may actually be really cool to check out. Mostly it's fun to see games I know nothing about making it onto a Top 100 list!

    80. Dark Souls III - This is certainly the first of many souls-borne games on this list. I haven't played much of the souls games but I definitely respect them and I believe that they will remain some of the highest regarded games of all time. From what I've heard about DS3 I'm surprised it didn't rank higher than the other souls games (though maybe it did), and I believe that in a few years time DS3 will come out on top of the previous Dark Souls. Hopefully I can eventually muster up the strength to get into this series.

    79. Mass Effect 3 - Bravo @Inustar for being bold enough to proudly put ME3 as your favourite game of all time. So much controversy around this game, but regardless of anything else ME3 is a mechanically masterful game and deserves its spot among the best games of all time.

    78. Silent Hill 2 - Such a cool game. Such an artful game for the time. I personally don't have enough experience with Silent Hill 2 to be able to put in on my list but his game is incredibly important for the survival horror genre and arguably one of the best stories in the history of games.

    77. Final Fantasy X - The first of what is sure to be many Final Fantasy's to hit the list. I can't speak much to any Final Fantasy so I won't try to.

    76. Half-Life - A revolution in the FPS genre, an absolute classic, and an obvious addition to this list. All that needs to be said.

    75. Overwatch (Personal Ranking: 26 ) - I didn't think that Overwatch would make it onto my top 30, but as I made the list I kept having to admit that I like Overwatch more than many of the other games I hold dear. I have never enjoyed an online multiplayer game more than Overwatch. The art drew me in immediately and the rush has kept me there for over 150 hours. If any of you have wanted to get into Overwatch but don't have friends playing it feel free to add me on PC at DeweyDecibel#1564. We have a great group of people we play with regularly and would love to have you join us!

    74. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Such a good example of a reboot. The boss fights may have been problematic at launch but Human Revolution still honoured the pedigree of its predecessor. I'm interested to see if we'll be seeing the original surpass HR and how Mankind Divided and its sequel will be remembered in the future.

    73. Halo 2 - Another series I have barely touched. Halo 2 basically represents the birth of Xbox live and online FPS multiplayer. This is a very important game and absolutely deserves to be here.

    72. Katamari Damacy - I had so much fun playing this game. So much charm and absurdity! That said, I wasn't expecting to see it here so I'm pleasantly surprised.

    71. Super Metroid - I didn't have a SNES growing up so I missed Super Metroid, but it is definitely on my shortlist of games I need to play on my n3DS. I love watching the Super Metroid speedrun at each GDQ and am very excited to be an absolute scrub when I play it for the first time.

    70. StarCraft - I completely forgot about RTS games when doing my top 30, so I'm so glad others didn't. There is no question that Starcraft deserves to be in the top 100 - it is a masterfully balanced RTS and saw over 10 years as one of the biggest games in esports. I'm just curious to see whether we'll be seeing Warcraft 3 or even DOTA surpass it on this list.

    69. Mario Kart 64 - Mario Kart 64 is full of good memories. I continue to play this game with friends 20 years later. That said, I don't see it as the strongest game in the series, but it certainly is the game I remember most fondly.

    68. Halo 3 - I don't have much to say about Halo 3 either. I certainly recognise the significance of of every Halo game but they were never the games for me.


  • @DeweyDecibel Its all good. I enjoy reading them so know that your effort is not going unappreciated.

    Love & Respect to you as well.

  • I''m perfectly fine with both of these! I personally put the most recent Mario Kart as my choice for the franchise, since to me it's simply the most variety in both its track design and gameplay. Those graphics are a thing of beauty, and I like how they actually put effort into the remastered tracks (unlike the wii version) I will say that they butchered battle mode, though, which is clearly the best on 64.

  • I find Mario Kart 64 to be much more charming than Mario Kart 8 in all repects, especially the music and sound effects. I adore the whole 90's early 3D aesthetic. The gameplay is snappier too.

    And speaking of the soundtrack...

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Super Metroid
    A great game that I return to here and there. It didn't leave much of an impact on me though.

    I couldn't get into it personally. I was playing a lot of C&C and Warcraft and a friend of mine really wanted me to be into StarCraft but despite numerous attempts, it just never clicked.

    Mario Kart 64
    The best in the series in my opinion. I still play it regularly.

    Halo 3
    I enjoyed it, but as with all of the Halo games, they never amazed me.

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  • @Oscillator I can dig it. I know the popular opinion is that MK64 is the best in the series, and I totally understand why. It is pretty sublime!
    Actually, the game I played the most in the series was Mario Kart Wii, which I think is objectively one of the worst entries. There was just one summer where all of my friends would come over to play wiffle ball every day, and then after we'd play Mario Kart for like 6 hours as we drank Monin Italian sodas in my living room. I think it was like, the last summer before we started drinking with more consistency, so I remember it really fondly.

  • Mario Kart 64 is here! The third of my picks to appear! I had a hard time picking from this, Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 8, but this took it.

    A huge part of it is nostalgia and all the happy memories I have with it, but damn this game has so much charm its ridiculous. The course design is fantastic, the soundtrack is ridiculously jolly and the battle mode is still the best on a home console Mario Kart. I love you Mario Kart 64. I love you. :heart_eyes:

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    67. TimeSplitters 2 (2000) - 82 Points - 6 Votes - Highest Vote: #12 tokeeffe9, Brandon_Reister

    Developer: Free Radical Design
    Publisher: Eidos
    Genre: First Person Shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 2, XBOX, Nintendo GameCube

    The TimeSplitters are an evil race dwelling outside of time and space. Roused from an ancient sleep, they cross the threshold from their shadowy dimension, ripping through the fabric of time itself to make humanity history. Can we unite against a common enemy? Or will we be condemned forever to a realm ruled under the shadow of the TimeSplitters. In the 1-player game you travel from time to time to collect different artifacts before the Timesplitters can. The multiplayer game is 4-player Deathmatch with the option of adding several bots.

    Other Votes: NCartwright15 (24.), Divinity (23.), jipostus (20.), benoit489 (13.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    66. Bioshock Infinite (2013) - 83 Points - 6 Votes - Highest Vote: #5 Joetown

    Developer: Irrational Games
    Publisher: 2K Games
    Genre: First Person Shooter
    Platform(s): XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

    In BioShock Infinite the player becomes detective Booker DeWitt who is forced to find a young woman Elizabeth to pay off his debts. She is held captive in the floating city of Columbia in alternate version of 1912. During his travels Booker encounters different factions within the city who are battling one another. The Founders want Columbia to remain a city only for pure Americans while the Vox Populi think the city should be available to anyone. The setting is built around the idea of exceptionalism with a strong religious doctrine and open racism. Elizabeth is a key piece within this conflict and has a mysterious origin including her powers to cause tears in the fabric of space-time, exposing parallel universes. Booker and Elizabeth remain together most of the game and she acts on her own. She does not need to be defended, tosses ammo and silver eagle coins to Booker and can be asked to pick locks. They are hunted down by the spiritual leader Comstock and his troops, along with the giant mechanical Songbird.

    The game uses similar gameplay styles and mechanics found in previous BioShock games. Vigors give the player super powers to do a variety of things such as sending a murder of crows to peck away enemies or charming enemies to defend you. Another one is possession used to take over humans or machines to temporarily turn them into allies. Once the effect wears off, the possessed humans will commit suicide. Most vigors have multiple uses either as a direct attack or as a much stronger trap awaiting to be triggered. Booker can also be upgraded through four types of gear with permanent bonuses similar to the gene tonics in the previous games. Different types can be equipped according to the situation. The typical FPS array of weapons can be found throughout the game like pistols, shotguns, and rifles. One of the more notable weapons is the Sky Hook which can be used as a melee weapon to take down an enemy. Money can be exchanged at vending machines for upgrades and consumables. Items are found by looting barrels, desks and enemies. Vigors can only be executed when a sufficient amount of salt has been collected. The three main bars visible on the screen (health, salt and shield) can be extended by locating and using infusions. The story is also furthered through optional voxophones (audio logs) and kinetoscopes (film projectors).

    Other Votes: tokeeffe9 (23.), Lotias (19.), Sentinel Beach (27.), Browarr (24.), SabotageTheTruth (6.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Timesplitters 2 was my childhood. I loved that game so much. Easily the most fun I've had with a multilayer fps game.

    Playing the snow level with the tower with just rocket launchers. Or the virus game mode... The memories.

    Also I do love Infinite. I know it's not the best shooter out there and it makes no sense at times but I just loved that environment and the characters.

  • Holy shit, how did I forget about Timesplitters 2??

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    67. TimeSplitters 2
    SO glad this made the list! I remember playing this a lot growing up and it really left an impact on me! awesome multiplayer worth playing even today.

    66. Bioshock Infinite
    Second Bioshock game I played. Even if it got a bit dragged out in the middle it left so many memories with me. I spent like an hour in the first 10 minutes of the game and the ending were a real "mindf*ck" for me. It got fun references and solid gameplay.. also the best companion in a game ever? I still listen to the soundtrack now and then <3

  • I can't speak to TimeSplitters 2, but Bioshock: Infinite is a game I have mixed feelings on. To start, I have only played it once, and I enjoyed it, to some extent. I have from time to time thought it would be good to have a second go at it, but I never really got fully behind the idea. Its a fun game, with the combat arenas really alive with open areas that are accentuated with the rails for speedy traversal and the story is interesting. I think what ultimately has me stopped from replaying is the story. Because I know the twist, I need to go back and see what was always staring me in the face, but the back half of the game was.... I'm going to call it a headache. Also, a BIG shoutout to "By and By." Love that song.