The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • Okami is a good call. I didn't spend a lot of time playing it, but I'm always for media that doesn't make a total mockery of Japanese mythology.

  • @Brannox after my top 15-20 things got really hard

  • @FF7Cloud For me, I came up with about 27 or 28 I had to think a while to come up with the remainder. This isn't to say I only like the 30, its just I wondered what I felt should be deserving of my personal 30. It was easy to order the first 6 or 7 and finish out the last 5 or 6. It was the middle that was the nightmare.

  • @BlazingBahamut @NCartwright15 High-five!

    I'm surprised Baldur's Gate II didn't get more votes, is it a case of it being forgotten, or not many Allies being PC players (I'm not really one myself)? This makes me worried for the rest of my list haha, I thought this one was going to be an easy Top 50 at the very least. :)

    Anyway, I just posted this in another thread, but I'll put it back here to explain my choice:

    Just thinking I played this entire trilogy (I'm counting Throne of Bhaal as a third game essentially) over the span of several years, traveled to so many places, met so many characters, fought so many battles... That was without a doubt the biggest adventure I've had in gaming.
    But the one thing that makes it stand out even more is that as I grew up playing this series, my role-playing evolved too. I started out as a goody-two-shoes paladin, always picking the good option because I like to see myself as a good person. Ah, the innocence of youth.
    And as I progressed through those games over the years, I found myself responding a lot more cynically to NPCs, accepting a lot less bullshit from them, etc. To the point where I was still a "good guy", but not a carpet anymore. So just like in any good story, my character followed an arc and was changed by the end of it. But it wasn't my character, it was me. Realizing this in retrospect made a huge impression.
    And I honestly don't think there's ever going to be another game that impactful in my life.

  • I've always wanted to play Okami, what would you say is the definitive version to play it today?

  • The HD version on PS3 is the absolute best way to play Okami. There's a case to be made about the Wii versions controls, but after playing all three versions I enjoyed HD the most. But I will say that the game is beautiful and a joy to play regardless of the version.

  • Maybe I should have considered Okami for my list, I got the first 15 fairly easily, but in the bottom of the list I have some dubious choices, I just didn't want to spend a lot of time on it, but Okami may have been a better choice than some of the other games on my list.

  • I've gotten through the first few areas in Okami (Wii version), and it's not bad. Looks and sounds great, fantastic atmosphere, but though it tries to be deep with all kinds of moves, items, and levelling, the enemies are as dumb as a bag of hammers, making each battle play very similar, and between battles, the amount of hunting around for collectables and secrets is tedious. The Wii controls work well the majority of the time, but the battle camera is a pain to deal with, and the Celestial Brush demands a bit too much precision.

  • Okami's a great, 10/10 Zelda game. It's not better than Twilight Princess, but it is miles above The Wind Waker. So... eff the rest of the list ;)

  • alt text
    63. Xenogears (1998) - 85 Points - 4 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 MCRMJ

    Developer: Square
    Publisher: Square
    Genre: RPG
    Platform(s): PlayStation

    A war has been raging on the continent of Ignas between the Kislev Empire to the north and the kingdom of Aveh in the south. It has gone for so long that people have forgotten the cause. As a mysterious organization known as "Ethos" introduces an ancient technology in form of huge mega-robots, the tides are turning. Gebler, a military organization with an unknown agenda, is pulling the strings and supports Aveh to regain its authority over Kislev.

    A failed attempt to steal one of Kislev's new Gears, a giant robot named "Weltall", leads to a fight between a group of Gebler and Kislev guards in the remote town of Lahan in the outskirts of Aveh. One of the villagers, Fei Fong Wong, impulsively takes possession of "Weltall" and steers it to fight. As Fei's best friend Timothy is killed during the battle, he releases a massive wave of energy and destroys the whole village together with one of his close friends, Alice. After this tragedy, Fei is blamed for the destruction of the village and the death of his friends. Pursued by military governments and mysterious forces, Fei sets out on an epic quest for answers and his own forgotten past.

    Other Votes: Sheria (14.), Inustar (13.), SabotageTheTruth (11.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    62. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) - 87 Points - 4 Votes - Highest Vote: #7 Billy

    Developer: HAL Laboratory
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): GameCube

    The sequel to HAL Laboratory's Super Smash Bros., which pitted Nintendo characters against each other, ups the ante by including more levels, more characters, and more game modes.The game is a Nintendo fighting game with different rules to it. Instead of knocking your opponent's health down, you knock him or her out of the battle field. You choose from the wealth of Nintendo characters like Mario, Bowser, Yoshi, different Pokémon, and even Link and then either fight through the single-player portion, featuring modes like Classic, Adventure, and Event Mode or battle it out with your friends in a four-player frenzy. More characters and stages are unlocked as hidden objectives are met, and coins rewarded for playing in all modes can be spent on a capsule toy machine. The toys in the machine represent games from Nintendo's entire video game history, and each can be viewed in 3D with a brief description. Also, with the simplified fighting controls, it's pretty easy for even your non-gaming friends to just pick-up and play.

    Other Votes: Oscillator (13.), Churchy (8.), naltmank (9.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • xenogears is a game ive emjoyed ive never finished so i didnt include it on my list

    melee is a another game i enjoyed but just wasnt a top 30 coice for me

  • Yes!! Melee!!! I've put so much time into that game (and all the others). I'm not one of those people who say the others are trash comparatively, but Melee is my favorite iteration. The characters just have a satisfying weight and precision to them. All the modes work together to provide a complete package to enjoy solo or with friends. I obsessed over obtaining every trophy, stage, and unlockable. Of note is Event Mode, which gives you preset conditions for a battle. So much fun and variety in themes and challenges. And the multiplayer! I still have a small group of friends that get together regularly for Smash (I currently hold our rotating trophy). Just a great game with limitless depth for multiplayer fun coupled with the very best of Nintendo nostalgia, which is a powerful blend indeed.

  • After watching gameplay vids of Xenogears I defiantly want a remaster version, touch up here and there. I would jump straight into it.

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    63. Xenogears
    I was close to put this on my list, but since it already were JRPG heavy I decided to put it a side (and hope others would vote for it). It was really good at the time and even if its old I remember it to look amazing at the time, at least in my young eyes.

    62. Super Smash Bros. Melee
    I've never REALLY been a fan of these "heros fighting in arena" type games, yet some of my closest friends LOVED this which ended up in multiple weekends where we did internal tournaments until early in the morning fighting each other in different ways. So it still got some value to me haha

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    61. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997) - 87 Points - 6 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 SabotageTheTruth

    Developer: Konami
    Publisher: Konami
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation, Sega Saturn

    Five years ago, Richter Belmont, the latest in the Belmont lineage and the one destined to be a Vampire Hunter, defeated Dracula in a brutal battle which nearly cost him the love of his life, Annette, and her sister, Maria. Now, Richter has suddenly vanished, Dracula's castle has mysteriously reappeared, and Maria, now a young woman, sets off to find Richter. Alucard, the son of Dracula, is awakened from his eternal slumber after this large shift in power, and enters into the castle to find some answers and confront his own father.

    Symphony of the Night is a direct sequel to Rondo of Blood. Unlike the previous installments of the series, the game is set in a castle which the player can explore freely with many different paths, although often items in certain areas need to be found that will allow passage to others. The action-based gameplay incorporates now strong RPG elements. The hero receives experience points for defeating enemies, gains levels and becomes more powerful. There is also money to be found in the game, and various accessories to buy. In a separate screen, players need to equip attack weapons, shields and other items. Magic plays an important role, as well as secondary weapons and a large amount of "special moves" that are executed similar to advanced one-on-one fighting games.

    Other Votes: Pyro (16.), tokeffee (24.), Axel (25.), blakynt (25.), Divinity (7.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    60. Fallout 3 (2008) - 89 Points - 6 Votes - Highest Vote: #9 MiserablePerson, SabotageTheTruth

    Developer: Bethesda
    Publisher: Bethesda
    Genre: Action RPG
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows

    After World War II, rapid technology development carried humans towards a supposedly bright future, fulfilling their eternal dream. But eventually war raged again and in the year 2077, the dream suddenly came to a halt and mushroom clouds dominated the sky. A few communities survived in their underground bunkers called "Vaults"; others mutated heavily. Overall, what was left of the world was nothing more than a nuclear wasteland filled with ruins of a once great civilization. Two hundred years later, the human kind slowly but surely leaves the vaults and reclaims the lands of Earth. The protagonist is one of them. As a member of Vault 101 in the wasteland surrounding the city formerly known as Washington D.C. and now called "Capital Wasteland", raised under the tight rule of the Overseer and the watchful eye of his father, he doesn't know anything about what is outside. But on his nineteenth birthday, his father unexpectedly leaves the vault. The hero's goal is to find him, learning part of the truth about what the Overseer concealed all these years on the way.

    *Fallout 3 is a role-playing game with elements of a 3D shooter. It retains many elements of the previous games in the series, while somewhat shifting the emphasis from social interaction and ethical role-playing to exploration of an open, continuous 3D world and combat. The player is free to explore the game's world from the beginning, visiting many optional locations, talking to characters and completing side quests. The main quest line, however, is largely linear, posing moral choices to the player only during its final phase. *

    Other Votes: Browarr (12.), Inustar (14.), Faaip (26.), Divinity (27.),

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • 62. Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Oh, boy. This game. This game changed everything for me. I remember getting the first issue of NGC magazine which came with a free orange VHS cassette, filled with footage from E3 2001.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee was the game that blew my fucking balls off. As young 11 year old, I'd played the first Super Smash Bros. to death. Seeing what would become the game's intro (plus a bit of extra game footage) astounded me. I couldn't believe what the GameCube was capable of and how the leap from one generation to the next was taking place. The visuals were incredible, the sound was unbelievable, the speed of the game running was unimaginable - and the way that intro was put together inspired unreachable levels of joy and wonder in me.

    It was the main reason I bought a GameCube and I've never regretted it.

  • @Exist-2-Inspire A totally weird thing to notice, but your on-going listing in the #2 post of the thread should have a different division. You have the games in batches of ten, which looks neat, but the first one has 11, which means you won't have a final top 10 that way, but final 9. If you get what I mean.

    Sorry, I'm weird like this. That just bugs me a bit. :P

  • fallout 3 is the first big surprise of the list i feel new vegas and ever 4 are better games

  • @Billy I probably should have put it on my list. I do the same thing with a group of my friends from high school. Started off as just a fun thing to do with people I haven't seen in 5 years and now they're all taking it a little more seriously and trying to learn tech. It's a hell of a game.

  • I don't know why, but I have this feeling that Knack is going to show up sooner or later. I honestly don't know why I feel like it.