The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • @Haru17 Zelda will likely be on this list a bunch. The problem is, different people like different entries, so it'll split the vote. Personally, my favorite is the Wind Waker. I just really really love the ocean. But there are so many good ones, so we'll see.

    One really nice thing about this list: it'll be a checklist of many wonderful games I should make a priority to play through.

  • Ugh, Wind Waker people. I played that game as a child, before Twilight and after Ocarina. Guys... 7.8.

    Still deserves to be on this list, but maybe in 78th place ;)

  • @Haru17 I hold the same feelings for Partners in Time, so there!

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    Oh I didnt put ICO on my list cause I thought it would get many votes anyway.. damn xD

  • @Billy But Partners in Time — all Mario & Luigi games really — is an 8. 8.5 at best.

    Zelda starts with Wind Waker at 10, climbs to 11 with Ocarina, and Majora and Twilight are sitting somewhere up around 13-14.

    Seriously dude, there were two good things Wind Waker added to the franchise: combat options and the deku leaf. The only game that surpasses it in terms of limited item selection is Skyward Sword, and the only game that had fewer dungeons was Majora's Mask (among 3D titles).

    It's a great game, as I've said, but the story really isn't there and it just felt like a holding pattern for Zelda, turning it into a normative sandbox game.

  • @Haru17 I've got it in mine! I think I went with Ocarina and Twilight trying to keep no more than 2 games per series in my list

  • I'm kind of surprised The Witness and ICO made it. I'm thinking this pretty much guarantees SOTC is higher on the list...

  • @Haru17 Haha, I meant I played it in the middle of superstar saga and inside story, and it's in third place among those. Yes, I love Zelda games. For me, the Wind Waker play is more about nostalgia and atmosphere. I can't say it's objectively the best, but it hit all the right notes for me.

  • @Billy Alright, haha. I'll stop biting your head off about my Zelda passions ;)

    @Faaip That's awesome. I oscillate between Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time all the time. They're just such different games that my appreciation of them changes almost with my mood. And I wouldn't have the discipline to keep it down to two games per series at all. Too much of a Zelda fanboy, haha.

  • First off, once agian, @Exist-2-Inspire , you're doing awesome work! More thanks to you for this idea!!

    I will only speak on games I have either played, or have some interest in. With that being said:

    CoD 4: MW - I don't like CoD in general, but this entry is one I feel is halfway decent. It is also the game that has my most aggravating achievement: Mile High Club. $#@% Veteran difficulty.

    The Witness - Had some interest in this, but eventually decided against it. I'm happy to see it here, as a game not even a year old, it speaks volumes about its impact to making it on the list!

    Ico - Not shocked at ALL this is here, but I must say: I can't stand this game. I grew to really despise Yorda and the controls are what really killed it. I got the combo with Shadow of the Colossus because I was high on hype from E3 2015 and was thinking about Last Guardian. Not anymore. But I'm happy to see it here because of how passionate its fans are.

    I am SO EXCITED for the reveals! This is so cool.

  • @Brannox Ha, I remember visiting my little brother in college and watching him angrily earn that CoD achievement. It's very amusing if you're not the one trying to attempt it.

  • I hope this list isnt gonna have a really bad case of recentitis lol

  • Well there are a few recent games for sure, but i'd say overall it's a pretty solid mix!

  • @Haru17 Actually I lied.. I have the original Zelda in there as well hah

  • @Billy Wind Waker's high on my list :)

  • I don't think I have a game any later than 2006 in mine.

  • @Sheria I have very few before 2006!

  • Most of my list is 20th century stuff.

  • @Billy Oh it's downright hilarious. Just never try it yourself X-D

  • @Haru17 twilight was on my list beu it wasnt high