The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • Massive open world RPGs taking the next two spots feels more expected. As we crack into the top 30, JRPGs, Nintendo IP, and mainstream games should be the majority of what remains. Looking for a curveball or two as well. Haven't played anything Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls so I'll leave my post on this: Skyrim and Witcher III should be coming soon too.

  • Good to see Dragon Age at a pretty high position, in my mind it's Bioware best RPG from last gen (haven't played the old ones), and I think it is definitively deserving of being this high.

    Oblivion is another game I enjoyed a lot, so it is great to see it here as well.

  • I've had eight of my games on the list, and after just checking my own Top 30 again and then calibrating the vibes of this list so far I'm fairly certain there'll be seven more of my favourites still coming. So that it'd be 15 total from my favourites. Now I'm all of a sudden only worrying if my #2 will even make the list at all! I have no idea how this community thinks, as there have been so many surprises on the way here.

  • yay my favorite Bethesda game made it , if i were to do my list over id probably include it in mine

  • DA:O has some of my all time favorite RPG characters and settings. It feels like a whole, full actual world. The fade kinda sucks, but I can deal.

  • Woo I wasn't sure if Oblivion would make it! Easily my favorite Elder Scrolls game.. I'm surprised I ranked it so low

  • Wow, Oblivion two spots above Majora. Methinks we could've used more entries!

    But they are both incredible games. Oblivion is size with content. Very hard to pull off both at the same time. Even Skyrim stretches thin at times.

    First off, we have a gigantic, lush, living world, beautifully modelled and lit, filled with towns, forts, caves, hamlets, and shrines, all available to explore the moment the training mission ends. Then we have completely open ended gameplay, with a main quest that affects the entire world, but at the same time can be ignored for as long as you want without locking you out of other quests. You can pick up any item, including books, dead people's clothes, and useless clutter, put it anywhere, and it will stay there. You're forced to pick perks for your character at the beginning, but you still get plenty of leeway to shape your playstyle.

    Create potions from collected ingredients, repair and enchant weapons and armour, buy a house, steal from and/or kill almost any NPC, abuse spells to create chaos...Oblivion is the definition of a sandbox!

    And lest we forget the game's namesake, the gigantic demonic subworld of Oblivion, or the absolutely enchanting soundtrack. Morrowind has the depth, Skyrim has the cinematic values, but Oblivion gives you some of everything.

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  • 33. Batman: Arkham City
    Not a bad game but I truly hope that Asylum will pop up in this list as I think it's superior. For me the open world hurts it a bit, it's not huge but it still takes some time and tedious jumping and gliding to go from one end to the other, fast travle would have helped.

    32. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    There is one 3D Zelda game I dislike, guess which one?

    31. Dragon Age: Origins
    Hm, at 1st I really enjoyed it, but, don't ask me what happened because I don't know anymore, after 60 hours (I think) I started to dislike it, alot, so I stopped playing and gave it a short rest, but when I tried again I still had no joy, end of the story is that I've never seen the end of the story. Also never bothered with this series again besides 5 minutes of a DA2 demo which absolutely sucked imo.

    30. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Now this one, this one I used to love even after 250 hours (including all DLC) back then, it was the 1st time I played such a game and besides a glitch that didn't let me end the thief quest (I think) I loved it very much. So why isn't it on my list? I FORGOT... nah, tbh it doesn't stand the test of time for me, which was one requirement to be on my list, I don't really enjoy it anymore nowadays.

  • I remember thinking Batman Arkham City is my most enjoyable game on the PS3. Absolutely adore the game for its combat style, the combinations of gadgets and actually making you feel like the dark knight gliding through the City. Combat feels quicker and more responsive than Arkham Asylum and there was more to do. Some of the Riddler trophies were challenging and forced you to use gadgets in clever ways.

    I will never forget the tense feeling and relief of completing the final Riddler Challenges, those predator maps with added handicaps were intense.

    Dragon Age Origins was another BioWare game which I forced myself to complete, it was the combat I didn't enjoy, the mechanics didn't click with me and felt sluggish, which I believe they improved a lot in 2 and especially In the 3rd one which I really enjoyed but doubt it made this top 100.

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    29. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2013) - 135 Points - 8 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 Haru17

    Developer: Bethesda
    Publisher: Bethesda
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

    Two hundred years after the events described in Oblivion, the continent of Tamriel is in turmoil. The Emperor's throne remained without heir; the Blades, Empire's elite guards, have been disassembled; elven nations began capturing territory from the Empire. The assassination of the King of Skyrim, Tamriel's Northern-most province and home of the Nord race, led to a civil war between those who wish independence for Skyrim and those who wanted it to remain under the Empire's control. A prisoner is brought to a small town, awaiting execution for alleged involvement with the Stormcloaks, a group that was founded by the king's assassin Ulfric Stormcloak. Just before the executioner's axe lands on the prisoner's neck, a dragon attacks the city, forcing most people to flee. The unexpected freedom leads the ex-prisoner into the snowy Skyrim, where the rumors of the dragon begin to circulate.

    Like its predecessors in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is an open-ended role-playing game with action-based combat. The player may explore the vast environments of Skyrim from either first- (default) or third-person perspective, being unrestricted in his or her travels and free to undertake any side quests in any order, or follow the main quest. It is possible to fast-travel to previously visited locations directly from the world map. The player can also opt to buy (or steal) and ride a horse.

    Other Votes: DeweyDecibel (13.), Lotias (9.), jipostus (9.), Inustar (12.), Brandon_Reister (19.), Tokyo Slim (29.), Nillend (20.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    28. Final Fantasy Tactics (1997) - 135 Points - 8 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 SabotageTheTruth

    Developer: Squaresoft
    Publisher: Squaresoft
    Genre: Tactical role-playing game
    Platform(s): PlayStation, PlayStation Portable

    Final Fantasy Tactics was a big move for the whole Final Fantasy franchise into different fields. Tactics combines traditional elements of the Final Fantasy series with a completely different game mechanics and battle system. It was the 1st game during the Final Fantasy 32-bit era using a 3D, isometric, rotatable playing field, with bitmap sprite characters and a turn based strategy system.

    In the game you build up a team by recruiting many available characters you meet during your travels and stocking up plenty of items, to defeat various enemies waiting on your path. The game features a very complex character class(job) system where each character begins his way with a job such as Squire or Chemist. Successfully participating in battles, characters can later select one of more advanced jobs, with a total of 19 to choose from. In addition there are certain monsters and computer controlled "guests" with their own jobs and special abilities available to learn. In total, over 400 abilities are available which leads to nearly endless combinations.

    Other Votes: NCartwright15 (25.), BlazingBahamut (8.), DanteThePyro (18.), FF7Cloud (3.), Tokyo Slim (16.), Divinity (20.), MCRMJ (22.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • I knew Skyrim would rank above Oblivion, but I'm glad it was only one spot above :D

    I was pretty salty about Skyrim at first, but upon revisiting it I learned to love it and had a lot of fun with it

  • Tacticcccssssss Ivalice 4eva!
    (Not tic tacs)

    Skyrim was fun. It's weird, at one point, around 200 hours in, I realized that I'd finished the story at some previous point without actually realizing it was the end.

  • My god these games... So good... Started to play Skyrim once again, because I love it so. Not SE, because no SkyUI.

  • slowly approaches soapbox


    nervously continues, after the crowd shoots death glares

    I know we, as a community, ranked it #28, but don't let that number fool you. It belongs at number one. Some of you will say you don't like strategy games and I will concede, I used to be feeble-minded, like yourself. Then in 1997, Final Fantasy Tactics changed my life. Was it the easy to understand mechanics? The lush world, filled with lore? The insane amount of classes, skills, and customization? What about the story, that had more twists and turns than a Game of Thrones episode? It's all of that plus items and monsters you know and love from the Final Fantasy series. It's both a love letter to fans and something entirely new.

    It's comfort food. It is also a damn shame this series hasn't been shown any love in such a long time. People will say XII was set in Ivalice but that's about where the similarities end. Others will say we received two Gameboy Advance tactics games and they're right. However, the story of being sucked into a fantasy book ruined any hope of these carrying the torch. We need a full fledged new Final Fantasy Tactics, set in a new world, on PS4. Period.

    Those of you who haven't played this game, drop your excuses and make the plunge. I promise you won't regret this. You can't call yourself a Final Fantasy fan if you haven't played this masterpiece.

    runs off-stage before being pelted with tomatoes

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  • @SabotageTheTruth Throws tomato


  • boo ye Front Mission nonbelievers :p

  • Skyrim ahead of Oblivion??? We DEFINITELY needed more entries!

    Not like I didn't expect it, though. Skyrim is a much slicker presentation. The sound design, characters, plot, visual effects, UI, all grade A. But scrape off that shiny coat of paint, and you see all the cracks it's hiding. The dragons look cool, but their behavior is simple and easily exploited. As a result, battling them gets old quicker than expected. The art style is seriously drab. Mostly white/grey/brown, and the little colour there is is either earth tones or cold blue.

    I used fast travel way more in Skyrim than Oblivion because trudging though all those wastes was mind numbing. It didn't help that the smaller dungeons were seriously formulaic. You can only chop down so many Draugrs before you start rolling your eyes.

    They claimed they were using a new engine, but it's obviously Gamebryo, and its clunkiness becomes so much more obvious in a flashier game like Skyrim. There are so many little hitches that are obviously baked into the engine and not oversights.

    The quests are one of the weakest points. Outside of the solid main story and parts of the Mages Guild, it's just one fetch/rescue quest after another. There also isn't enough loot variety for such a huge world.

    It just doesn't have the soul, wonder, and charm of Oblivion. But hey, that lightning effect, those Dwarven dungeons, and that theme song!

    Youtube Video

  • @SabotageTheTruth Belongs at YOUR #1? Hell yeah. The EZA #1? Nah, but we'll find out what that is too. My #1? I'll be grateful if its in the top 25.

    I do however, appreciate and admire the steadfast defense of Tactics. THAT is the kind of post I was hoping to see in this thread's lifetime, especially in the latter half of the list, as everyone's #1s started to appear.

    Looks at tomato. Drops it.

    As far as my thoughts on Skyrim and Tactics, kind of surprised they're not in the top 25 themselves. This list is getting really, REALLY good.

    Turns away from thread satisfied with input but remembers the pseudo insult of "feeble minded." Not standing for it, gets a fresh tomato and gives chase. ;-)

  • In all honesty, I'm glad Tactics finally showed up. Once I saw games like Link to the Past and Oblivion pop up, I thought Tactics didn't even stand a chance of making it.

    Be prepared for a lot of groaning coming from me once Ocarina of Time shows up.