The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • @Oscillator I hope you have a better experience than I!

  • BioShock is a majestic game. I only voted for Infinite from the series, but I'm happy to see Rapture here as well.

    The last & the best 25 games are left!

  • Bioshock! One of those "life-changing" games for me and a top 10 for sure. Up there with Halo for most repeated play-throughs I think

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    25. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009) - 150 Points - 10 Votes - Highest Vote: #5 Sentinel Beach, Faaip

    Developer: Naughty Dog
    Publisher: Naughty Dog
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the sequel to Naughty Dog's 2007 game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The story picks up a few years where the first one left off, following the previous games fortune hunting hero, Nathan Drake, as he searches around the globe to try to solve another of the world's unsolved historical mysteries; this time regarding the famous merchant/explorer Marco Polo, who in 1292, mysteriously came back from a journey having lost 13 ships and 500+ passengers, with no explanation ever given on what had happened to those ships. After Drake gains knowledge of an ancient relic and a mysterious Himalayan Valley that may be connected to Marco Polo, he sets out on an adventure to discover the secrets of Polo's lost fleet, which he hopes will lead him to one of history's greatest undiscovered treasures.

    The gameplay of Uncharted 2 remains pretty similar to the first game. It consists of cover-based shoot-offs, fast-paced escape sequences and death-defying stunts fairly reminiscent of those of the Indiana Jones movies. Some notable changes include stealth-action segments in the game, which force you to move through certain areas hiding in cover from the hordes of pirates who await to kill you. The wall-climbing and cover mechanics have been heightened to a new extent, allowing free movement over walls and more items for Drake to use as protection. Drake spends most of the time alone, but during large parts of the game he is also accompanied by fellow treasure hunter Harry Flynn, Elena and Chloe where they are controlled by the computer. During certain sequences Drake needs to solve minor puzzles and the most complex ones require him to study notes in a book. Some of the locations visited include Turkey, Borneo and Nepal.

    Other Votes: DeweyDecibel (27.), Alex840 (11.), NCartwright15 (20.), tokeffee9 (19.), blakynt (27.), naltmank (14.), Inustar (11.), MCRMJ (21.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    24. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002) - 150 Points - 8 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 benoit489

    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): GameCube, Wii U

    Link is a young boy who lives with his grandmother on the Outset Island, one of the many small islands lost amidst the waters of the Great Sea. On his tenth birthday, Link encounters a giant bird carrying a girl. Link rescues the girl, but as a result his own sister is taken away by the bird. The unknown girl is a pirate captain named Tetra, who agrees to help Link find and rescue his sister. During the course of their journey the two realize that a powerful, legendary evil is active again, and must find a way to stop him.

    The Wind Waker is the tenth installment in the Zelda series. Like its predecessors, it is an action game with puzzle-solving and light role-playing elements. Basic gameplay mechanics are similar to those found in Ocarina of Time: Link explored 3D outdoor areas and dungeons, fighting enemies and occasionally solving environmental puzzles. An addition to the combat system is the ability to parry at specific times, which is needed to overcome armored foes. Another new feature is picking up and using some of the weapons wielded by the enemies. Similarly to previous games, Link can use tools such as bow and arrow, boomerang, and bombs.
    Link needs to sail through the Great Sea in order to travel to other islands. He uses a baton called the Wind Waker to change wind direction by conducting it and producing melodies. The Wind Waker is also used for teleportation and puzzle-solving purposes. Link can use wind currents to glide and access remote areas.

    Other Votes: Alex840 (10.), Hero of Lime (5.), BlazingBahamut (25.), Haru17 (18.), naltmank (10.), Billy (16.), MCRMJ (13.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Alright! Two more games I'm familiar with.

    Uncharted 2 is a phenomenal game. I voted for an Uncharted game, but not for 2 as I feel it's the best the series. But I digress. Uncharted 2 does a wonderful job traveling the globe and has a better treasure to go after than Drake's Fortune. However, Lazarevic is a bit lame while being excellent: A villain who will kill his own men to make a point (Gets things done), but his entire boss fight and pretty much the entire time he is in Shambala, he loses that mentality to gloat (a common flaw in villain design).

    Looking back at my list, this may have been my one oversight, but it's ok. The game didn't need my vote to make it deep into the thread.

    I'm super happy Uncharted is represented so high. @Sentinel-Beach, @Faaip, @DeweyDecibel, @Alex840, @NCartwright15, @tokeeffe9, @blakynt, @naltmank, @Inustar, and @MCRMJ I salute and thank all of you for being Uncharted fans!

    As for the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, this was my favorite Gamecube game and is my favorite Legend of Zelda. I got really far (I think Puppet Gannon) before I lost my system. I loved sailing the seas and even though I don't like Legend of Zelda in general, I wouldn't mind giving this game another try sometime. Granted, I didn't like it enough to place on my top 30 list, but I'm stoked to see it place in the top 25. Both of these games in fact.

    Still waiting to see OG and OoT Zelda...

  • I gotta show my disappointment at seeing the mediocrity that is U2 so high in the list, even though I expected it would be the case, the first two games are incredibly mediocre in my eyes, specially when considering how linear and restrictive they are, I imagine that the third and probably fourth will be on the list, I haven't played those, but unless there's a radical change on them I wouldn't consider them in even a top 50 for myself, but that is just me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • @Brannox I'd be very surprised if The Legend of Zelda makes the list.

  • @Ringedwithtile Yeah I wouldn't count with the original making it in at such a high spot either

  • Uncharted 2 is probably my favorite Uncharted game. Its tough with how good 4 was, but 2 still stands out in my memory the most. Easily one of my favorite game series in part due to my love/obsession with Indiana Jones and similar stories so the predictability and straight up adventure story doesn't bother me in the least.

    Wind Waker is fantastic as well. I love the art style, story, sailing, etc. It also has my favorite theme from a Zelda game!

    Youtube Video

    I'm also curious to see if Legend of Zelda ends up on here. I had it on my list but I'm not sure it'll make as we inch closer

  • Agreed with @Ringedwithtile, I don't see the original Legend of Zelda making the list.

    Games I feel comfortable saying are definitely on the remaining part of the list:

    Dark Souls
    Final Fantasy VII
    Chrono Trigger
    Super Mario World
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Ocarina of Time
    Persona 4

  • @SabotageTheTruth All on your list? ;-)

  • @Brannox No sir! Just 3 of them. Trust me, I'm going to be hurling all sorts of rotten vegetables if Ocarina gets anywhere close to the top spot.

  • Uncharted frigging 2 in the top quarter of this list, yes! And I have the highest vote (together with Faaip). Such a great game, the characters and the story moved up to a totally new level after the first one (which is still a fantastic starting point, love that too). The graphics and their details from the Nepal levels onwards were breathtaking, and that train level simply masterful. And by the end of the game it really dawned on me just how great and human Nate and Elena were as characters. That final banter is the icing on the cake. :' )

    I think I voted for all the Uncharted games, but at this point I'm only waiting for the last one to make an appearance anymore. I mean, how could it not? It's... it's perfect.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I can understand why so many like Ocarina of Time, but I say it's vastly overrated. Yes, I said it. It's a good game, but not nearly as good as many of you Zelda fanboys say it is.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Well, when throwing said vegetables, you can claim it as revenge from any tomatoes hurled your way for your Tactics speech. :-D

  • @jipostus Nostalgia is a hell of drug.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah... But again, Ocarina of Time is not a bad game by any means, If anyone says that, that's just a troll comment. But it's far from that perfection as so many fanboys says it has achieved.

  • Wind Waker is a "My First Zelda". Very easy. All of the regular enemies and most of the bosses are pushovers, and most of the dungeons are linear with too obvious puzzles. The gameplay matches the (admittedly well executed, at least in the HD port) art style. The only part that gave me any trouble was the Savage Labyrinth, which was done better in Twilight Princess as the Cave of Ordeals.

    Pretty good soundtrack, at least. Not nearly as catchy or timeless as the OOT, MM, or even LTTP soundtracks, but there are some charmers:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • @Ringedwithtile said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    I'm surprised by both of these. That Arkham City made it at all, and that Majora's Mask wasn't higher.

    Surprised that Arkham city made it all? Out of curiousity, why?
    It always seems to be pretty well regarded, and quite a few of us put it on the list.

  • @Oscillator said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    No other Zelda has anywhere near the level of storytelling as Majora. It's heavy.

    Lol, Twilight Princess has a scene very similar to Majora's dead-guy-gives-you-his-mask/soul set ups with Ralis's dead mom (among others).
    "Anywhere near," ha! Zelda fans are silly.

    Anyway, glad Skyrim got on here. Not stoked for the Souls games to ride their wave of popularity into the top 10 or so.