The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • VIII placed higher than Tactics? WOW. IT PLACED HIGHER THAN VI?!?! WHAT?!? This list is something else. I just said yesterday I did not like VIII because its story wasn't well executed (again, for me) and the junction system was a pain in the ass. Also, I failed to touch on the leveling mechanic made it to where it became incredibly imbalanced. I can't process this. I thought VI placing 26th was the biggest shock. Nope. This is INCREDIBLE. But it's clear: While there may not be as much love (quantity of votes) for VIII, those that do place it incredibly high.

    As for Half-Life 2, it seems appropriate that it show up. In relation to the rest of the list, 22 seems about right ;-)

    Good grief this list.........

  • lolFFVIII

  • FF VIII is unbalanced as fuck, true, but i love Story, Characters, Triple Triad and the Setting soo much that i don't really care. Still play it from time to time.

    Half-Life 2 at 22. is just obscene, it should be in the Top 10 really :P

  • I disliked VIII so much that it almost put me off playing IX, which is a crime considered punishable by death in 36 countries.

    But good for all of you that voted for it.

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    23. Final Fantasy VIII
    I DID NOT (including many others) to see this above FF VI! But It makes the list even more interesting! I personally didnt like VIII at all! or well I liked the characters and the music, but I really tried to like the game - as its a FF game, but I just couldnt bring myself to it! =(

  • There's still two FF's coming up, I think, and how many Zeldas? No end to that series. I've got (at least) six games that I'm looking forward to, and there's only 21 slots left.

    Oh. All the Marios. How many of those have you people voted for? :/ Have we seen any yet? I'm gonna be pretty disappointed if they steal all the top spots.

  • @Sentinel-Beach 35. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    That's only mario game so far.

  • FF VIII: Most divise FF game :joy:

    I love this place.

  • FF8 is such an odd duck, I hate Squall and his group but I love Laguna and his story, hate the overall plot but love some of the moment to moment scenes and missions and GF recruiting. The world and music are great too

  • alt text
    21. Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow (1996) - 168 Points - 9 Votes - Highest Vote: #3 NCartwright15

    Developer: Game Freak
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: RPG
    Platform(s): GameBoy

    In this game you are a 10-year-old boy, now old enough to receive your first Pokemon. You train this Pokemon by using it to battle with other Pokemon. Your main objective is to collect 8 gym badges to face the elite 4 and champion of Kanto. You do this by defeating each gym leader in a Pokemon battle. There are two parts in gameplay to this game. The first is your main character. You walk from place to place, goes up to talk to people, and find items. The second part of the gameplay happens when another trainer has seen you, or you come across a wild Pokemon.

    In the Pokemon battle, you can select from 4 options: Attack, Pokemon, Item, and Run. In the attack option, you choose from the Pokemon's attacks to use on the opponents Pokemon. This either drains their HP (lowering a Pokemon's HP to zero will knock them out), inflicts a status condition (like sleeping or poison), or changes stats (attack power, speed, etc). In the Pokemon option you can switch the Pokemon in battle. In the item option you can either use items on your Pokemon (to heal them), or in a wild Pokemon battle you can throw a Pokeball to catch them. The run option is only available in wild battles, you cannot run from a trainer. The battle ends when one trainer has no remaining Pokemon.

    Other Votes: Demmue (15.), Karu (4.), Dogtype (10.), Joetown (13.), blakynt (16.), Oscillator (19.), MiserablePerson (6.), Exist 2 Inspire (25.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

    alt text
    20. Super Mario Galaxy (2007) - 173 Points - 8 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 naltmank

    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Platforming
    Platform(s): Wii, Wii U

    Mario takes to the skies and beyond in another outing to save the Princess. As the Mushroom Kingdom prepares to celebrate the arrival of a comet that appears in the skies every hundred years, Princess Peach sends Mario an invitation to attend. As Mario arrives, Bowser and minions attack the Kingdom and once again kidnap the Princess... and her entire castle. Mario gives chase but is lost as the ship leaves the atmosphere and ends up on a space station built on the visiting comet overseen by the mysterious Rosalina. It's up to Mario to brave new galaxies, find the elusive Power Stars, and bring his friends home.

    Super Mario Galaxy plays similarly to Super Mario 64, as Mario explores his latest 3D world defying gravity, crossing various terrains, and even running upside down across the planet surfaces. Bouncing from planet to planet, Mario must collect Star Bits and coins, using his usual jump attacks and spins (now controlled with movement from the Wii Remote). The Wii Remote is also used to collect out of reach Star Bits and also can be controlled by a second player.

    Other Votes: DeweyDecibel (4.), Alex840 (4.), Hero of Lime (7.), Karu (19.), MiserablePerson (19.), bard91 (15.), benoit489 (5.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Oh sh*t, we're in the top 20! Hype and excitement!

  • Super happy to see Pokemon Red here. After Gen 3, Pokemon fell off the wayside for me. The first gen is my favorite and is a huge bulk of my childhood. And by the way: Charmander all day. And to anyone who hasn't watched Brandon Plays Pokemon: Your missing out. It's good stuff.

    As for Super Mario Galaxy, I think it was about time it showed up. Next to Mario Kart and maybe Zelda, I think the Galaxy games were the best looking for the Wii. Because I never owned a Wii, I have never played Galaxy, but I respect it being such a great game.

  • Final Fantasy VIII ranking over VI, X, and Tactics feels.... wrong.

    "That ain't right."

  • @SabotageTheTruth Agreed, but we must accept it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth VIII is definitely better than X :P

  • @Exist-2-Inspire I need Final Fantasy VII to show up so I feel a little better.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    @Exist-2-Inspire I need Final Fantasy VII to show up so I feel a little better.

    I'm gonna need both VII and IX to show up for me to feel better.

  • Ouch, Pokémon outside the top 20... :disappointed:

  • Very surprised Super Mario Galaxy only got 8 votes, all game critics seem to love the game. Wonder if it's the case of not owning a Wii?
    Wonder where Galaxy 2 will show up.

    I don't hate or even dislike FFVIII, it was just okay. Felt like a step backwards from 7, still enjoyed part of the game.

  • final fantasy 8 while not being my favorite i did like it more then 10 and 6 the music is probably Uematsue's best work.

    i loved gen on of pokemon i just love gen 2 that much more hopefully it shows up soon.