The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • @SabotageTheTruth VIII is definitely better than X :P

  • @Exist-2-Inspire I need Final Fantasy VII to show up so I feel a little better.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    @Exist-2-Inspire I need Final Fantasy VII to show up so I feel a little better.

    I'm gonna need both VII and IX to show up for me to feel better.

  • Ouch, Pokémon outside the top 20... :disappointed:

  • Very surprised Super Mario Galaxy only got 8 votes, all game critics seem to love the game. Wonder if it's the case of not owning a Wii?
    Wonder where Galaxy 2 will show up.

    I don't hate or even dislike FFVIII, it was just okay. Felt like a step backwards from 7, still enjoyed part of the game.

  • final fantasy 8 while not being my favorite i did like it more then 10 and 6 the music is probably Uematsue's best work.

    i loved gen on of pokemon i just love gen 2 that much more hopefully it shows up soon.

  • @Oscillator said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    Ouch, Pokémon outside the top 20... :disappointed:

    It's likely due to different people choosing different entries as their favorites. There is a lot love for Gold/Silver, for example. Vote splits probably affected a lot of multi-titled franchises.

  • I'm so worried that Gen 2 won't be on the list now, but happy that at least some Pokemon game made it! That franchise is probably my favorite of all time, so picking just one game to represent it on my list was pretty brutal.

    Also, totally did not expect to be the highest on Mario Galaxy! That game is baller! Everything about it just feels so good! Curious to see what's left to come, given the list so far. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what would be in the top 25, but the FF8 threw a wrench into everything. Still excited for this list!

  • @Exist-2-Inspire I would like to politely disagree ;-)
    X is definitively better than VIII

    @SabotageTheTruth So would I.

  • Bonus Drop:

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    19. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016) - 173 Points - 8 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 Alex840, jsackel

    Developer: Naughty Dog
    Publisher: Naughty Dog
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4

    A Thief's End continues the story several years after Nathan's last adventure and 15 years after his brother's death. Nathan Drake, once a treasure hunter, is now retired, living a quiet life and married to Elena, a girl he met on one of his adventures. Trying hard to stay off course of anything that would pull him back into the world of danger and adventure, he yields after his brother, whom he thought was dead, appears in his office and asks him for help. The story centers around the search for yet another hidden treasure, a 400 million dollar worth of treasure, which Nate and Sam tried to find in their younger days but leads they had just didn't pan out. This time, they need to get back on the trail of the treasure as Sam's life depends on it. All the while competing to the same goal with their ex-partner, Rafe, who teamed up with Nadine Ross, the leader of a mercenary outfit known as Shoreline.

    The gameplay style and chapter-based singleplayer story presentation follows the path of its predecessors, with some additional features such as grappling hook which allows Nathan to climb, rappel, or swing across a chasm, and even combine that to take out enemy soldiers. Any tall grass can be used to hide and take out nearby mercenaries in a stealth manner. During cutscenes, Nate is sometimes given an option how to reply which does not affect the overall story but changed the conversation path or the outcome of a given even scene. In this game, a big emphasis is given to vehicles such as boats or cars, which can be driven around and even used to take out enemies blocking your way or pursuing you. During regular cover based combat, you can now mark enemy combatants to remain visible even when behind cover.

    Other Votes: Brannox (3.), Divinity (6.), TechnoRage1127 (21.), Sentinel Beach (4.), Axel (27.), tokeffee9 (10.),

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • best uncharted!!!!

  • HERE it is. Uncharted 4 is easily the best Uncharted for me because it is the culmination of a series worth of character development. The best looking game I've played to date, bar none. The conversations and game design are top notch and the performances are their absolute best.

    For those that have played the game will understand this: Chapter 4 and the Epilouge are my favorite moments, hands down. The details, conversations, the callbacks, all expertly crafted and done so naturally. And shout out to the Easter Egg in both sections!

    Also personal preference: Every time Elena was on screen, the conversations were the most powerful in meaning, if not always in tone. What's so great about this entry is it's the one with least amount of combat and in my opinion, the best treasure to go after (Pirate treasure > Shambala > El Dorado > Iram of the Pillars).

    I love this game (as evidence by me placing it third) and I couldn't believe it beat out the Last of Us (PLEASE show up on this list) for my favorite Naughty Dog game.

    @Alex840, @jsackel, @Divinity, @TechnoRage1127, @Sentinel-Beach, @Axel, @tokeeffe9 I salute you all for believing in, and loving (or at the least liking) this year's best PS4 game, and potentially GOTY (It is for me).

  • Uncharted 4 really is an incredible game. The only reason I picked 2 over it was because of its impact on me as a gamer.. so although 4 may be a better game 2 still has that edge for me personally.

    There are a lot of big games showing up. The top 20 and 10 should be pretty interesting since we're seeing a lot of potential candidates place lower on the list

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    21. Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow
    I put Gen 2 on my list, but I doubt it will come up now as we are so close to the finish! I also think the winner should get an extra big post about its history etc - as it truly will be special.

    Pokémon are one of those series that entered my life with a BANG. Even though I don't follow it as cloesly as I used to, I still now and then go back and watch an episode or two of the anime as well as play the older games. I am currently about to finish of Fire Red haha. I have a few favourite pokemons from this gen and I remember getting talked into buying Red and a gameboy by my brother and didnt look back at it since. Playing it in the car all the way to grandmas (5 hours) and driving dad crazy with the lights in the back of the car. Collecting monsters became something special for me. Fighting my rivals and just exploring this world. Even if it was black and white and my english wasnt the best at the time (still arent, lol) I felt so immersed into this world. I dont know how many hours I had spent when I first finished it, but I felt so so happy when I was the strongest trainer in that world.

    19. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    I am stoked about this game... I still have to take on part 3 and finish it before I sink my teeth into this - but I am looking forward to it (even though what I said about part 2 might seem a little offputting).

  • I'm super pumped to see Super Mario Galaxy on the top 20! If I had made a list, it would have been in my top 10 for sure.

  • Uncharted 4. Yes please. It proved to be the best in the series, and also serves as a perfect farewell for Nate and Elena (and Sully). Could not have ended in a more appropriate way, got me emotional there. The way the game took everything we'd seen and went through during the first three adventures and managed to utilize it all in molding this pirate treasure hunt was just wow. The writing, the characters (and performances), the action, the milieus. Stunning, all of them. My favourite game series.

  • correction: Uncharted 4 did not come out on Playstation 3

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    18. Red Dead Redemption (2010) - 178 Points - 11 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 Tokyo Slim

    Developer: Rockstar
    Publisher: Rockstar
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

    Red Dead Redemption is a free-roaming western game and the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver. The game is set in 1911, where players take control of John Marston; an outlaw who is forced to turn on his peers when federal agents threaten his family. He is sent to the American frontier to capture his former gang members, especially the notorious leader Bill Williamson.

    In the open world, the player is free to pursue to the storyline or to partake in the various events that occur while exploring the West; similar in overall design to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. Horses are the main means of transportation, and the player can whistle for their mount at any time. Players can also visit towns, talk to other characters, and join or intervene in events such as public hangings, ambushes and robberies. Many of these are random, including dangerous animal attacks and bandit ambushes. Other activities include hunting, gambling, duels and standoffs, with guns as the main weapon. Based on the player's decisions, two morality systems (honor and fame) influence on how the environment and other characters react to Marston. Marston can shoot while riding a horse and capture people by lasso, combined with a cover system with specific targeting or wildfire. In the recharging Dead Eye targeting mode time is slowed down to target different enemies in specific locations, and then execute the shots in rapid succession. The player can also set up camps anywhere in the world to fast travel to known locations or save their game.

    Other Votes: DeweyDecibel (6.), Churchy (20.), Demmue (20.), Dogtype (29.), Sentinel Beach (6.), benoit489 (10.), TechnoRage1127 (17.), naltmank (18.), Alex840 (5.), Exist 2 Inspire (30.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • RDR, baby! This was a no-brainer in the top 20 of this list, I assumed, and it did it. And 11 different voters ain't bad.