The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

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    18. Red Dead Redemption (2010) - 178 Points - 11 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 Tokyo Slim

    Developer: Rockstar
    Publisher: Rockstar
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

    Red Dead Redemption is a free-roaming western game and the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver. The game is set in 1911, where players take control of John Marston; an outlaw who is forced to turn on his peers when federal agents threaten his family. He is sent to the American frontier to capture his former gang members, especially the notorious leader Bill Williamson.

    In the open world, the player is free to pursue to the storyline or to partake in the various events that occur while exploring the West; similar in overall design to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. Horses are the main means of transportation, and the player can whistle for their mount at any time. Players can also visit towns, talk to other characters, and join or intervene in events such as public hangings, ambushes and robberies. Many of these are random, including dangerous animal attacks and bandit ambushes. Other activities include hunting, gambling, duels and standoffs, with guns as the main weapon. Based on the player's decisions, two morality systems (honor and fame) influence on how the environment and other characters react to Marston. Marston can shoot while riding a horse and capture people by lasso, combined with a cover system with specific targeting or wildfire. In the recharging Dead Eye targeting mode time is slowed down to target different enemies in specific locations, and then execute the shots in rapid succession. The player can also set up camps anywhere in the world to fast travel to known locations or save their game.

    Other Votes: DeweyDecibel (6.), Churchy (20.), Demmue (20.), Dogtype (29.), Sentinel Beach (6.), benoit489 (10.), TechnoRage1127 (17.), naltmank (18.), Alex840 (5.), Exist 2 Inspire (30.)

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  • RDR, baby! This was a no-brainer in the top 20 of this list, I assumed, and it did it. And 11 different voters ain't bad.

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    17. Bloodborne (2015) - 189 Points - 11 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 Karu, Dogtype

    Developer: FromSoftware
    Publisher: SCE
    Genre: Action Adventure/Role-Playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4

    Bloodborne is an action RPG that builds on the mechanics of the developer's earlier games Demon's Souls and the Dark Souls series. This title has Gothic and Victorian influences and it is set in the fantasy city Yharnam. The player's character is one of the many travelers who go there to seek a cure for their ailments. The character creation process is a contract ledger at a clinic prior to a blood transfusion with the remedy. When the character wakes up it is discovered the entire city is overrun by an illness that has transformed the citizens into violent creatures. The character gets to explore the city in a non-linear way, meeting various inhabitants and defeating monsters to survive.

    At the start a custom character can be created by defining a name, age, gender, origin and appearance. The starting statistics are a general starting level, starting blood echoes (the main currency), discovery (loot drop frequency), vitality, endurance, strength, skill, bloodtinge and arcane. The latter three influence who damages scales for certain builds. Origin replaces a general class system with different values for the statistics and a short back story. The available origins are Milquetoast, Lone Survivor, Troubled Childhood, Violent Past, Professional, Military Veteran, Noble Scion, Cruel Fate and Waste of Skin. Early on in the game Hunter's Dream is discovered, a location in another realm that acts as a central hub similar to The Nexus in Demon's Souls. It is possible to warp there from the main game world after locating lamps. These lamps replace the bonfires of the previous games and it is still only possible to save at those locations. The hub has different messengers to buy and sell items, a workshop to upgrade and repair weapons, a storage for inventory management and a memory altar (through Caryll Runes). Through the Headstones of Awakening it is possible to warp to different parts of the world and Ritual Altars to access the Chalice Dungeons. These dungeons are randomly generated dungeons away from the main city players can explore. Layouts can also be shared or be found online. The two main characters in Hunter's Dream are the wheelchair-bound Gehrman who provides advice and the life-size doll called Doll who helps leveling up. Next to the hub world it has the interconnect world known from the Dark Souls games.

    Other Votes: jsackel (26.), Alex840 (23.), Churchy (6.), tokeffee9 (3.), DanteThePyro (10.), blakynt (30.), Browarr (17.), Faaip (4.), FF7Cloud (30.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Two good games that I haven't had a chance to play a lot, so well deserved I think, what is exciting is that we are reaching the 200s in points.

  • RDR is next on my list of games to pick up!

    Ah I'm not sure if Bloodborne deserved a spot in my top 5.. It completely blew me away and I loved every bit of it, but I played it far too recently to compare it objectively I think. Oh well!

  • Yes. Red Dead Redemption and Bloodborne are in this top 20 and my own top 20. Fly my pretties! FLY!!!

  • I honestly thought Bloodborne would be in the Top 10. Either way, it's my favourite of the souls type games so far (even though it is a toss up at times between it and Dark Souls 1).

    The thing that I love about it so much is just how tight the game is. Some might take that as a negative but I love how claustrophobic Yharnam, how intricate the areas are to each other, the design and just how intense the game is. The score is absolutely fantastic too and it easily has some of my most memorable boss fights (including the old hunters too)

    The speed of the combat and the new risk and reward mechanics of the game are just the thing that really make it so special to me. I've played it countless times and still absolutely adore it.

    It has flaws for sure, covenants weren't as well fleshed out and the Chalice dungeons while enjoyable, definitely lose their appeal after you've gone through them a few times. Try to improve those things in BB2 and I'm all in!

  • Now we're getting into double digit vote category! Both of these games I don't like for very different reasons. I've already gone on record elsewhere about watching Red Dead Revisited to see what RDR is all about. Not my kind of game. As for Bloodborne, and any Souls game for that matter, I don't care for either in pretty much every respect. Not shocked that either are where they are.

  • Yeeaah Bloodborne! So happy it made Top 20; it easily became one of my faves. Here's hoping that Bloodborne 2 happens!

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    16. Super Mario World (1990) - 194 Points - 12 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 MiserablePerson

    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Jump N' Run
    Platform(s): SNES, GameBoy Advance

    Mario is having a vacation in Dinosaur Land when he learns that Princess Peach Toadstool has been kidnapped by the evil King Koopa Bowser. When Mario starts searching for her he finds a giant egg with a dinosaur named Yoshi hatching out of it. Yoshi tells Mario that his fellow dinosaurs have been imprisoned in eggs by Bowser's underlings. The intrepid plumber has to travel to their castles, rescue the dinosaurs, and eventually face King Koopa himself, forcing him to release the princess.

    Super Mario World is a jump-and-run platformer and a follow-up to Super Mario Bros. 3. The gameplay is similar to previous installments and includes fast-paced platforming in (mostly) side-view stages populated by various enemies and traps, which must be completed within time limits. Mario has access to his traditional power-ups — the Super Mushroom that makes him bigger, the Fire Flower that allows him to throw little fireballs at enemies, and others. A new power-up is the Cape Feather: when wearing the cape, Mario can spin to hurt enemies, and fly as long as the player is able to sustain his balance in the air. Another new feature is the possibility to ride the dinosaur Yoshi, who can eat enemies and gain special attacks from some of them. In order to unlock certain areas it is sometimes necessary to physically pick up and carry items (e.g. keys) and use them in appropriate places.

    Other Votes: DeweyDecibel (29.), Pyro (26.), Dogtype (18.), blakynt (29.), NCartwright15 (2.), TechnoRage1127 (2.), naltmank (6.), Musou Tensei (16.), FF7Cloud (27.), Billy (18.), Exist 2 Inspire (5.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Incredibly I only played Super Mario World for the first time (and beat it) a few weeks ago. I'd always assumed I'd played it as whenever someone brought up Mario, I always thought about Super Mario Bros 3.

    But then the more I heard about it, the more I questioned if I ever played this. Just to add, I had a SNES and All Stars. That was back in the time of no internet etc so incredibly I never played Super Metroid, SMW, Chrono Trigger or A Link to the Past during my childhood (All rectified now).

    So I come to this game with fresh memories and I really loved it. It's absolutely a fantastic game, has some wonderful levels and improvements over SMB3 but for me also has a few things I dislike about it. Overall though I'm glad I actually played it and it's awesome to see it so high.

    Now... Bring on Super Mario Bros 3!

  • Oh, also a quick one on Uncharted 4. I absolutely adored this game but it's a bit of a weird one where you actually have to have played the other 3 games to really love it. On top of that, it's so recent I imagine others might of left it off (like Overwatch with me)

    You're 100% playing this for the characters and the adventure and it does not disappoint. Having the bigger levels finally gives uncharted that since of exploration is was slightly lacking before.

    I know some will disagree but I love how bold ND were to actually make a game which actually deals with just normal life issues and you get that sense of how mundane life can be. Some call it bad pacing but I think the opposite. They make the player go through the emotions of Nate and I love it.

    Uncharted 2 might have the more memorable set pieces but I think overall Uncharted 4 has the big moments and little moments that make it a fantastic game. They completely refined the shooting to make it feel a lot better and allowed the player to tackle an area how they wanted instead of an instant firefight.

    Just on one last note, it's actually one of the quieter moments in the game that is easily my favourite, possibly favourite moment of 2016 in gaming. Any excuse to link the song really. Anyone who's played it will know what I'm talking about.

    Youtube Video

    Okay that wasn't as short as I expected it to be.

    Edit: Also, possibly my favourite opening credits to a game ever!

  • I wish there was a valhalla like GT or someplace where we can put this thread or the list to keep it!

  • Super Mario World missing out of the top 15? I am getting more baffled by the posts as to what could constitute the top 10. But we're getting close! I have no thoughts on SMW as I've never played it and will provide a controversial opinion: I don't like the look. I prefer pretty much almost every other Mario game's asthetic.

    @tokeeffe9 Yes. Excellent points.

  • I didn't put Bloodborne on my list? Wow. I must have been drunk when I submitted it. I'm sorry folks, Bloodborne should have been higher!

  • Hm, the list is getting interesting. Lots of big hitters out of the top 15!

  • so far only 2 games of my top 5 have appeared and 4 of my top 10, im expecting some heavy hitters in the top 15.

  • Super Mario World is great but I gotta have SMB 3 over it as well. I prefer the look and it has the best Mario feel. His momentum feels just right and the jumping is super responsive to how long you hold the button. It may be a nostalgia choice but I do think it's one of the very best games ever made.

  • yea mario 3 is better then world imo but that could be i played mario 3 when i was a child and didnt play world untill i started collecting

  • SMB3 is the only Mario game on my list.