The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • @bard91 Yeah I think at this point, having a big supporter base is much more important than having a few people ranking a game super highly. While I could be wrong, I don't see Nier as having a ton of supporters.

  • I'm not sure my No.6 - Rise of the Tomb Raider will make this list. Still hoping TLOU is No.1 though!

  • @naltmank At the risk of inciting much anger, I'd say I'm in the camp of Super Mario 64 being better than both of them, even though they're both amazing games.

    @bard91 The thing is I'm sure it will have had some support at least. The most suicidal choice in my list was a game called Hired Guns which was made by DMA Design for the Amiga in 1993. I must be the only person who played it on the forums!

  • @Churchy I did play that back in the day. It's a good game. But didn't make the cut on my list, although another Amiga game did, which is Turrican II on my #2 spot. And ADOM is my #1, and I am sure I am the only one who voted for it.

  • @jipostus Hurray! Someone else played it and had an Amiga no less! Good stuff.

    Turrican II is a great game indeed. I've never played any incarnation of ADOM but I've heard good things throughout the years.

  • @jipostus Turrican II: my game #29. Oh yes.

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    15. Final Fantasy IX (2000) - 210 Points - 10 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 Lotias

    Developer: Squaresoft
    Publisher: Squaresoft
    Genre: RPG
    Platform(s): PlayStation, Microsoft Windows , iOS, Android

    Final Fantasy IX tells the story of Zidane, the member of a team of theater actors who also happen to be a gang of thieves, and Garnet, the princess of Alexandria. Zidane and his buddies first plan to kidnap Garnet from her mother's palace. But shortly after the kidnapping, they realize the queen of Alexandria is up to something evil. Zidane, the princess, and other characters they encounter on their journey decide to join forces and to find out what can possibly drive the queen to commit her cruel deeds.

    The game's visual style is similar to the previous entry in the Final Fantasy series, with 3D character models, world map, and battle stages, pre-rendered backgrounds in individual locations, and CG cutscenes that advance the story. However, from the point of view of overall atmosphere and gameplay, the game tends to resemble older installments more. Like in Final Fantasy IV, each character belongs to a specific class (e.g. thief, black mage, summoner, etc.) which cannot be changed, having his or her own unique abilities. Combat utilizes the series' trademark ATB (active-time battle) system. Battles allow participation of four player-controlled characters. The player is able to choose these from a larger amount of available characters during later parts of the game.

    Other Votes: jsackel (19.), TechnoRage1127 (8.), Sheria (3.), blakynt (3.), Tokyo Slim (6.), Exist 2 Inspire (26.), Sieghardt (28.), Joetown (2.), FF7Cloud (4.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Final Fantasy IX. Damn right!

  • I've been away on holiday for the past week and a half, so I have a lot to catch up on! Happy to see the list is shaping up amazingly.

    I'll add a few quick comments about the games I voted for.

    51. The Walking Dead: Season 1
    Very happy to see that one made it, I was afraid it would get overlooked. In some way it almost started a new genre, and even though it's far from a perfect game, its story touched me like very few other games.

    49. Metal Gear Solid V
    I was also unsure I'd see that one on the list, given how controversial it is. In terms of gameplay, this game is a pure marvel, I rarely had so much fun simply controlling my character outside of a Nintendo game. There are so many clever and entertaining ideas in this game, I was legitimately sad when it "ended", even though I put something like 70 hours into it. I definitely will get back to it in the future.

    48. Metroid Prime
    I really hesitated to pick this game as my #1, it's a true masterpiece, it has everything I look for in a videogame, an alien world to explore, puzzles, mystery, action, atmosphere... Man I can't wait for the next one on the Switch!

    44. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Outside of Baldur's Gate, probably my favorite RPG of all time. The best Star Wars story ever told across all media, very fun gameplay, memorable NPCs. It's a shame they never continued the series after the second game (is the MMO worth it, anyone?)

    43. Deus Ex
    Expected to see that one higher up. Another genre-setter.

    39. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    It's funny, I always considered it my favorite Zelda, but after watching the EZA streams (both with Huber/Brad, and Bosman/Damiani), it kind of fell of its pedestal in my mind. I still think it holds up and definitely don't agree with Kyle's nitpicky complaints, but objectively A Link Between Worlds is a better game (which is only normal after all). Still, for everything this game represented for me as a kid and what it brought to the series, it deserves to be on the list.

    37. Diablo II
    Nice! Was afraid people would forget about it. Soooo much fun playing coop with my friend back in the day.

    33. Batman: Arkham City
    Love the Batman Arkham series, especially the combat gameplay, I can't get enough of it. I was hoping Asylum would also make it but at this point I doubt it. I finally bought Arkham Knight a couple weeks ago and I'll dive into it very soon, can't wait!

    30. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    What a gorgeous, gorgeous game when it came out. My first 360 game, it blew me away with its scale and freedom.

    26. Final Fantasy VI
    Still my favorite Final Fantasy game (granted, I haven't played all of them). The soundtrack is amazing, the story really touching and mature. Bring it to Virtual Console Squeenix, I'll replay it in a heartbeat!

    21. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
    Voted for Diamond/Pearl because they're the generation that brought me back to the series and added so many quality-of-life improvements, but it makes sense these games are here to represent the brand.

    19. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Nice! Very happy that this game was recognised despite being very recent. Definitely the culmination of the series, it does everything it sets out to do perfectly. Got involved in the story way more than in the previous games, and the gameplay was much better paced.

    15. Final Fantasy IX
    Never played that one, and seeing it placed above VI and VIII makes me legitimately curious to try it!

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    15. Final Fantasy IX
    BOOM! ...I honestly expected this to make it within top 10, but I guess 15 isn't that bad. For me this is the best JRPG ever made. I remember going off with my brother to buy this a Saturday evening not fully sure what to expect, I loved the cover and sat down to watch the evening when my brother started to play the beginning. It was one of those times when it really was love at first sight. I started my own journey with the game following evening. I felt connected to the world with its characters and music. I still love Vivi and Freya so so much and the Burmecia theme still is heartbreakingly beautiful. I play this now and then on my Vita and each time it is like revisiting a long lost friend.

    This game also have one of the best mini games in the series, Chocobo Hot n Cold is so much fun and a time waster in the right amount. Upgrading your chocobo and running through the world to access hidden places are a real treat and getting to the end is so rewarding.

    I love the combat system in this game, no silly material that is more of a struggle than fun and battle music that makes you excited for each enemy you face. Having the characters learn different abilities with the gear and weapon via the AP gained is both simple but effective as it forces you to fit your skills to the situation and you can't have everything active all the time. The summons are long and for its time visual stunning as they are coming forth, yet they aren't as long as the FF VII ones. The only downside with the combat system is that I would like to keep the trance between battles, I am not sure how many times I have been saving it up for a boss encounter just to get hit by the last enemy before and loose it.

    I know this post got a bit longer - and I could write a lot more, but I LOVE this game so much and it helped me through many hard bits in my life and I felt like I really could relate to the characters on so many levels. <3

  • final fantasy 9 the "perfect rpg" they perfected the combat, growth and gameplay systems from the previous games while the characters of 7 are what separate the two games for me. this is the best playing game square ever made.

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    14. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) - 219 Points - 11 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 DeweyDecibel

    Developer: Konami
    Publisher: Konami
    Genre: Action Adventure, stealth
    Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3

    The Cold War, a situation created after the Second World War when the world was torn between East and West, is about to heat up as Soviets got their top scientist, Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, back due to agreement with the US government for withdrawing the nuclear missiles from Cuba. Now, with Sokolov in their hands, they're up to developing a powerful new weapon, and upon realizing the urgency of the situation, CIA formed a plan to recapture Sokolov. They dispatch the covert FOX unit to Sokolov's research facility, located to the south of the great Soviet fortress of Groznyj Grad. Led by former SAS member Major Zero, FOX is a next-generation special-forces unit that operates both as a specialized combat group and as a covert intelligence outfit. The FOX unit's modus operandi is to send a single agent, backed by radio support from afar, into enemy territory to carry out solo sneaking mission.
    August 24, 1964, a lone soldier swoops down from out of the blue. The man's code name is Naked Snake. It's a one-man war now, and the future of the world may now rest entirely on his shoulders.

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the prequel to the entire Metal Gear series. Most of the series' defining gameplay elements have been carried over. As before, Snake must use stealth and wits rather than brute force to infiltrate enemy zones and eliminate his major adversaries. Action set-pieces and boss battles that require the player to figure out the enemy's weakpoints and employ unique tactics to defeat him are also present.

    Other Votes: Churchy (25.), NCartwright15 (18.), DanteThePyro (11.), Brandon_Reister (13.), Ringedwithtile (16.), tokeffee9 (2.), Divinity (12.),
    MCRMJ (2.), Alex840 (13.), FF7Cloud (9.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • mgs3 is a special game for me its the only game in the 24 years of my life that made me cry.

  • I'm a bit shocked that MGS3 didn't make the top 10.

    Absolutely incredible game, easily just the all round best MGS game you can get. Has a fantastic setting, characters, boss fights!

    The Ladder!!

  • I honestly completely forgot about Snake eater. A masterpiece deserving of its high place.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in The EZA Top 100 Videogames Countdown!:

    The Ladder!!

    SNAKE EATER!!!!!!

  • I'm bummed that the only racing games we've gotten are kart racers, and that there probably won't be anymore at this point.

  • I can't speak about either of today's entries, but I do have a thought related to FF IX: I love seeing the overall jolly vibes I read when any Final Fantasy makes the list. While we all have our favorites and we may disagree about particular entries, I'm emboldened to say: Final Fantasy just rules. Period. As a series, there is something for everyone and I'm so stoked a lot of different entries are getting represented. I mean, comparing it others, there may only be very few rivals like Mario and Zelda (hmmmm.... This gives me an idea :smiling_imp: )

    Everytime I check back in on this thread, it puts me in such a good mood. Love and Respect fellow Allies!

  • @Oscillator Don't get me started. No Burnout on the list!! Also really surprised we probably won't see an SSX either :(

  • I didn't vote for it, but definitively a well deserved spot for MGS 3.