The EZA Top 100 Videogames!

  • What in the... Only nine spots left, and I'm still waiting for like five of my games to appear. Could they all really make it?

    To be clear:
    Final Fantasy VII
    Resident Evil 4
    Shadow of the Colossus
    The Last of Us
    The Witcher III

    What else is there? Based on this community some Zeldas and Marios, and Dark Souls at least.

  • Super Mario 64, what can be said about that masterpiece? It's still my favourite Mario game and I think it's the best 3D Mario game. The sense of exploration in it is still unparalleled in the series and the sheer imagination displayed in every level is simply magical. From Bob-omb Battlefield to Tick Tock Clock, every stage feels unique. The game has a lot of joy, but also moments of fear and anticipation. The Road to Bowser sections always felt epic and intense, especially the last one, Bowser in the Sky, which leads to one of my favourite boss fights ever. With the final boss you have a gothic organ playing and creepy lighting as Bowser stomps into view. And just when you think you're ready for the last throw into the bombs, Bowser stomps the stage away leaving you to make a perfect shot. All of this is framed by Koji Kondo's incredible score, which contained some of the best tracks in Mario history. Pure genius.

    Chrono Trigger. Unfortunately this game never came out in the UK until its re-release on the DS in 2008! As a result, I first played it when I got it for Christmas last year. But my word, I say why it's held in such high regard. You can feel the magic as soon as you boot it up, and the narrative is amazing with every detail accounted for, along with memorable characters and arcs. I remember when I visited a town a few centuries previously, and you see the earlier architecture of the place. Plus the battle mechanics are amazing and probably better than any JRPG of the time. And that soundtrack is gorgeous. For me it was always about the song for The End of Time. And what's better is that it's a game lead by a dream team with Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuji Horii and Akira Toriyama. Marvellous!

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    9. Dark Souls (2011) - 246 Points - 11 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 Billy

    Developer: FromSoftware
    Publisher: Namco Bandai
    Genre: Action RPG
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, XBox 360, Microsoft Windows

    Long ago, before humans existed, the world was ruled by dragons. However, when humans came along, the dragons were all but wiped out thanks to the Four Lords, mighty god-like beings who defeated them in an epic battle. The Age of Fire began, a golden age for humanity, but such prosperity could not last. A curious affliction has started to appear: called the Darksign, those it brands are cursed to become an immortal undead, forever returning from death until they ultimately lose their minds. It is said that one day, a Chosen Undead will appear, and a great change will occur in the world. One of the many undead manages to escape the asylum he was locked in, which is seen as the first sign for the role he will eventually play.

    Dark Souls is a third-person action RPG and a spiritual successor to 2009's Demon's Souls. Mechanically, it is very similar to its predecessor. The player can choose between several character classes for the protagonist, choose the gender, and customize his or her physical appearance. Character attributes can be manually increased when leveling up. The game takes place in a series of interconnected, mostly dungeon-like areas populated by enemies. Some areas can be accessed freely, though the enemies there may be too hard for the player to tackle at earlier stages. Combat allows detailed options such as active parrying, blocking, rolling, and different attacks with equipped weapon. The player must pay close attention to both their vitality and stamina meters. All actions will reduce stamina, and when the stamina bar is empty the player is left vulnerable.

    Other Votes: NCartwright15 (10.), Dogtype (8.), tokeffee9 (13.), Joetown (4.), DanteThePyro (6.), blakynt (6.), Tearju Engi (26.), Browarr (3.), Faaip (11.), FF7Cloud (7.),

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • How the hell did Chrono Trigger not make the top 10 even with four #1 votes? :o
    I guess everyone else who voted for it assumed there would be enough high number votes for it to place high...

  • @Pyro Or not everyone likes it that much :P

  • ah dark souls it along with demon's souls help keep me gaming. From about 2006-2011, (my highschool years) was also where gaming began stagnate for me i started collecting older games because the games industry was moving over to call of duty and other shooters and rpgs were on the fall then in 2009 i took a chance on a game that i bought just because it had atlus on the cover that game was demon's souls and its sequel dark souls kept me into gaming the game was also my entry into games videos on youtube looking for video i could discuss the lore of dark souls on.

  • Dark Souls - the only game on my list that I hadn't finished at the time :D

    When I first got it I was just starting college and didn't feel like I had the time required to get through and I slowly gave up and went hollow. I regrettably moved on from it and didn't return to finish it until just a few weeks ago. Easily one of my favorite rgps now.. the level design, intertwining world, lore, combat, bosses, I love all of it.

  • I'm happy Dark Souls isn't higher than that. Sorry. The gaming world has been so full of it (the game series) the last five years that I can't even begin to grasp that. I believe it's great with that much praise and talk, yes, but I'm firmly in the anti-camp. I, I just... no.

  • Dark Souls makes three predictions right. I'm starting to wonder how many I'll get. I made those guesses on a lark and I'm being surprised I've gotten as many as I have. For Dark Souls itself, I have to agree with @Sentinel-Beach on this. I may have said this about Bloodborne (but probably not), but I just can NOT see the appeal. Bravo for its placement, as a Souls game being in the top 10 makes sense for this community.

  • @Brannox while talking with you on these forums i have come to see that we share very similar taste and likes in games so im surprised you dont like the souls series may i ask what it is about the series you dont care for? is it the majority of the series fans that gloat that their hard core and tell every one else to git gud? cause thats a major flaw with the games community that irks me so much.

  • @FF7Cloud Yes, that "Git GUD!" mentality with the challenge of Souls is irksome, but it's more of the aesthetic for me. I'm not really into its subject matter. While I have nothing against the dark gothic vibes, I have no love for it either. I will say my best friend is a die-hard fan of the series, so whenever I have questions, I go to him.

    Also, I'm INCREDIBLY picky about what to play and while I strike out every now and again with something new, getting burned on a game REALLY burns, hence my high aversion to try something like Souls from a gameplay standpoint. Examples of getting burned are Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasies VI, VIII, and XIII, Fuse (Dear God), The Order: 1886 (Kind of), etc.

    So when I go for a game, I take great consideration into what I'm looking for. To give you context, here is EVERYTHING I'm looking to get in the future, in order of highest to lowest priority:

    FF VII: Remake - Highest
    KH III - Highest
    KH II.8 (Great name Square) - Highest
    Mass Effect: Andromeda - High
    Days Gone - High
    FF XII: The Zodiac Age - High
    God of War reboot - High
    FF XV - Medium
    Prey reboot - Medium
    Dishonored 2 - Medium
    Horizon: Zero Dawn - Medium
    Crash Bandicoot Remasters (I need to see what these look like before a proper eval.) - Medium
    Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) - Medium
    Wolfenstein: The New Order/The Old Blood (Loved this year's DOOM and saw some great thoughts on these recently, so I want to give it a shot) - Low
    Titanfall 2 - Low
    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (And falling) - Low
    Destiny: Rise of Iron - Low
    CyberPunk 2077 (Need more [ANY] details) - Lowest
    Death Stranding ( ^ Same ^ as ^ this ^ ) - Lowest

    You can tell I'm big into Square RPGs and shooters (for the most part) with an occasional interesting concept. Days Gone looks like an open world the Last of Us, and that game is really high on my list (hoping to see it here soon!) The concept of the new Prey is intriguing and I became sold on Horizon during the E3 demo several months ago.

    Really sorry for the long response as I've been asked "Why don't you like Souls/Bloodborne?" before and the more I've answered it, the more I realize I need a thorough explanation as to why.

    And I agree about our tastes! One of the many fantastic things about being an active member of these forums is encountering people such as yourself where I can have conversations with like-minded individuals about that which we love and enjoy where I can't with practically anyone in my typical outside daily routine. On the flip side, it's equally awesome to interact with those I disagree with, because it exposes me to other views and challenges what I may feel about a given topic/issue/game, etc.

    Which is why I can say, unequivocally, THIS thread above any other is my absolute FAVORITE. It's a highlight of every evening when I can come home and log-in to see what game has been revealed and read the discussion after it. I've gone at length several times here about games I've voted for, and games that didn't quite make the cut (Pokemon is a massive oversight).

    As we, as a community, see our picks, share our thoughts about why games place where and how we feel about them, it shows the very essence of being a member of this community. Which is why I said it at the very birth of the idea from @Exist-2-Inspire and I will say it again: These kind of "Top X games of Y" discussions are some of the most fun I've had when I talk with people about games in general.

    I've gone on for so long now, I'm pretty sure I've irritated some people, so I'mma gunna shut it now until the next reveal.

    Love & Respect <3

  • @FF7Cloud I always hear that the souls community has a bad reputation but I've found for the most part that the community is supportive and friendly. It seems like there's a bond among the fans and most discussions on forums/message boards where people ask for guidance or discuss lore are pretty civil

  • Aside from Zelda, I'm most looking forward to Planet Coaster. ^_^

  • @Brannox the order 1886... i actually loved the game but i went in expecting nothing and payed 10 bucks for the game i didnt necessarily find it any shorter then the first uncharted. but yes the game wasnt worth 60 bucks.

  • @Faaip yea in my experiences the community's been great but don't come in as a outsider and say this or this is wrong with the game or they'll eat ya alive this happened to a youtuber i've been following for years Epicnamebro.

  • @FF7Cloud I loved looking at it. Gameplay was decent. The thermal rifle was only used ONCE. Werewolves were underused (The two boss encounters were lame, given the fact that the PSX demo was RAD), Vampires are cliche as hell and the story wasn't great. Introduced concepts that were not picked back up, left loose ends that shouldn't have existed, and the ending is a giant scream for a sequel. However, it simply wasn't finished. I may get the next one, IF there will be a next one, because it had potential, but it was Really short and the chapters being divided up were unequal. I loved the announcement at Sony's E3 presser (That show had so much). I just wish it was better

  • @FF7Cloud Haha yeah I can totally see that happening. Though I think that sort of attitude might irk fans of any series

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    8. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (2015) - 251 Points - 13 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 Joetown

    Developer: CD Project Red
    Publisher: Namco Bandai / WB
    Genre: Action RPG
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, XBox One, Microsoft Windows

    The witcher Geralt of Rivia once lived in the secluded mountain fortress Kaer Morhen, where he enjoyed a peaceful life with his beloved Yennefer and, together with his fellow witchers, trained a young girl named Ciri, the daughter of Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard. Following a prolonged memory loss and other turbulent events described in his previous adventures, Geralt eventually gets close to a reunion with Yennefer, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. Meanwhile, the Empire of Nilfgaard invades the Northern Kingdoms, and Geralt is contacted by the Emperor who asks him to find Ciri. In the midst of these events, a supernatural army known as the Wild Hunt appears in the region, threatening to obliterate everything in their path towards an unknown goal.

    Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game, the third main installment in the Witcher series, and a sequel to Assassins of Kings. Most gameplay elements from the previous games have been carried over, including the usage of two sword types for different classes of enemies, usage of magic, a skill-based character growth, and an extensive alchemy system allowing Geralt to ingest mutagens for various benefits. Combat system has been slightly modified to allow smoother fighting against multiple opponents and usage of long-ranged weapons. Weapon and armor customization options have been noticeably increased. Like before, certain sections of the story are dictated by the player's moral choices, which are also present in the game's more prominent side quests.

    Other Votes: NCartwright15 (5.), DeweyDecibel (9.), Alex840 (21.), Demmue (8.), tokeffee9 (28.), Sentinel Beach (14.), TechnoRage1127 (14.), Inustar (23.), Faaip (3.), FF7Cloud (22.), Billy (2.), Tokyo Slim (3.)

    Gameplay on Youtube

  • Haven't played The Witcher 3 yet. I thought The Witcher 1 was obtuse, and The Witcher 2 was portentous and awkward, so I thought the third might continue that trend, but was refreshed to hear it's very different from the previous entries.

    A handful of people I really respect when it comes to gaming really enjoyed it, and I have a friend who's offered to lend it to me a couple times, so I'm looking forward to playing it!

  • 8. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (2015)

    My number 8 was the over all number 8 as well. That worked out nicely. This game was a surprise hit for me as I played the first two games as they came out and thought that they were only "OK", 6/10 games. I didn't have any hype for this game but when I got it I was amazed by the quality of it, especially the storytelling and interesting side-quests. I was worried that it would be a massive directionless game like Skyrim but the sheer quality of every aspect blew my mind. My wife is playing it at the moment (level 34) and I'm even having fun watching her discover areas and beating Witcher contracts. It was my Game of the Year 2015 and my vote for game of the generation!